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Types of Nose Piercings for Guys

Types of Nose Piercings for Guys: Studs to Bold Hoops

Know the different types of nose piercings for guys. We have covered the different nose piercing styles. Choose a style according your personal taste.

Types of Nose Piercings for Guys


Nose piercings are definitely getting more popular with guys these days. When I was younger, you didn’t see too many dudes rocking a stud or hoop in their nose. It was usually more of a thing girls did. But styles change over time, and now nose piercings have become a cool way for guys to express themselves through jewelry and fashion.

I remember being a little nervous about getting my nose done at first. Would it hurt a lot? How long does the healing take? Will people think it looks weird? But I have to say, it’s really not that big of a deal. Most piercing shops have the process down to a science in and out in 5 minutes. As for pain, it’s more like a quick pinch. Some Tylenol after takes care of any soreness.

Since getting pierced, I’ve had fun trying out different looks. At first I went with a simple silver stud, which is a pretty low-key option. Sleek and subtle. But lately I’ve been feeling more bold, so I switched to a shiny gold hoop. Man, what a difference! The hoop really catches the eye and adds some flair. It’s cool seeing peoples’ reactions.

In this article, I’m going to share my experiences with nose piercings to help other guys figure out what style suits them best. We’ll talk about factors like face shape, preferred aesthetics, and even longevity – because I know guys like to change things up now and then too. My goal is give you all the inside scoop so you can feel confident putting together a nose piercing look that really expresses your personality.

Types of Nose Piercings for Guys

Common Stud Piercings

Studs are the most common type of nose piercing for guys. A stud is a small piece of jewelry with a metal post that goes through the nose hole. Let’s get into the different kinds of studs dudes can rock.

Studs come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and designs. The basic stud is a simple round ball on the end. But you can find studs with flat backs or fancy stone or gem ends too. Some popular stud designs are diamonds, spikes, and skulls. Studs often use metal like surgical steel or titanium. This prevents irritation.

Stud nose piercings work for any style or occasion. Small basic studs look professional for work. Beaded or gem studs add personality for going out. The best thing about studs is they’re subtle. Even with a nose piercing, studs help guys look neat and put-together.

Of course, studs have pros and cons. On the plus side, they’re comfortable and adjustable. Studs don’t get caught on masks and can be flipped up inside the nose if needed. The main con is studs can fall out easier than hoops. Keeping the post tight is key.

Overall, a nose stud is versatile for guys. It’s understated but still makes a style statement. Dudes can start with a simple round stud and switch it up later with unique designs. For a masculine nose piercing, studs are a solid choice.

Nose Hoops

Hoops are another hot option for guy’s nose piercings. Hoops go through the nose hole in a circular shape. They have a large gauge opening in the front. Let’s check out the different types of hoop nose rings men can wear.

First off, nose hoops come in various diameters. Small hoops around 3-5mm are dainty. Medium hoops 6-9mm are most common. For a bold look, go big with hoops 10mm or larger. Hoops can be round or have a nose screw design with a flat side.

The hoop itself comes in materials like gold, silver, titanium, or surgical steel. Some awesome hoop styles for guys are simple thin hoops, braided hoops, diamond hoops, and seamless hoops. The choices are endless!

When should you wear a nose hoop? Small hoops work for professional settings. Larger nose hoops make more of a statement for going out or weekends. Hoops tend to suit guys with an edgy, artsy, or punk style.

Now for the pros and cons. Hoops allow for swelling if you just got your nose pierced. They usually don’t fall out like studs. But hoops can get snagged on masks or accidentally pulled. They take longer to heal than studs.

Overall, nose hoops let guys show off. They come in lots of rad styles. Fellas who want to stand out can rock a thick seamless hoop or cool braided design. If you want a nose piercing that makes a bold fashion point, nose hoops are the way to go.

Bold Statement Piercings

Alright guys, we’ve covered the more subtle styles but for those of you who really want to make a statement, let me tell you about some bolder piercing options.

Double nostril piercings are definitely an eye-catching look. Instead of just one piercing on one side, you get both nostrils done. Then you can wear matching hoops or studs on each side for a really symmetrical appeal. It doubles the flair factor for sure. Just be aware that the initial healing with two fresh piercings might be a bit more ouchy.

Another really dramatic one is the bridge piercing, which is placed right between your eyeballs above the nose. Very cool but also very rare since it’s such a sensitive area. I’ve only seen a handful of people pull this off. Major kudos if you’ve got the guts for it!

Then there’s my all-time favorite bold piercing of the nasallang. Now we’re really cranking things up a notch. This piercing connects three separate jewelry points along the nose. Two go through the nostrils like usual, but then a third piece goes through the center septum part. Can you imagine rocking that kind of look? Definitely a real head-turner.

Of course, these more extreme styles require a lot more upkeep and longer healing times. They aren’t as subtle as the other options either. You’ve really got to own the boldness if you go this route. But hey, if you want to make the biggest statement, well then one of these wild nose piercings will definitely do the trick!

Choosing the Right Nose Piercing

Picking the perfect nose piercing involves some things to think about. What works best depends on your personal taste and lifestyle. Let’s go over key factors in choosing your ideal nose piercing.

First, consider your own style. Do you want something subtle or bold? Conservative or edgy? Studs and small hoops are versatile for any guy. Large hoops and rings make a statement. Match the piercing to your vibe.

Next, think about your job and activities. If you’re an office worker, go smaller and more low-key. Teachers may want a stud they can flip up. For active guys, pick a comfortable nose stud so sports are no issue.

The placement matters too. Nostril piercings are most common and heal faster. Septum piercings down the nose center are hidden when flipped up. Think about the look you’re aiming for.

Jewelry material is also key. Stick to surgical steel, titanium, or solid gold. These resist irritation and infections. Make sure your jewelry fits right not too tight or too loose.

Lastly, chat with your piercer. They can recommend the best piercing and jewelry types for your nose shape. A skilled professional will help you pick the perfect nose piercing.

At the end of the day, choose what makes you happy. Rock your nose piercing with confidence no matter what anybody thinks! It’s all about expressing yourself through this cool guy trend.

Think through the factors and you’ll find the ideal nose piercing. And don’t forget to clean it daily! Take care of your new bling so you can stylishly show it off.

Caring for Your Nose Piercing

Got a new nose piercing? Take care of that sucker so you can rock it! Let’s talk about some crucial aftercare tips.

First up, keep that nose bling squeaky clean! Wash it 2-3 times per day with a saline solution or anti-bacterial soap. Don’t use harsh chemicals or astringents. Gently rotate the jewelry while cleaning to prevent crusties and buildup.

Be super careful not to catch or tug your new piercing. Avoid touching it with dirty hands too. One wrong pull or bump can lead to irritation and infections. Not fun!

Pay attention to the metal type. Stick with your piercer’s recommendation, likely surgical steel or titanium. If your nose gets red or sore, the metal could be the issue. See your piercer to change it.

Now patience is key during the heal time. Nostril piercings take 2-4 months to fully heal. Don’t change the jewelry too early! Wait at least 6-8 weeks until swapping studs or hoops.

Finally, listen to your piercer’s guidance. Show them if you have concerns like swelling or discharge. With their expert advice, you’ll heal up nice and get years of wear from your rad nose piercing.

Following proper nose piercing aftercare is so important, fellas. But don’t stress – just clean it well, avoid touches and tugs, and let it heal.


There are so many trendy nose piercing choices out there for dudes! Studs, hoops, bold piercings – you’ve got options. It’s all about picking what suits your personal taste and style.

We covered the basics from subtle studs to edgy septum hoops. You can keep it professional with a simple nostril stud, or make a rebellious statement with a bull ring! Whatever you feel represents you.

At the end of the day, rocking a nose piercing is about self-expression. It shows the world you’ve got an edgy side. Go for it if you feel like standing out! Just remember to keep that sucker clean while it heals.

It’s cool to see guys embracing trends like piercings and jewelry more these days. Gender norms about fashion and grooming are changing fast. Men have so many more options to be creative and unique with style.

So gents, don’t be afraid to accessorize and show some flair! A nose ring can give your look a bold new vibe. Keep an open mind and you might be surprised what feels right for you.

We covered a lot of ground on the different nose piercing styles out there. Hopefully this gives you inspiration to try something new! And helps you figure out the best piercing to match your personal swag.

Remember to think about your lifestyle and job too when you pick. Go with what makes sense for your situation. Most importantly, choose a nose piercing that you feel confident rocking. Something that reflects the real you.

Alright fellas, go forth and get that nose bling! Be bold, be edgy, be stylish. A nose piercing can take your look up a notch. Just stick to the aftercare so you heal up happy. Show off that new stud or hoop with pride!

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