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Two Nose Piercings On Each Side Meaning

Two Nose Piercings On Each Side Meaning: The full Breakdown

Two nose piercings on each side meaning: Exploring possible reasons and cultural traditions beyond aesthetics

Two Nose Piercings On Each Side Meaning


Nose piercings are now common. A small nose stud is normal to see. But some people want a more unique look. The new trend is double nose piercings on each side. This bold style is popular with teens and 20-somethings. They want to show their personality and edgy side.

When I first got my nose ring in college, it was shocking. My grandma hated it and my dad shook his head. But attitudes changed over the last 10 years. Now stylish young women have jewelry collections in their noses. It looks artistic, even though it used to seem weird.

For many, the piercings have personal meaning. My friend Jess has two studs on each side to connect to her Indian background. My buddy Rico has a hoop and spike to reflect his punk past. Even though I just thought mine looked cool, piercings can now show culture, feminism, and style.

This article will explore double nose piercings becoming trendy. We’ll look at the different combos, from edgy to elegant. We’ll talk about why people get multiple nose piercings. And we’ll discuss the reactions they get. There’s more to this trend than you might think!

Two Nose Piercings On Each Side Meaning

Expressing Individuality

Getting double nose piercings on both sides is a great way for people to express their individuality. With so many different studs, hoops, and jewelry options to mix and match, they can create a look that’s uniquely their own. For many, their piercings become a symbol of their personality.

Julie just turned 18 and got a sparkly gem stud on one side and a simple metal hoop on the other. For her, this asymmetric combination reflects her dual nature – she’s a girly-girl who also has an edgy side. Her piercings let her highlight different aspects of her personality.

Sam has always loved astronomy. He has constellation studs on each side that depict Cassiopeia and Orion. His piercings transform his nose into a tiny planetarium that shows off his passion.

No matter your interests or style, double nose piercings allow you to symbolically communicate who you are. They let you take a part of your body and turn it into a canvas for self-expression.

Embracing Subculture Style

In many subcultures, from punk to goth to hipster scenes, multiple facial piercings are popular. Double nose piercings on both sides can demonstrate that you belong to these edgy, artistic crowds that value individuality and rebellion.

Travis has been part of the punk music scene since high school. He got his first nose piercing over a decade ago and has added more over the years. With two spiked studs on both sides now, his piercings reflect his lifelong involvement in the subversive subculture.

Jenny recently adopted a goth inspired style, with dark clothing and dramatic make-up. She added hoops to both sides of her nose as another way to complete her new edgy, avant garde look. Her piercings make a statement that she’s left her mainstream style behind.

For those immersed in subcultures that thrive on resisting tradition, double nose piercings are a natural fit. The piercings visibly demonstrate your affiliation with these communities that take pride in being unique and different.

Honoring Cultural Traditions

In many non-Western cultures, nose piercings have a long history and symbolic meaning. For people from these backgrounds, getting double nose piercings can signify connecting with their heritage.

In India, a nose ring on the left side traditionally indicated a married woman. Anisa, whose family hails from northern India, wears a simple stud on the left and more ornate jeweled ring on the right to honor her ancestors while putting a modern twist on the tradition.

Kadir is Palestinian and got his first nose piercing several years ago. After recently reconnecting with relatives living in Jordan, he decided to get a second piercing on both sides to celebrate his cultural roots. For him, the piercings represent his pride in his Middle Eastern background.

Double nose piercings allow people to proudly display cultural symbols from their ethnic backgrounds. The piercings can start meaningful conversations about their heritage and serve as tributes to family history.

Feminist Statements

For some women, getting non-traditional piercings is a feminist statement. They believe these edgy styles help combat societal expectations of how women should look and behave.

When Sara was younger, she removed a nose ring to please her controlling boyfriend. After the relationship ended, she pierced both sides of her nose again with crystal studs as a symbolic reclaiming of her autonomy.

Julia often felt pressured by her conservative family to act and appear more feminine. She got double hoop piercings to embrace her inner rebel and finally feel comfortable expressing her true self.

Double nose piercings can represent feminist declarations of strength and self-acceptance. They allow women to celebrate attributes like outspokenness and assertiveness over demureness and passivity. The piercings proclaim freedom from traditional gender constraints.

Spiritual Significance

In some belief systems, piercings hold profound symbolic meaning. Getting double nose piercings can demonstrate religious or spiritual dedication.

Hindus traditionally pierce the left nostril because it correlates with the female energy of the left side of the body. Leela identifying as both Hindu and feminist got her left nostril and septum done to honor both her faith and feminine power.

Matt studies Native American spirituality and got two turquoise studs on each side to mimic the vibrant colors of the Southwest. He feels the stones bring him closer to the energy of the land.

If your faith values piercings, double nose piercings can become sacred talismans and reminders of your spiritual beliefs. They can anchor you to your religious community and traditions.

Aesthetic Choice

Beyond meaning, multiple nose piercings are also a fashionable aesthetic choice. The array of jewelry shapes and materials allows endless opportunities to complement your style.

Adele prefers a bohemian look, so she chose two delicate gold hoops on each side adorned with small beads. The ethereal design coordinates with her breezy dresses and earthy style.

James has an avant garde taste and wears sleek black studs on one nostril and bold silver spikes on the other. The striking asymmetry matches his futuristic, eye-catching wardrobe.

With double piercings, you can get playful with mixing metals, stones, and styles for a look that’s fashion forward. Your nose becomes the ultimate accessory to transform any outfit into a signature look.

Placement Styles and Combinations

Studs on Both Sides

One of the most popular options is wearing subtle studs on both sides of the nose. This balanced look allows you to make a statement while still staying relatively understated.

Sarah has a petite diamond stud on the right and a sleek gold one on the left. She likes how the studs accentuate her nose without being over the top. For her office job, small studs are professional while still showing her stylish side.

If you want to get more creative, you can play around with different shaped studs. James has an edgier look with a spike on one side and a flat-backed bone shape on the other. Mixing and matching stud shapes makes the piercings more noticeable and unique.

Hoops on Both Sides

Hoops give an overall bolder, more eye-catching effect compared to studs. They draw more attention as they hang noticeably from the nostrils.

Nicole has matching silver hoops on each nostril in a symmetrical pattern. She loves how the hoops give her piercings a visible yet still refined look. The twin hoops balance each other out for a pulled-together vibe.

Asymmetrical hoops are also an edgy option. Tanya has a thin diamond hoop on the right and larger gold one on the left. She likes the mismatched look and how the hoops distinctly accent each nostril.

Mixing Hoops and Studs

Why choose one or the other when you can have both? Mixing a hoop and a stud can create cool contrast on each side.

Jake keeps his look classic with a black hoop on the left and simple stud on the right. The combo maintains balance while adding visual interest. Though understated, the mixed jewelry makes a statement.

For drama, go bold on both sides. Bria has a large gemstone hoop on her right nostril paired with an ornate cross stud on the left. The eclectic pairing amps up the visual impact while highlighting her adventurous style.

Adding a Septum Piercing

If you want to take your look even further, add a septum piercing between your nostrils. This center nose ring anchors the whole arrangement together.

Rachel has a ring septum piercing complemented by plain hoops on either side. She loves how the septum piercing acts as the focal point, drawing eyes to the center. The look is showstopping and a bit tribal.

On the other hand, Erin has a more delicate chain septum that she pairs with simple matching studs on both nostrils. For her, the septum piercing adds an unexpected surprise without overpowering her face. It takes her style up a subtle notch.

Creativity is Endless

With two piercings on each nostril, the placement possibilities are infinite. You can accessorize to your heart’s content and constantly change your look.

Some days I just wear four basic metallic studs, symmetrical and straightforward. But for going out, I like to dazzle it up with an assortment of gems and chains. My nose becomes a glittering constellation!

Matching your jewelry to your makeup, hair, and outfit is also fun. Before a formal event, I’ll opt for four sparkling crystal studs that coordinate with my evening look. Mixing and matching your nose bling opens up a whole world of stylish options!

What Not to Do

While getting creative with mixing metals or jewels can look amazing, there are a few combos to avoid.

Overcrowding both sides with too much jewelry can cross from artistic to chaotic. Stick with two pieces per nostril max, anymore can be overkill.

Also, make sure to coordinate your metals. Wearing a gold hoop with a silver stud rarely looks cohesive. Match metals on each side or stick to neutrals like black.

Most importantly, listen to your piercer. Only change jewelry after the piercings have properly healed. And always opt for high-quality metals; cheap jewelry can irritate or infect fragile new piercings.

Take your time curating the perfect jewelry pairing for your double nose piercings. With some thoughtful coordination, you can achieve a look that’s uniquely you!

Piercing Process

When you decide to get two nose piercings on each side, make sure to go to an experienced professional piercer. Don’t try to do multiple facial piercings yourself or have an amateur do it! This is delicate work.

The piercer will mark the exact spots to pierce, making sure they are evenly spaced and positioned properly in your nostrils. Then they’ll use a piercing needle to gently puncture the skin.

For the initial jewelry, hoops are not recommended. The piercer will insert a special starter stud made of surgical steel or titanium. This allows the wounds to heal correctly.

There will be some pain and bleeding during the piercing process. But a skilled piercer will minimize discomfort and use care. Many people say the pain is only momentary, like a quick pinch.

Afterward keep the area very clean while healing. Use a saline spray and avoid touching the piercings. It takes about 6-8 weeks for nostril piercings to fully heal.

Once healed, you can swap out the starter studs for the jewelry you’ve chosen. Make sure to only insert high quality metals. Sterling silver, titanium, 14+ karat gold are best.

Down the road, be cautious changing jewelry yourself. Wash hands thoroughly and use care not to irritate the healed holes. See your piercer if any inflammation occurs.

With proper piercing technique and aftercare, your double nostril piercings should heal beautifully. Take your time deciding on the perfect jewelry to adorn your new edgy look!

Perceptions and Reactions

Family Responses

Getting nose piercings as a form of self-expression can sometimes lead to mixed reactions from family members. Conservative parents or grandparents may have a hard time understanding or accepting an edgy piercing style.

When I first got my nostril pierced in college, my grandmother was so upset. She told me only “loose women” got nose rings and that it was a disgrace to our family. It took her years to finally come around and accept my style.

My friend Maya’s parents were immigrants from India. When she came home with a second piercing in each nostril, her parents went ballistic. They said no decent Indian girl would mutilate her nose like that.

If your family has strongly negative responses, give them time. Explain to them calmly that it’s your body and your choice. Hopefully in time they will realize it’s just a form of personal creativity.

Reactions from Friends

Your friends will likely have more mixed curious reactions. Some may absolutely love your bold new look and want to get pierced themselves. Others may take some warming up to the idea.

My best friend Jade has pretty conservative taste in clothing and jewelry. When I showed up with my double nose piercings, her eyes went so wide. She said she could never imagine getting pierced, but it looked cool on me.

However, my friend Chris has been begging me to take him to get pierced too! He loves how edgy the piercings make me look and wants me to help pick out his jewelry.

Give your more hesitant friends time to get used to your funky new style. Their opinions may evolve as piercings become more mainstream.

Strangers’ Judgments

Many people will simply be curious about or indifferent to your nose piercings. But some strangers may make rude comments or judgments about your character. Don’t let it get to you!

Once an older man approached me on the street and said I looked like a hoodlum with all that metal in my face. He told me to take the piercings out if I ever wanted to find a decent man. I just laughed it off.

Others may rudely stare or make assumptions about your political views, lifestyle choices, intelligence level, etc. based on double nose piercings. Kill the haters with kindness! Their dislike says more about their own issues.

Having confidence and courage to rock your look despite judgments is key. Remember, your piercings don’t change who you are on the inside.

Reactions at Work

If your workplace has a conservative dress code, double nose piercings may be frowned upon or banned. Be prepared to comply with rules or push back respectfully.

Many workplaces prohibit facial piercings for customer-facing roles. My friend with a nose ring was asked to remove it temporarily when she worked a retail job. Know your rights, but also pick your battles.

However, more progressive companies will have no issue with edgy piercings as long as they’re tasteful. My office doesn’t care about my nose piercings at all! The rules vary widely by industry and employer.

No matter what others think, your bold new look is all about expressing your personal style and identity. Wear your double nose piercings with pride.


As we’ve explored, the growing trend of double nose piercings on each side has a wide range of symbolic meaning for the people who get them. While once seen as taboo, multiple nose piercings are now a way for wearers to express themselves.

For many, two nose piercings on each nostril represent embracing edgy subcultures, honoring cultural traditions, making feminist statements, or decorating their bodies artistically. The different studs, hoops, and jewelry chosen allow creative self-expression.

Double nose piercings also allow people to play with contrasts and symmetry to craft a unique look. Mixing metals, shapes, and sizes can produce stylish combinations tailored to the wearer’s taste. There are endless options for accessorizing two piercings on each side.

Of course, this unconventional piercing trend often garners attention. Reactions range from admiration to curiosity to outright judgment. But ultimately, it’s up to the wearer how much outside opinions influence their confidence and style choices.

While still non-mainstream, double nose piercings on both sides are growing in popularity. As with any bold fashion statement, they give the wearer an opportunity to proclaim their individuality and own their personal aesthetics. For those drawn to stand out from the crowd, dual nostril piercings present a chance to dramatically communicate their identity.

So whether it’s for self-expression, cultural connection, simplicity, shock value or pure fashion, the meaning behind two nose piercings on each side is as diverse as the people who wear them. In the end, they represent fearlessly being yourself.

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