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Types of Ear Piercings and Pain Level

Types of Ear Piercings and Pain Level: A Complete Guide

Discover different types of ear piercings and pain level in our comprehensive guide. Learn about different types and choose your perfect ear piercing.

Pierced Ears are So Cute! A Guide to Types of Ear Piercings and Pain Level

This has to be the best way to freshen up your looks — getting your ears pierced! It’s all you can imagine…from normal studs to fashionable ‘hoops’! However, there are so much of choices in ear piercing to select from that picking one may prove to be difficult. And each of them perceives a different kind of pain while puncture happens.

The following is an introduction to some of the more common areas where people put in their earrings with respect to pain issues. Then, you will select the right place by doing so. There we will even tell you how you can keep your new bling healing nice.

There are different styles of ear piercings. Classical lobe piercing is the most common but cartilage and helix piercings are trendy. The tragus, rook, and daith are some other unique areas. When you are healing, always make sure you clean where you got the earring in order to keep it infection free even if you were in your home or outside.

The degree of pain depends on the specific body part that is pierced. Lobe piercing is usually not too ouchie. The cartilage ones hurts more as they have a thicker tissue. However, any kind of initially piercing sensation only lasts a few seconds. Healing is dependent on proper placement and management of its subsequent care.

So let’s read through the various ear piercing points, from the least to the most painful. Each style and pain threshold, there is something for everyone. This is the ultimate reference for picking your ideal piercing.

Types of Ear Piercings and Pain Level

#1 Earlobe Piercing

Alright dudes, let’s gab about earlobe piercings real quick. As we all know, lobes are the golden standard – like the training wheels of the piercing world. And it’s totally understandable why!

Getting them done is literally less painful than getting your eyebrows done. Those little ear piercing guns barely feel like anything – just a quick snap and you’re in. No lingering agony afterward either. My friend, it hardly classifies as pain lol.

Healing is also dummy-proof simple. A couple weeks and you’re completely in the clear. Personally I could even roll around on that side after 10 days with zero issues.

Now I know Jimmy down the street will try to tell you he screamed like a baby from the “excruciating” pain of getting his lobes done. But we all know Jimmy is the human equivalent of a tissue. For normal people with a halfway decent pain tolerance, we’re talking like a 1 outta 10 max. Barely a love tap!

So if you wanna dip a toe into piercing world waters but aren’t tryna endure hellfire, lobes are where it’s at my friend. Easy peasy and you can accessorize to your heart’s content. No thinking – just do it already! Lemme know if you take the plunge 😉

#2 Cartilage Piercings

Alright friends, last time we discussed earlobe piercings which as we know are a breeze. But I know some of you are feeling a bit more adventurous – and that’s where cartilage piercings come in! Now these bad boys definitely have more oomf in terms of pain level compared to lobes. But in my opinion, they’re so worth it for the cute jewelry options. Let’s break down some of the specifics for different cartilage piercings.

Helix Piercings

Located at the outer rim of your ear, the helix is a super popular spot. As for pain, expect around a 5-7 out of 10. It definitely stings but isn’t unbearable. I took some Advil Plus afterwards and that did the trick. Healing time is around 3-6 months until it feels fully good. You’ll want to be gentle rotating jewelry at first. But boy are helix piercings adorable for fun studs and rings! Lots of room for self-expression.

Conch Piercings

Sitting at the inner shell of your ear, the conch area is well padded so pain level is similar to helix at around 5-7/10. A nice bonus though – no need to worry about irritating it as much with hair or headphones. Downside is the heal time runs a little longer at 6-9 months on average. Still worth it for how unique they look!

Want more details on Conch piercings healing tips. Read here 10 expert tips to heal conch piercings quickly without any issue.

Tragus Piercings

Getting pierced right through that lil inner flap is no joke – you’ll feel it. Plan for 6-7/10 pain level. Make sure to clean it well and avoid pressing on it for 6 months at a minimum. Pretty but definitely more of a commitment than lobes!

Daith Piercings

Surprisingly, this inner cartilage fold near your ear canal tends to hurt less than other cartilage spots. It did sting but more like a mild 3-5/10 since it’s quite cushioned in there. Downside is they take some time to fully calm down, like 3-6 months. But very cool looking and may help with things like migraines too!

So in short, cartilage = more ouchies than lobes but they do make for such flashy jewelry options longterm. Go with your own limits and just remember that Advil, ice, and TLC are your BFFs through each piercings’ duration. Text me if you have any other questions! Now go book an appt – you deserve some self-expression bling.

#3 Industrial Piercing

Alright friends, let’s discuss one of the more intense ear piercings out there – the industrial. With this one, the piercer essentially gives you two helix piercings for the price of one, connected by a long bar all the way through. Sounds cool but also ouchhh, am I right?

Just a warning – this bad boy HURTS. Like no joke, I’d rate it a solid 7-8/10 on the pain scale. It feels like you’re getting stabbed…twice. But the pain does go away fast unlike some others. Still, definitely come prepared with some Tylenol or a stress ball.

Healing time is also no joke at 6-12 months, which is longer than other cartilage piercings. You really gotta baby this one – no yanking, sleeping on it, etc. And be ready for some snags on it as it settles.

All that said, industrials do look incredibly badass once fully healed. Just weigh if you’re willing to tough out a longer commitment. Me? I dig the aesthetic enough to suffer through, haha. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you!

#4 Rook Piercing

Alright guys, gather ’round while I tell ya about the rook piercing. This lil bugger goes right in your upper cartilage, near the rim of your ear. Super cute placement if you ask me.

As for pain, I’d rate it like a decent 5-6 out of 10. It feels more like a deep pinch than a sharp stab if that makes sense. Not gonna lie, the initial piercing kinda took me by surprise! But I smoked a lil weed (don’t judge – it helped haha) and chilled with an ice pack afterward.

Healing is around 6ish months which seems like forever when you first get it done. But in the grand scheme of things, it’s not too bad. Just be careful snagging it on hair or pressing on it for naps those first few weeks. Resist the urge to fiddle!

Once it’s all healed up though, rooks look so dainty and subtle. I love me a lil pearl or thin hoop. Not super in your face like some piercings.

So if you’re down for a cute new look but don’t wanna majorly suffer, I’d say try a rook piercing! Just come prepared with some Tylenol or a blunt (kidding mom!…) and you’ll be a-okay. Lmk if you end up taking the leap!

#5 Forward Helix

Alright friends, our next piercing discussion is the forward helix. Now this little guy gets placed right at the folds of cartilage closer to the front of your ear. Super unique spot if you ask me.

From what I remember, the actual piercing part was probably like a moderate 4-5/10 on the pain scale. Didn’t feel great but also wasn’t the worst. Icy Hot really helped calm it down after too.

One thing to note – forward helixes take their sweet time healing. We’re talking minimum 6 months, possibly up to 8 months. So you really gotta be diligent not sleeping or fiddling with it those first few months. Really give it time to chilly.

The nice thing though? Once it’s all shored up, you can get super funky with unique jewelry like chains or hoops that dangle down your ear. Such a cool customized look, right?

So if you’re into something more low-key painful but artistic, I’d say go for a forward helix piercing. Just make like Elsa and let it go during the long heal. You’ll be glad you did!

#6 Orbital Piercing

Alright friends, last up we have arguably the most hardcore of ear piercings – the orbital. As the name suggests, with this bad boy the piercer essentially threads a curved barbell all the way through multiple parts of your upper cartilage. Sounds cool but oh man, is it ever painful.

I’m talking like at least an 8/10 if not 9/10 on the pain scale. It feels like they’re rearranging your entire inner ear setup. Definitely bring some ibuprofen or a bottle of wine for afterward, trust me!

Healing time is also no joke at well over a year, possibly even 18 months. You basically have to pretend it doesn’t exist and you certainly can’t sleep on that side. It’s a bigger commitment than all the others for sure.

That said, once it finally calms down it looks super unique compared to standard piercings. Really stands out from the crowd.

So in summary – only get an orbital if you’ve got some serious pain tolerance and patience for the lengthy heal. Otherwise, maybe stick to some of the tamer options we discussed!


There are so many trendy ear piercing options to choose from these days! Whether you want something simple like a lobe or helix piercing, or a more unique spot like the snug or rook, there’s something for everyone.

In general, lobe piercings hurt the least since the skin is thin and they’re done quickly with a gun. Cartilage and upper ear piercings are more painful due to the thicker skin, but the initial piercing sensation only lasts a few seconds. Pain levels can vary based on personal tolerance too.

Healing times also differ – lobes take about 4-6 weeks, while cartilage and complicated piercings can take 6 months to over a year to fully heal. But with proper aftercare the process is smooth. Be sure to clean the piercings 1-2 times daily with saline spray, avoid touching them, and don’t try to change the earrings too soon. See your piercer if any issues pop up.

Ear piercings let you show off your unique style! Start with lobes if it’s your first time, or opt for one of the trendy cartilage piercings for a bolder look. The key is finding an experienced professional to do the piercing properly. Then take good care of your new bling as it heals. Your ears will be decorated in no time!

Hopefully this gives you a helpful overview of the types of ear piercings and what to expect pain and healing-wise. Time to go get pierced and flaunt those cute earrings!

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