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What is an Eyebrow Piercing Called?

What is an Eyebrow Piercing Called? A Complete Fashion Guide

Eyebrow piercings are a popular fashion these days. But What is an Eyebrow Piercing Called exactly? There are a few different names and types of piercings that can be done on your eyebrows to achieve different looks. Getting to know the proper terminology can ensure you walk into your piercing studio ready to get the exact eyebrow piercing you want.

An eyebrow piercing is jewelry that goes through the brow area above your eyes. The jewelry sits there decoratively, like an earring in your ear lobe. There are a few common types that you will hear called by name.

First is the eyebrow barbell. This is a straight barbell post with a bead on each end to keep it in place. Barbells can come in different lengths and thicknesses depending on your preference and anatomy. A second popular option is the eyebrow curved barbell. As you may have guessed from the name, it has a slight curve to the post instead of being straight. This hugs the natural shape of some eyebrows better.

You might also hear the terms eyebrow ball closure ring or eyebrow captive bead ring. These refer to round pieces of jewelry, where the post forms a complete circle and has a moveable bead that the piercer can open to get it into your brow. Rings tend to move around more, which some people like and some do not.

So next time you go to get an eyebrow piercing, you will know exactly what to call the different jewelry choices! The names can seem confusing at first, but now you are an expert on terms like eyebrow barbell vs. ring.

History & Origins of Eyebrow Piercings

When did eyebrow piercings first emerge? Like many body modifications, the exact origins are hard to pinpoint. But there is evidence that certain tribal cultures were adorning the brow area with jewelry for centuries.

For example, the Apache tribe is known to have worn a single golden ring through the eyebrow as far back as the 1500s. Many tribes used facial piercings and unique names for those piercings to signify standing within the community. An Apache eyebrow ring was called a “daagota” in their native language.

Meanwhile, in India, the Apatani and Humsa tribes began metalwork crafting. The women in these tribes traditionally wore facial tattoos and an elaborate bridal nose ring called a “yaping hurlo.” While not directly through the brow, these were some early forms of face-altering body art.

It was not until the punk rock movement in the 1980s and 90s that eyebrow piercings exploded onto the Western scene. As punk culture embraced rebellion against the mainstream, extreme body mods became symbols of that nonconformity. Curved barbells and rings through the eyebrow made a bold anti-establishment statement.

Soon, as the 1990s ushered in tattoo and piercing parlors across America, facial jewelry became less counterculture. By the early 2000s, celebrities like Christina Aguilera were making the eyebrow barbell a sexy mainstream fashion statement. And the rest is history!

Now anyone can walk into a piercing studio and ask for this electrifying look by name – whether it is a simple eyebrow barbell or a rounded captive bead ring through the brow.

Different Names & Types of Eyebrow Piercings

When you decide to get an eyebrow piercing, there are a few jewelry options that may be referred to by different names. Knowing the terminology ahead of time helps ensure you get the exact look you are going for. The shape and style you choose impacts healing, how prone to migration the piercing is, and of course the final fashion statement.

Eyebrow Barbell

The most common type of eyebrow piercing is the simple eyebrow barbell. As you might have guessed from the name, this piece of jewelry features a straight metal bar with a bead or ball on each end to hold it in place. Barbells come in stainless steel, titanium, niobium and other hypoallergenic metals.

The barbell post can vary in thickness – most common is 14g through 18g. Thinner gauges have a more delicate look. The length ranges from 3/8 inch on the shorter end to 1⁄2 inch for a dramatic eyebrow barbell that becomes an accent piece sitting above your eye. Bars typically have screw-on beads that your piercer can easily change out after healing.

Eyebrow Curved Barbell

Very similar is the curved barbell variation. Instead of being completely straight, these barbells have a gentle bend to contour along with your natural brow shape. Curved and straight barbells have the same gauges and bead options for customizing your look over time. The curved shape may feel more comfortable or look less conspicuous on some people.

Eyebrow Ball Closure Ring

In contrast to simple eyebrow barbell piercings, a ball closure ring forms a complete circle through your brow tissue. A tiny bead screws into place to close the circle once inserted, almost like a body jewelry version of a charm bracelet! Rings allow for fluid movement and rotate freely in the piercing hole.

Eyebrow Captive Bead Ring

This style also makes a continuous circle but has a fixed bead rather than removable. The fixed bead on a captive ring is permanently attached at one point. These tend to have less room for movement once healed. Captive bead rings add stylistic flair, especially paired with a second facial piercing using coordinated rings.

Some other, less common variations you might come across are micro eyebrow barbells or rings. As their descriptor implies, these are extremely tiny diameter rings and bars meant for very discreet piercings. There are also barbells with flat instead of rounded beads on each end, adding another textural option.

When you go in for your consultation, your skilled technician can explain the options and make suggestions based on your preference, face shape, brow thickness and other factors. Do not be afraid to ask questions! For example, you will need to discuss appropriate placement, expected pain levels, and aftercare for whichever style you choose.

Healing times average 6 to 9 weeks for most eyebrow piercings. Proper cleaning technique prevents painful infections. Your piercing pro should provide detailed guidelines. Generally leaving new piercings alone aside from sterile saline spray and water is best. Resist all temptation to touch, pick, poke or play with it! This cannot be stressed enough.

Eventually once fully healed, creative types will enjoy mixing and matching new decorative beads or charms. Change out captive rings to suit your mood or wardrobe. But wait until your technician gives you the green light to start swapping jewelry around about two months in.

So whether you think a simple 14g titanium eyebrow barbell is perfect for accentuating your brow bone, or want to get fancier with a coordinating eyebrow ring set – now you can walk into your studio with confidence about all the hip insider names for these trendy piercings!

Aftercare & Risks of Eyebrow Piercings

Getting an eyebrow piercing may seem simple enough – your technician pushes a sharp needle through the skin for a split second to insert the jewelry. But proper aftercare is crucial during the long healing process to avoid complications. Knowing what to expect helps lower risks.

Initial swelling, redness and bruising are normal immediately after any piercing. Once the jewelry sits in place, the “wound” needs ample time to close internally where you cannot see it on the outside. Rushing this step leads to irritation bumps or infection.

Your piercing pro should schedule enough time to go over aftercare do’s and don’ts before beginning. If not, do not hesitate to ask questions! They will provide verbal and written instructions. Following these guidelines is essential if you want your fashionable arch jewelry to heal cleanly with the lowest chance of migration.

The number one rule? Resist all temptation to touch your new piercing! This includes poking, rotating, or moving the jewelry around out of curiosity before it has fully integrated. Fingers naturally carry germs that transfer upon contact. Even unconsciously touching it while cleansing your face, applying makeup, can cause redness and swelling. Never try removing jewelry during the first months either on your own or to “clean behind” the piercing site.

Stick to sterile saline solution, either premixed wound wash spray or salt soaks twice daily. Gently pat dry with disposable paper products – never use fabric towels harboring laundry bacteria. Be consistent maintaining this simple cleaning ritual the first six to twelve weeks. Crusting blood around the entry or exit holes rinses away easily this way without irritation.

A responsible piercer always uses hygienic single-use needles and sterilized jewelry. However, infections still happen occasionally. Symptoms include worsening swelling, foul odor, green/yellow pus and warm skin hot to touch. Seek medical treatment if concerned about infection risk. Topical antibiotic creams treat mild cases.

Sometimes seemingly healed piercings suddenly migrate or reject months later. The holes try pushing embedded jewelry up towards the surface against your will. Causes include trauma like snagging, allergic reactions to metal, or incorrect original positioning. Carefully monitor placement in the weeks following to avoid rejection or scarring.

In extreme but rare cases, eyebrow piercings trigger headaches similar to migraines. Pressure on certain nerve endings apparently provokes head pain in those predisposed. If concerned about a previous history of chronic migraines, opt for less intrusive styles or placements far from key nerves. Or consider temporary sticker brow bling instead of permanent puncturing.

When ready for jewelry removal after six weeks minimum, visit your piercing studio instead of forcing it yourself. The sharp exit prongs of rings or ends on barbells embed inside forming scar tissue that professionals can best detach. Improper technique rips skin causing prominent visible scarring.

Bottom line – eyebrow piercings make seriously cool fashion statements at almost any age. But only when cared for properly during their long and intricate healing process. Patience pays off allowing you to safely adorn your beautiful face with rings, barbells and studs galore for years on end.

Most Flattering Placement for Your Face

Choosing the most strategic eyebrow piercing location transforms this trendy facial jewelry from potentially awkward to utterly elegant. Placement sits right along the brow bone, nicely accentuating your natural features.

Factors impacting best positioning include face shape, existing brow density, and personal style preferences. Rounder faces balance beautifully with a single centered vertical barbell or dainty beaded ring. Those with square jawlines rock dramatic arched brow charms drawing eyes upwards.

Thinner more angular eyebrows make perfect canvases highlighting delicate jewelry sitting in plain sight. Alternatively full bushy brows allow whimsical chains subtly peeking through hair strands.

No matter what facial features you were born with, a reputable piercer maps out measurements based on symmetry principles. They mark exact needle entry and exit points prior to piercing skin.

If needed, white or purple eyeliner pencils temporarily simulate piercing placement before committing. Stand facing a large mirror mimicking potential jewelry locations on brow bones. This tests whether the visual proportions fit your unique bone structure.

It also allows playing with different heights. Some prefer eyebrow piercings sitting higher on the upper forehead right below the hairline. Others nestle jewelry in the lower half nearer to eyelids for a secrety barely-there effect.

See what most flatters your face during this “eyebrow piercing try-on” phase. Then confidently discuss why certain locations are most appealing to you with technicians before undergoing the real deal. Careful collaborative planning ensures attractive eyebrows piercing placements boosting natural beauty!

Costs of Getting an Eyebrow Piercing

So you have decided to get an on-trend eyebrow piercing. But what will that studio appointment set you back? Costs vary depending on factors like geographic region, piercing shop credentials, jewelry chosen, and any custom add-on services.

Nationwide across the U.S., average pricing for basic eyebrow piercings including standard jewelry generally runs $30-80 before tip. Studios in pricier urban areas like Los Angeles or New York City may charge up to $100-150 in higher rent districts.

Shops with decades of flawless reputation and expertly trained piercing artists command top notch pricing deservedly so. Disreputable bargain vendors often cut corners or operate in unsanitary conditions risking client health. This old saying remains true: “Good work is not cheap and cheap work is not good.”

What else impacts costs? The jewelry itself, which is yours to keep indefinitely. Flashier bejeweled barbells, sparkling rings, or coordinating sets cost more than simple surgical steel bars or studs. But you must pay this jewelry price upfront including the studio’s markup.

Other optional add-ons rack up the total piercing bill too like numbing spray, post-procedure wound gel and extensive aftercare instructions. Do your research to avoid sticker shock asking cost details upfront.

Many customers wondering what is an appropriate tip for their eyebrow piercing artist after service. Tipping etiquette varies greatly across piercing shops and geographic regions. However 15-25% often shows appreciation for complication-free service and boosts chances the artist will slot you in faster next time.

So while a standard eyeliner costs $15 and only lasts a few months – an investment in long-term facial adornment like a fashionable eyebrow ring offers enduring returns.

FAQs – What is an Eyebrow Piercing Called?

Eyebrow piercings make seriously bold style statements when done properly. But newbies often have understandable questions and concerns about the process. Here we tackle some frequently asked topics so you can plan your fashionable look informed and confidently.

How badly will an eyebrow barbell piercing hurt?

Everyone’s sensitivity tolerance differs regarding piercing, tattoos or similar body modifications. Some describe a quick sharp initial pinch fading fast into a dull throb. For most the brief piercing moment itself feels comparable to tweezing hairs, or at worst stubbing toes. However remember eyebrows sit atop facial nerves transmitting more acutely. Anxiety also amplifies pain so remain relaxed through gentle breathing. Numbing gels provide additional comfort if very worried.

Can I hide my eyebrow jewelry easily if needed sometimes?

Absolutely! Many employers allow subtle studs or transparent retainers even with conservative dress codes. Clear plastics, nude colors or skin toned jewelry disappears against complexions masking obvious metals. Some compromise removing hoops only for client meetings requiring professional polish. Strategic placement inside natural hair growth easily covers daintier pieces too. Overall eyebrows piercings integrate far more discreetly than drastic neon hair colors for example.

How do eyebrow piercings interfere with eyeglasses?

Fortunately less than nose or septum piercings resting mid-face. But robust scar tissue forming around healing holes sometimes creates pressure against eyeglass nose pads. Prevent irritation by ensuring optometrists properly fit frames accounting for subtle changes in anatomy. Contoured pads adjustable side-to-side help. Be patient gradually adjusting glasses to distribute weight evenly without excess rubbing newly pierced areas.

What about MRI compatibility with an eyebrow barbell or hoop?

Great question before committing long-term! The magnetic imaging technology cannot scan ferrous metals without distortion risks. Patients must remove jewelry first and allow repiercing once healed after tests are completed. Some use plastics but image quality suffers. So check with your medical providers regarding necesaary scheduled body scans if metal inside skin causes concern. Consider potential future lifestyle limitations.

Can I still get quality sleep with new eyebrow jewelry?

Initially swelling and dull tenderness might feel uncomfortable laying supine on fresh piercings. Travel pillows with cut outs help take pressure off stitch areas. Side sleeping best shortly after procedures. Within days post-poke inflammation subsides allowing normal REM cycles again. Proper aftercare soothes overnight too. Just avoid restless tossing and turning snagging delicate crusty scabbing trying to heal. Let your body’s repairs work overnight through restful stillness protecting pricey piercing investments.

Take things slowly incrementally evaluating all aspects of this permanent body modification. Ask piercing pros to address any lingering concerns not mentioned here. Once mentally and emotionally prepared for meticulous aftercare regiments – flaunt impressively styled brow hardware declaring personal flair loud and proud!

Recap – What is an Eyebrow Piercing Called?

When considering an eyebrow piercing, the terminology might initially feel overwhelming. But now you can walk into any tattoo and piercing studio sounding like a pro! Understanding the hip insider lingo for this trendy facial adornment puts you ahead of the game.

Whether you feel an edgy curved barbell or sparkly captive bead ring best suits your style, discuss options with trusted piercing experts. They gauge suitable placements complementing individual bone structure for optimal aesthetic results. Then care diligently for new puncture holes as the underlying tissue completes internal healing over several months.

Regardless of which shape ultimately accentuates your arches – from simple round studs to dangling ornate charms – wear it proudly. Facial jewelry expresses personal creativity and beauty. Embrace this symbolic ritual modernizing ancient tribal body art self-expression.

Now say it loud – “I am ready for my new dazzling eyebrow piercing!” And then name the precise shape and terminology most appealing as your take-home piece of wearable art. Descriptions might include “titanium eyebrow barbell,” “tiny chained micro hoop,” or “symmetrical triple ball closure rings.” Confidence using insider vocabulary gets you noticed for trendsetting style and the exactly perfect adornment placement for your unique gorgeous face.

So whether a subtle monochromatic stud highlights your brows, or eclectic bejeweled multi-piercings frame your eyes in a rainbow of colors – now you can precisely request your dream look from any qualified technician. You GO future fashionista with all the right lingo vocabulary for customizing on-fleek eyebrow bling!

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