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What's an Ashley Piercing

What’s an Ashley Piercing Explained – A Comprehensive Guide

An Ashley piercing, sometimes called a princess piercing, is a type of surface piercing located on the upper area of the public mound just below the waistline. What’s an Ashley piercing explained exactly? Well, it is an increasingly popular and trendy genital piercing requested by fashion-forward women today. With everything from layered clothing to face jewelry all the rage, body piercing art continues to push creative boundaries. And the petite yet provocative Ashley piercing is no exception.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore everything you need to know about the alluring Ashley piercing: from its origins to precise placement, how the delicate procedure is performed, healing and aftercare, the best jewelry, risks and pros & cons, associated costs, and more. Whether you are seriously considering getting an Ashley piercing yourself, or just wish to satisfy your fascination and understand the powerful confidence feminine genital piercings can awaken, you’re sure to find something illuminating in this extensive overview of what’s an Ashley piercing explained.

Given its sensitive positioning with heightened sensation, and the captivating cachet surrounding intimate piercings of this nature, it is vital to obtain a piercing safely and be informed on proper post-care if you choose this delicate adornment for your own body art. In crafting this ultimate guide that demystifies what’s an Ashley piercing explained in full, it is our mission to educate and empower those drawn to this elegant and sexy new piercing trend.

The History & Origins of Ashley Piercings

Unlike other long-standing body modifications, the Ashley piercing is still considered rather new on the scene. So where did this delicate yet alluring genital adornment originate? Well, to understand the background of what’s an Ashley piercing explained fully, we must first look to the innovative piercer that initially brought this intimate piercing option to prominence in the industry.

It was in the year 2005 that senior body piercer Tom Brazda from the famous Studio City Tattoo shop first met a client named Ashley who was seeking a rarely performed piercing to accentuate her private anatomy. After careful collaboration and consideration of placement, Brazda executed the delicate piercing for Ashley flawlessly. From this milestone moment on, the princess piercing soon became known in piercing parlors and to clientele-in-the-know as the Ashley piercing, paying homage to the first adventurous recipient of this intimate jewelry accessory.

In a matter of a few short years this signature genital piercing pioneered by master piercer Brazda garnered increasing intrigue and demand at studios. The mounting popularity of what’s an Ashley piercing explained among piercers and piercing enthusiasts has been heavily impacted by publicity and client testimonials. As more recipients shared alluring images showcasing their new piercings on tattoos and piercing dedicated forums, often describing the secret sensual enhancement benefits, fascination continued to surge.

Additionally, the Ashley piercing’s recent prevalence ties to shifting sentiments that embrace feminine sexual confidence more openly. Much like the growing positive reception of tattoos over time thanks to modern pioneers pioneering intricate artistic designs, female intimate piercings are also transitioning slowly from the shadows into more socially accepted expression. Of course, given the extremely sensitive and vulnerable nature of the genital zone being embellished, some controversy still stirs around what’s an Ashley piercing explained and piercing ethics. However, reputable piercers prioritize client dignity, safety, and satisfaction above all else during these personalized procedures, relying heavily on trust and communication.

As the popularity expands into mainstream consciousness, an Ashley piercing remains a delicately provocative piercing option for those seeking to amplify sexual sensation or awaken new self-confidence. By understanding where this enticing piercing originated not so long ago through one leading piercer’s inventive vision and one brave woman’s desire for sensual enhancement, the spellbinding impact of the Ashley piercing continues to flourish today at a swift pace thanks to progressive pioneers and positive word-of-mouth advocacy.

Where on the Body are Ashley Piercings Done?

When exploring what’s an Ashley piercing explained fully, one key aspect that must be clarified is precisely where on the female anatomy this sensual adornment is positioned. As a piercing located in the exceedingly delicate genital region, the specifics of its placement carries great import.

The Ashley piercing embellishes the upper mound region of the external female genitalia, known medically as the mons pubis. More explicitly, reputable piercers will mark and perform the horizontal skin piercing perfectly at the crest-point where the upper mound transitions downward between the outer labia lips, roughly an inch below the pubic line. This meticulously selected sweet-spot for the dainty piercing optimizes stability and sensation.

To envision the precise area pierced for an Ashley with added clarity, visualize a triangle shape framing the top of the mound. The piercing puncture transverses piercing horizontally through the delicate mound tissue at the peak point of the imaginary triangle, entering at the front corner and exiting at the triangle’s back corner. Barbell style curved jewelry is then fastened securely in the fresh piercing. When healed, the curved metal barbell contours gracefully to accentuate the feminine mound while awakening pinpoint stimulation.

Of course, as this remains an extremely delicate anatomical zone requiring a deftly skilled hand, individuals exploring what’s an Ashley piercing explained are wise to undergo a thorough piercing consultation beforehand. A reputable piercer should evaluate anatomy, sensitivities, lifestyle factors, and goals to determine if an Ashley is suitable and align on proper marking to achieve stunning, sensations-enhancing results and a fulfilling experience through this unique piercing.

The Ashley Piercing Procedure Step-By-Step

Opting to get an intimate genital piercing like the Ashley is a big decision. That’s why when explaining what’s an Ashley piercing, it is vital we illuminate what the process entails so you can prepare fully. From initial sterilization rituals to aftercare once the jewel is inserted, let’s explore the key steps of actually receiving this special piercing.

To begin, you’ll consult with your piercer to discuss placement, marking the horizontal entry and exit points on the mound tissue where the skin will be pierced. They will then sterilize thoroughly the tools, piercing needle, gloved hands, and area to be pierced using germ-killing autoclaves and disinfectants.

When you’re ready reclining on the table, the area will be dotted gently with a surgical pen at the pre-planned marks. After reconfirming the alignment is optimal, your piercer will then guide the sterile hollow piercing needle smoothly through the entry dot. In a swift motion it will traverse under the skin and emerge at the back exit dot.

While a pinch and sharp sensation is to be expected, a seasoned expert will have perfected a speedy technique to minimize discomfort through the delicate genital tissue. Once the needle is removed, the sterile jewelry – typically an initial straight barbell for new piercings – will be maneuvered carefully through the fresh puncture channel and secured smoothly with balls at both ends to complete the Ashley piercing.

After a beat to observe the area for any bleeding and allow first wave of endorphins to flow, your piercer will review all aftercare instructions from cleaning techniques to warning signs of rejection to expect during healing. And that concludes the actual piercing steps for an Ashley! So for any still curious about what’s an Ashley piercing explained fully, hopefully this overview of the process demystifies what receiving this special piercing entails.

Healing, Aftercare & Risks

So you’ve taken the plunge and gotten an alluring Ashley genital piercing. While feeling exhilarated by this decorative enhancement, you likely have questions about caring for a healing piercing in such an ultra sensitive region. When explaining what’s an Ashley piercing, outlining proper aftercare and risks remains imperative so that your jewelry accent heals smoothly and safely to award you with years of enhancement and confidence.

After initial piercing, your new jewelry will need roughly 6 to 9 months to fully stabilize within the thin surface tissue it traverses in your intimate mound zone. During this healing phase, keeping the area clean and protected is essential. Most piercers recommend gently rinsing the piercing 2 to 3 times per day using a mild soap and warm water during bathing. This removes any discharge or crusting. Clean hands and sanitary technique is vital to not introduce bacteria through the open wound channel.

Approximately once per day, use a saline spray made specially for piercings to nourish and disinfect the healing tissue surrounding your jewelry. Never use alcohol or peroxide which will dry and irritate the piercing. Also crucial is letting the piercing air dry fully after cleaning or bathing before re-dressing, as trapping moisture breeds bacteria. Allow the decorative ends to move freely through the wound, twisting or rotating the barbell ends during twice daily saltwater spray treatment.

What about risks when explaining what’s an Ashley piercing? Well, given the area pierced, migration or rejection remains higher than with fleshier body zones. Signs of rejection like hot, red skin, swelling, oozing yellow or green discharge must be addressed promptly by your piercer to avoid permanent scarring losing jewelry stability.

Similarly, any indication of infection – spreading redness, worsening heat, pus – deserves professional evaluation as infections in this region carries urgency. Oral antibiotics may swiftly cure a mild piercing infection before reaching the bloodstream.

With attentive at-home aftercare and check-ins on the healing progress with your piercer, an Ashley piercing can thrive beautifully. The Fraser statutory waiting period for genital piercings helps too, preventing hasty actions regretted later by limiting genital work to clients 18+ years able to consent as informed, mature adults sobrely.

So in explaining what’s an Ashley piercing explained fully, know that with patient TLC through the multi-month maturation timeframe, your sensitive female anatomy can adjust gradually to welcome this enhancing decoration permanently. Adhering to cleaning protocols and avoidance of sexual contact until the 6 month minimum forms a sturdy piercing fistula tract will have you loving your special jewelry for years to come without woe.

Ashley Jewelry Options

When explaining what’s an Ashley piercing, one appealing aspect for many is selecting distinctive jewelry to adorn this intimate zone. From metal types to decorative charms, let’s explore the stylish and functional jewelry possibilities for your new genital bling.

For initial piercing, a simple surgical steel or titanium barbell is best. The straight bar shape with a ball fastener on either end travels smoothly through the fresh puncture site. These hypoallergenic metals avoid irritating sensitivities while supporting tissue recovery.

Once healed after 9 months or longer, the sky’s the limit on ornamenting your Ashley piercing! Keep safety first, opting for medical-grade metals like titanium or 14k – 18k solid rose, yellow or white gold for long-lasting wear. But expressions can get more playful with precious options like solid gold hearts or loops encrusted with birthstone gems or crystals.

More adventurous folks might select a gilded arrow shaped charm pointing tantalizingly down or mini chandelier ends with a delicate dangle effect. As the pierced area remains largely concealed by underwear, vibrant colors can shine alluringly as your sexy secret. For added sparkle, alternate between crystal studded barbells and hoops for nights out versus understated gold for professional days.

If desiring additional sensation, give captive bead rings a whirl once healed. These small continuous hoops allow the smooth ring to be slid inside the piercing hole freely when arousal strikes. The mobility awakens amazing sensations as the intimate jewelry glides around erotically hands-free when desired. Titanium bead hoops offer entry-level quality while solid 14k gold options provide indulgent adornment in precious nobility metal.

When it comes to playful lengths, while originally piercing with a standard 1-inch barbell is typical, once stabilized those wishing for greater hanging effect can size up gradually every 6 months or so. For those with ample mound flesh, curated gold chains extending 2 inches long or further can unlock hidden pleasures through tantalizing motion. Dress the lengthened ends with favorite charms like stars, hearts, butterflies for a signature look.

Hopefully this primer empowers all who’ve wondered “what’s an Ashley piercing explained fully” to appreciate the breadth of jewelry available to make this piercing uniquely yours in comfort, style and sensation for years of delight.

Costs of Ashley Piercings

When exploring what’s an Ashley piercing explained fully, cost understandably remains a key practical consideration for interested parties. Let’s explore the typical pricing spectrum and variables affecting the investment for this intimate genital adornment.

For the initial piercing session alone by an expert professional piercer, costs typically range from $80 to $150 USD. The upcharge reflects the delicacy demanded for proper genital piercing placement precision less common than classic ear lobes or nostrils. Reputable studios absolutely sterile autoclave all tools and needles for safety, with costs passed to clients.

Package deals many piercers offer combine the piercing service itself with necessary aftercare supplies like specialty soap, saline spray, and wound wash to promote effective healing for a bundled rate around $130-$180 USD all-in. These kits last approximately 3 months, covering much of the initial healing phase. However, purchasing additional wound wash spray refills or upgrading to premium titanium jewelry does require extra outlay over time.

Unlike tattoos which reflect artistic effort, piercings rely predominantly on the practitioner’s time, skill and spotless supplies. So rather than haggling over service fees, instead focus on finding an exceptional piercer boasting strong references and a legal license for genital procedures. Tipping artists 15-25% remains standard gratitude for their know-how transforming your body so intimately.

Hopefully this primer on typical costs demystifies concerns of those exploring “what’s an Ashley piercing explained fully” when budgeting the rewarding investment this distinctive piercing demands. Much like selecting fine jewelry for a luxury watch or ring, view the piercing service itself as securing a personalized work of art for your most private canvas.

Ashley Piercing Pros and Cons – Should You Get an Ashley Piercing?

In explaining what’s an Ashley piercing, hopefully the origins, procedure, and care needed now makes sense. Yet with any type of body modification, determining whether an intimate piercing like this proves right for your lifestyle and goals remains essential.

So what are the chief pros and cons those curious about Ashley piercings should consider before taking the plunge? Well, fans praise the new channels of confidence and sensuality awakened by adorning feminine mound anatomy seldom decorated prior traditionally. The piercing’s strategic positioning magnifies arousal while keeping the jewelry hidden except for romantic reveal in the bedroom for thrilling reactions from partners.

However, sceptics argue more sensitive regions deserve cautious exploration first with classic ear or navel piercings before the genital commitment. The prolonged aftercare demands and higher migration/rejection risks inherent to any surface piercing also give certain personalities pause. Without consistent cleaning regimens, the risk of infected piercing channels increases dramatically in mucus membrane adjacency.

Ultimately the choice belongs to the individual. For pierced people already in-tune with body art culture and drawn to celebrate carnal femininity, an Ashley piercing empowers profound self-expression. But more cautious types new to piercings merit smaller starter jewelry to gauge aftercare dedication before such an advanced anatomical project. Either way, only by first clearly explaining “what’s an Ashley piercing” can one determine if this alluring option proves right for them.

Hopefully by illuminating key pros/cons, those curious to learn “what’s an Ashley piercing explained fully” can now carefully weigh if the style and sensation merits the care demands for their lifestyle. Trust your instincts – you know deep down if genital piercing aligns with your self-care abilities to unlock a beautiful long-term enhancement.

FAQs – What’s an Ashley Piercing

Does the Ashley piercing ruin your teeth?

No, an Ashley piercing is located on the upper pubic mound below the belly button, so it does not affect the mouth or teeth at all. It is a surface piercing that goes horizontally through the delicate skin of the lower abdomen only.

How is the Ashley piercing done?

The Ashley piercing procedure involves using a sterile hollow piercing needle to puncture the marked entry and exit points on either side of the upper pubic mound horizontally. After a straight barbell jewel is inserted through the piercing channel, balls are screwed onto both ends to hold it in place below the skin.

Why is it called an Ashley piercing?

The first Ashley piercing is attributed to legendary body piercer Tom Brazda in 2005, named after a client named Ashley who specifically requested her upper pubic mound be pierced decoratively in that delicate location. So it’s called an Ashley piercing in honor of the original client who pioneered getting that area pierced.

How long do Ashley piercings take to heal?

Ashley piercings require about 6-9 months of proper aftercare to fully heal and stabilize. That extended healing time owes to its positioning in thinner skin tissue on the mound versus fleshier body areas. Gentle cleaning and allowing the fistula to mature is key.

How bad does the Ashley piercing hurt?

Most clients report the brief piercing sensation feels like a quick, hot pinch concentrated in that localized genital area. While a sharp pinch is felt during the needle’s quick pass through the thin mound skin, a skilled piercer performs the puncture rapidly to minimize associated discomfort.

Final Thoughts – What’s an Ashley Piercing

For those who’ve wondered “what’s an Ashley piercing explained fully?”, hopefully this comprehensive guide has answered the most burning questions surrounding this coveted genital adornment.

In reviewing, an Ashley piercing pioneered by LA’s legendary Tom Brazda honors client Ashley who first requested her delicate genital mound be decorated alluringly. The meticulous procedure involves precision piercing horizontally through the high crest of the mons pubis region above the clitoral hood. Glittering jewelry then gets inserted into the flesh to accentuate feminine sensuality and confidence once healed in 6+ months.

From the step-by-step process of receiving this special piercing, to aftercare essentials like saline cleansing rituals and infection prevention, to incredible jewelry styles expressing your personality, we’ve illuminated it all so you can evaluate if an Ashley aligns with your self-expression goals and lifestyle to unlock a sexy secret.

While the piercing’s strategic location magnifies pleasure exponentially and cuts healing times compared to lower abdomen piercings, it still requires diligent aftercare during the long maturation phase so be sure you’re up for the intimate pampering demanded.

Still have additional questions on what’s an Ashley piercing explained fully? Don’t hesitate to keep the conversation flowing with a qualified, reputable piercing expert. At the end of the day, only you can decide if awakening this new avenue of feminine confidence and carnality proves truly in-line with your spirit. But hopefully this crash-course has dispelled mystery, so you can determine if this distinctive piercing is meant for you!

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