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What Does a Septum Piercing Mean Sexually

What Does a Septum Piercing Mean Sexually: A Complete Guide

Septum piercings are one of the hot new trends in body modification. You may have noticed small rings or horseshoes dangling from people’s nostrils lately. While nose piercings have been around for ages, septum piercings in particular have grown very popular. What statement are people trying to make with a piercing through their nasal septum? Surprisingly, there are some sexual meanings behind this edgy look.

First off, what exactly is a septum piercing? In simple terms, it is a piercing that goes through the thin piece of cartilage that separates your two nostrils. This “sweet spot” allows the piercing to hide subtly right under the nose. When worn with a small circular barbell or captive bead ring, a septum piercing can easily be flipped up inside the nose to hide from plain view.

Today, people choose to get septum piercings for many personal reasons. For some, it is an expression of their creativity or their connection to certain cultural traditions. However, many also associate septum piercings with sexuality and promiscuity. The piercing’s ability to be hidden, yet revealed at will adds to its intrigue. Let’s discuss more about what a septum piercing really means sexually for those who get them.

Essentially, a septum piercing in an intimate place draws attention to one’s face and mouth – areas connected with sensuality. The piercing’s visibility also signals openness and confidence in one’s sexuality. Additionally, septum piercings imply risk-taking behavior and intrigue more taboo activities. For all these reasons, the iconic ring through the nose has become more sexually provocative.

What Does a Septum Piercing Mean Sexually?

Septum piercings can represent many personal meanings and cultural symbolism. But for a lot of people, septum piercings have come to symbolize sexuality more than anything else. As this spot light shines directly on the center of your face, a ring through the septum draws attention to things we find sexy, like lips, eyes, and facial expressions. Not to mention its proximity to the nose adds scent into the mix too – another huge component of sexual attraction.

Let’s explore the sexual side of what a septum piercing has grown to represent in today’s culture, especially for the younger generations getting this trendy facial mod.

Of course, perceptions vary. What does a septum piercing mean sexually to you likely differs from what it represents to your neighbor. But there are some common sexually symbolic themes surrounding septum piercings in particular.

Risk Taking and adventure

First, choosing to get any facial or body piercing shows a desire for adventure and some comfort with taking risks. Septum piercings especially signal a more daring personality, since they penetrate an ultra sensitive part of the body. Being bold enough to get your septum area pierced indicates you may be bold in other areas too – like the bedroom perhaps.

Openness About Sexuality

Additionally, the visibility of septum piercings shows confidence and openness when it comes to sexuality for many wearers. After all, this shiny piece of jewelry draws eyes down to lips, mouth, nose and other facial features integral for sexual attraction and expression. Not shying away from that kind of attention means the person is comfortable presenting and discussing topics around sexuality more freely.

Interest in Adventurous intimacy

For similar reasons, a septum piercing often signals an interest in more adventurous physical intimacy. If someone is daring enough to put a ring through their nasal septum, it is easy to assume they may be into more taboo areas of sexuality too, like bondage, domination, fetishes and the like. The piercing hints that their preferences in the bedroom may align more with the edges of the spectrum rather the middle.

Perceived Promiscuity

Unfortunately, body modifications like septum piercings are still connected to certain stigmas in society’s view– one being that of promiscuity. Although times are changing, facial and intimate piercings erroneously make some people assume wearers have looser morals when it comes to sexuality. But in reality, having a septum ring is not a reliable indicator about how many partners someone actually has. It is an outdated stereotype.

Connection to Kink Culture

Relatedly, there are strong associations between septum piercings sexual preferences specifically in the BDSM and kink realms too. The piercing is common in communities that engage in more fetish play elements – like domination and submission, pain play, restraints and so on. For members of the kink community, a septum ring more actively symbolizes this interest because their peers understand the meaning.

So in review, common sexual symbolism behind septum piercings includes risk-taking adventurousness, open sexually liberated displays, preferences for edgier intimacy tastes, assumed promiscuity from old stigmas, and connections to alternative fetish communities. Of course, reasons are unique per individual, but these are some prevailing symbolic themes the piercing carries related to sexuality. Next let’s explore the actual sexual impacts septum piercings can have.

The Sexual Associations of Septum Piercings

It’s clear there is strong sexual symbolism and intrigue when it comes to septum piercings. But how do these play out in actual sexual and romantic interactions? Are the sexual assumptions about people with septum piercings proven to be true when it comes to their real life experiences?

Let’s dig into the tangible, real-world sexual impacts and associations that come with getting this alluring facial piercing.

Increased Attractiveness

First and foremost, although beauty is subjective, many do report finding septum piercings to be sexy. The contrast of delicate nose skin with shiny metal draws eyes up to the center of the face. And since human attraction cues heavily target faces, eyes, mouths, and nose profiles, the piercing can highlight what people find physically appealing.

Of course, not everyone will share this perspective. But modern culture embracing edgier trends means more people are taking to septum piercings as alluring versus odd-looking. For those drawn to its allure, letting a new crush know you have a hidden septum ring can amp up your sexual tension and chemistry through the roof, if it appeals to their tastes as well.

Heightened Physical Sensations

On a practical physical level, getting hot and heavy with a new septum piercing leads to extra sensation too. Whether making out, enjoying oral play or going even further sexually, accidentally bumping a highly sensitive healing or healed piercing can deliver little zings of surprise pleasure. It amplifies the erotic intensity. But for some, this extra sensation and awareness of the septum ring proves annoyingly distracting. It all depends on the person.

More Adventurous Reputation

Even if assumed unfairly at times, getting a septum piercing feeds reputations around being more adventurous and open sexually. Flipping that shiny ring down in plain view displays confidence to show this intimate piercing. And displaying it during a date screams “I’m intrigued to explore new things, sexually too.” In many ways, the septum ring becomes like a mating call to potential partners interested in more daring adventures between the sheets. It can significantly expand sexual opportunities with likeminded folks.

Gateway to Kink & Fetish Play

For those keen on entering kink culture and exploring BDSM, the septum ring also serves as an easy gateway to find one’s people. Again, the piercing purposefully associates strongly with fetish interests like bondage, submission/domination roles and other atypical tastes. Wearing a septum ring out socially essentially waves a flag saying “I’m intrigued to chat about and potentially experiment with kinky preferences!” Seeing another’s septum ring offers and easy way to start that risqué conversation.

Perceived as Promiscuous

However, that same kink curious flagging can backfire at times too. As referenced before, the stigma tying septum piercings to promiscuity still runs strong in some social circles. Outdated as it may be, wearing a nose ring remains taboo in plenty of environments. Those quick to judge may pigeonhole someone with a septum piercing to be overly sexually active, regardless of reality. These unfair labels bring social risks that turn some off from getting the piercing.

So in summary, while the tangible sexual impacts from septum piercings vary person to person, the most consistent associations relate to enhanced attractiveness for piercings lovers, adventurousness reputation, and connection to alternative intimate lifestyles. It certainly grabs attention to display this facial mod during romantic encounters!

Getting and Caring For a Septum Piercing

So you’ve decided to get a septum piercing after learning about the sexy allure it can bring. Great! But before rushing out to pierce that sweet spot under your nose, it’s wise to educate yourself on finding a qualified piercer and practicing proper aftercare. Skipping either of these steps risks messy infections or crooked placements that can negatively impact your new piercing’s appearance and any heightened sexual attention you’re seeking.

Let’s review some must-know tips for getting and caring for your new septum piercing safely.

Choosing a Piercer

Your first priority is vetting shops thoroughly before letting anyone come near your septum with a needle. Check online reviews and ask trusted friends with facial piercings where they had positive experiences. Reputable piercers should have pristine studios, display certifications publicly and walk you through sanitation processes. Septum piercing risks include heavy bleeding and infection if not done properly, so research is key!

You’ll also want a piercer who marks the “sweet spot” correctly before piercing. The prime location ensures the ring sits snugly inside nostrils without irritating. An inaccurately placed septum ring will heal at awkward angles, get bumped uncomfortably during intimacy and require eventual removal. Not so sexy after all. Verify your piercer’s septum portfolio first.

The Piercing Process

Expect some quick pinch pressure during the actual piercing moment. But the cartilage tissue in nose septums generally don’t have many nerve endings. While eyes may water, the discomfort is very temporary. Once the needle slides through cleanly, your piercer inserts jewelry right away to secure the fresh hole.

Initial septum jewelry is always extra long to accommodate swelling. Once healed fully, you can downsize to smaller rings or horseshoes that sit cutely above your top lip line. Those will enhance your new piercing’s sexual allure.

Healing Aftercare

Here comes the big commitment if you want your new hot septum piercing to heal safely. Be diligent not to knock or play with the area for at least six weeks post-piercing. Crusties and discharge are normal during initial healing, along with some numbness or sensitivity around the area.

Use saline spray once or twice daily to cleanse without irritation. And absolutely avoid submerging your fresh piercing underwater until healed. Soaking in baths or pools risks dangerous infections, which are not very titillating.

After the first month, swelling goes down enough to gently rotate jewelry to prevent adhesion. At three months, you can switch to smaller sized rings. By six months, your septum piercing should fully stabilize if cared for properly.

Caring Long Term

Once healed, keeping your septum piercing feeling sexy simply requires vigilance against infection and regular jewelry replacement.

Always wash hands before touching the area and clean piercings after contact with bodily fluids. Annoying discharge or smells can indicate trouble. See your piercer promptly for new jewelry if issues arise.

For optimal health and appearance, replace septum jewelry every five years or so. And take jewelry out fully on occasion to let the fistula breathe and tighten naturally. If you maintain diligent upkeep habits, your head-turning septum piercing can stay sensual and healthy for decades.

Septum Piercings in the Workplace and Society

While self expression through body art grows more mainstream, facial piercings like septum rings still stir mixed reactions socially. Getting a sexy new piercing can make you feel bold and alluring. But are workplaces, families or strangers ready to embrace that same adventurous spirit?

Let’s explore the realities of dealing with others’ responses to your intimate septum bling.

Shifting Office Policies

If you want to proudly display septum jewelry at the office, know policies vary widely across industries. Traditionally conservative fields like banking and law still frown upon facial piercings in client facing roles. Expect rules against them under old fashioned “appropriate attire” clauses.

However, creative companies have embraced casualization trends for years now. Relaxed environments like tech startups or youth focused brands care more about great work output versus judgments on self expression choices. Flaunt your new septum ring freely without worry there!

Regardless, always check your employee handbook first. And have a simple retainer ready to flip your ring discreetly up into your nose if absolutely necessary. As younger generations enter leadership roles, facial piercing bans fade more each year. But better safe than sorry early on.

Pushing Societal Norms

Beyond offices, even everyday society still holds divided views on septum piercings and their increased ties to sexuality. Yes, judgments have eased greatly in recent decades, especially in progressive cities. But in small towns or with conservative family members, flaunting a nose ring risks scoffs at best or alienation at worst.

The key is assessing your comfort with pushing boundaries. Getting intimate piercings for improved self confidence and sexual exploration means caring less about closed minded opinions anyway. Let skeptics be skeptical. But if dependent on conservative family resources or community connections, the style rebellion may not feel worthwhile yet. Consider your vulnerabilities first when decorating this highly visible facial feature.

Dealing With Harassment

Tragically, choosing visible and meaningful self expression through alternative piercings still correlates with increased harassment risk. Skeptical lovers, obtuse coworkers, even ignorant strangers on the street may make inaccurate assumptions or insults about anyone displaying a septum ring.

Stay confident remembering their behavior says more about them than you. Report workplace harassment seriously through HR channels when necessary. And avoid unsafe areas where close mindedness turns aggressive. Hopefully wider acceptance diminishes this ugly discrimination trend. But the reality persists for now with edgier piercing choices, even intimate ones holding sexual symbolism.

In summary, the workplace and social considerations around septum piercings evolve more open minded each year, but sensitivities around sexuality and conformity linger. Get informed on policies that apply specifically to facial piercings before displaying a new intimate ring openly. And gauge your personal capacity to shoulder any potential criticism or harassment first too. Society moves towards progress slowly but surely.

Common Septum Piercing FAQs

Still debating getting an in-your-face facial piercing tired to strong sexual symbolism? Adding a shiny ring to your septum sparks intrigue and conversation. But you likely have a bunch of other piercing particulars you’ve wondered about too.

Let’s explore answers to frequent asks from folks curious if a head-turning septum addition could be right for them sexually or style wise.

How much will it cost?

Like all body modifications, the first expense is paying for the piercing service itself. Septum procedures usually range $40-70 dollars at piercing studios. That’s relatively affordable for such an impactful look. Do your wallet a favor though and still opt for clean, high-end piercing parlors only. The last thing alluring new bling needs is dirty tools or shaky hands!

Post piercing, you’ll need to buy starter jewelry and eventual replacements too over time. Basic sizes and metal types (like surgical steel captive bead rings) typically span $15-30 each. Of course you can splurge on pricier pieces with gems or more precious metals. Just know costlier jewelry requires extra care not to lose or damage it.

What’s the ideal piercing jewelry shape and material?

Healing a new septum piercing goes smoothest with seamless captive bead rings at first. They have no uneven joints or edges to irritate the hole while it stabilizes. Other shapes like horseshoes work too but captive rings minimize bacteria trapping that slows healing.

And only implant grade metals like titanium hold up healthily inside facial puncture wounds. Nickel heavy alloys erode or discolor piercings over time. Spend a little extra for implants rated “316LVM ASTM F-138.” The investment brings long lasting sparkle and sexuality to your new facial spotlight.

Does a septum ring smell or impact hygiene?

Healed septum piercings themselves don’t inherently smell or complicate hygiene like some assume. In infections or if you forget cleaning practices yes. But generally a septum ring sits outside nostrils, away from sinus drainage internally. Rinsing the jewelry’s exterior during your normal face washing routine keeps odors and crusties away easily.

And bonus warmth perk: that tiny ring radiates noticeable heat onto the top lip and cupid’s bow when temperatures drop!

Can a septum piercing close up or reject?

Unlike earlobe piercings, septum cartilage puncture holes close rapidly if jewelry stays out too long before fully healing. That’s around six months. So don’t remove new septum rings until your piercer advises. Similarly, without enough stabilization time, fresh piercings may shrink and “reject” rings trying to re-insert down the road.

Fully healed though, a septum piercing lasts indefinitely if cared for properly. Regular jewelry rotating prevents the fistula from shrinking much or rejecting alternate ring sizes. Take out bling overnight on occasion so the area tightens naturally against closure over longer periods too.

Hopefully these septum piercing FAQs help quell nervousness about getting this famously sexy facial mod. What other questions arise for you? Once fully informed on the process, aftercare and expectations, that spectacular new jewelry awaits your confident debut out into the world!

Final Thoughts

After reviewing the history, symbolism, sexual associations, care and lifestyle impacts tied to septum piercings, hopefully you feel more informed on the provocative punky nose rings.

In review, while reasons for getting intimate septum piercings vary widely today, strong ties to sexuality persist in their symbolic meanings and real life connections.

Between the piercing’s somewhat taboo visibility, its proximity to regions pivotal for sensuality, and its adoption among daring subcultures, the septum piercing exudes carnal energy.

Specifically, common sexual symbolism includes adventure seeking, liberal displays of preference, kink community integration, and wrongly perceived promiscuity in some circles still. Of course plenty get septum piercings without any deeper significance beyond aesthetics. But the intimate facial ring packs a secret erotic punch in modern contexts absolutely.

Tangibly, septum piercings attract excited attention from piercing and edge play lovers admiring its confidence and bravery. The rings also amplify physical sensations during intimacy when touched. And they serve as beacons attracting potential partners into more candid conversations around adventurous sensuality pursuits.

So while the naughty piercing packs pleasure points, wearing it openly has trade offs socially still too. Know yourself, your communities and settings well before debuting a septum ring widely.

At the end of the day, how you choose to use intimate body art comes down to personal choice. But whether seeking deeper symbolic meaning or just liking its cute style, understand the septum piercing’s sexual perceptions, powers and practices carry real weight for wearers and viewers both, even today.

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