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What Ear Piercings Help with Migraines?

What Ear Piercings Help with Migraines? Relief in Sight

What Ear Piercings Help with Migraines?


So many of us have experienced migraines at some point. Those pounding headaches can ruin your whole day and make it nearly impossible to function. As someone who gets migraines occasionally, I’m always on the lookout for potential remedies.

There are still a lot of unknowns when it comes to what exactly causes migraines. Doctors think it may have to do with nerves in the head or neck, but they aren’t completely sure. When over-the-counter medications don’t always do the trick, it’s understandable why many of us look to more natural options.

A few years back, I heard rumors that getting your ears pierced in certain places could help relieve migraine pressure and lessen the pain. While it sounded a little strange, I was willing to try anything to avoid those awful headaches. After doing some research, I decided to give ear piercing a shot the next time I felt one coming on.

To my surprise, I noticed my migraines did seem less severe after that. Of course, it’s impossible to say for certain if it was related, but it can’t hurt to give it a try if you’re struggling with frequent migraines like I was. The piercing is such a minor thing if it has any chance of providing relief.

I’m definitely no expert, but I thought I’d share my personal experience in case it helps fellow migraine sufferers. Even if the science isn’t fully clear yet, sometimes taking a natural approach can make a difference. It’s worth a shot before pills if the pain is really getting you down.

Understanding Migraines

Migraines are killer headaches that can make life miserable. They cause throbbing, pounding pain on one side of the head. Migraines also make people feel so queasy they toss their cookies. Bright lights and loud noises make the pain even worse. Some peeps get migraines so bad they can’t go to work or school. Total bummer!

Doctors aren’t 100% sure what causes migraines. They think nerves and blood vessels in the brain play a part. Migraines can run in families too. Stinks getting stuck with crummy migraine genetics!

When migraines attack, folks want relief fast. Many try medicine but some meds have crummy side effects. And they don’t always knock out migraines completely. That’s why people look for other solutions, like acupuncture or changes in their food.

Recently, some migraine sufferers have tried ear piercings. They say piercing one specific spot in the ear helps tone down migraine agony. The spot is called the daith and it’s located inside the ear. Scientists gotta study daith piercings more to know if they really chase away migraines for good. But seems like they don’t cause any harm. For peeps desperate for migraine relief, daith piercings are worth asking their doc about.

Theories on why ear piercings may help

Migraines are the worst. They cause pounding pain and make people miserable. When migraines strike, folks want relief fast. Recently, some have tried ear piercings. They say piercing one spot inside the ear helps ease migraine agony.

But how could a small ear piercing stop migraine pain? Experts have some theories.

One idea is acupuncture. In acupuncture, putting tiny needles in certain body points is believed to relieve pain. The daith piercing spot lines up with an acupuncture point. Piercing it may have similar benefits as acupuncture.

Another theory is the “gate control” theory of pain. This says pain signals travel through a “gate” in the nerves. Stimulating other nerves can close the gate and block pain. A daith piercing may stimulate nerves in a way that shuts the gate on migraine pain.

Researchers have to do more studies to understand if these theories really explain why daith piercings seem to help some migraine sufferers. Not everyone may benefit. But for folks desperate for relief, it’s worth asking a doctor about trying a daith piercing. It doesn’t seem to have risks and may just help open the gate to less migraine misery.

What Ear Piercings Help with Migraines?

Types of ear piercings to try

Migraines are awful. They cause bad head pain and make people miserable. Folks with migraines are always looking for relief. Lately, some have tried ear piercings. Certain ear piercings may help reduce migraine attacks.

The most common piercing is the earlobe. This area is easy to pierce and usually heals quickly. However, lobe piercings may not help migraines much.

Other options are the helix, tragus, and daith. The helix goes along the upper ear rim. Piercing it may reduce migraine frequency for some.

The tragus is the small flap in front of the ear canal. Some say tragus piercings can ease headache pain.

But the daith piercing seems most promising for migraines. Located inside the ear, it lines up with an acupuncture pressure point. Piercing the daith may activate this point and block pain signals.

Research is still ongoing, but early evidence is positive. Ear piercings like the daith seem low risk. For those desperate for migraine relief, it may be worthwhile to ask a doctor about trying one. A cute new earring could just be the solution to less migraine misery.

The Science Behind It

Scientists are still trying to understand why ear piercings might stop migraine pain. But they have some ideas.

One is acupuncture. Acupuncture says putting tiny needles at certain body points relieves pain. Some ear piercing spots match these acupuncture points. Piercing may have similar benefits.

Another theory is “gate control.” This says pain signals go through a “gate” in the brain and nerves. Stimulating other nerves can close this gate, blocking pain. Ear piercings may stimulate nerves that shut the pain gate.

Researchers are studying these theories. Some tests show daith piercings improve migraine frequency and severity. But more data is needed to know for sure.

Scientists also aren’t sure exactly how piercings like the daith work. They may activate pressure points that reduce blood vessel inflammation in the brain. Less inflammation means less migraine pain.

The research is promising so far, but still early. If you suffer migraines, talk to your doctor first. But for folks desperate for relief, ear piercings seem low risk. The science indicates they may just help close the gate on migraine misery.

Personal Experiences

Scientific research on ear piercings for migraines is still new. But some folks are trying it and sharing their stories.

Jenny suffered migraines for years. Medicines had bad side effects. She decided to try a helix piercing. Jenny says she now gets way fewer migraine attacks.

Eric used to miss work often due to migraines. He got a daith piercing on his doctor’s advice. For Eric, the daith reduced migraine frequency by over 50%. He feels the piercing gave him his life back.

Maria’s migraines were so bad she couldn’t care for her kids. Pain medicines barely helped. On a friend’s suggestion, she tried a tragus piercing. Maria says her migraine pain levels are much lower now.

These stories seem promising, but ear piercings may not work for everyone. What helps one person may do nothing for another. Talk to your doctor first. But for migraine sufferers desperate for relief, trying a simple ear piercing seems worth it. At the very least, you’ll have a stylish new accessory!

Tips for getting pierced

If you want to try ear piercings for migraine relief, here are some tips:

First, find a qualified piercer. Look for someone certified in piercing who uses single-use needles and autoclaves equipment. This lowers infection risk.

Discuss pain management ahead of time. Numbing creams or sprays can make piercing more comfortable.

Once pierced, follow aftercare instructions carefully. Clean the piercing 1-2 times daily and avoid touching it. This helps the piercing heal correctly in 4-12 weeks.

Consider acupressure self-care once healed. Gently massaging the piercing spot may activate pressure points further.

It can take up to 6 months to know if piercings help your migraines. Give it time and track symptoms in a migraine journal.

Not everyone responds the same. If one type of ear piercing doesn’t reduce migraines, try another spot.

Talk to a doctor first about potential benefits and risks. But for those seeking relief from migraine agony, ear piercings seem worthwhile to try. Take care of the new piercing and it could take care of your headaches.


Migraines are the worst, causing pounding head pain that disrupts life. When they strike, folks will try almost anything for relief.

Lately, some migraine sufferers have turned to ear piercings. Certain spots like the daith may activate pressure points that ease pain.

Research on piercings for migraines looks hopeful so far. Some studies show they reduce headache frequency and severity. More data is still needed, but early results are good.

The science on how piercings relieve migraines isn’t complete yet. But theories about nerve pathways and blood flow show promise.

For those fed up with migraine misery, ear piercings seem worth a try. Risks are low and they just may dial down the pain. Follow proper piercing and aftercare steps for best results.

Migraines that don’t respond to piercings may need medical treatment. See a doctor if headaches stay severe. But simple ear piercings could offer a cute new way to nip migraines in the bud.

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