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Tragus Piercing for Headaches - A Natural Solution Guide

Tragus Piercing for Headaches – A Natural Solution Guide

Have you ever experienced a terrible headache and wondered if there was a natural way to find relief? Many people resort to popping pain medication, but the solution could be as simple as getting a tragus piercing. Tragus piercing for headaches have recently emerged as an alternative treatment option.

The tragus is a small cartilage nub that sticks out near your ear canal. A tragus piercing punctures this piece of cartilage with a needle and inserts jewelry. But beyond just decoration, tragus piercings can stimulate pressure points used in acupuncture and trigger natural pain relief.

Getting your tragus pierced puts gentle pressure on nerves in that area connected to headache pathways in the brain. So by piercing this piece of cartilage, you may be able to alleviate headache symptoms over time. Of course, more research is still needed, but initial evidence suggests it activates nerves that reduce pain signals to the brain.

Many people suffer from chronic migraine, tension, or sinus headaches. Over-the-counter medications only provide temporary relief and often come with side effects. Tragus piercing for headaches offer a natural and non-invasive solution. The piercing is minimally painful and easy to care for during healing.

So if you want to try an alternative remedy for your headaches, consider getting your tragus pierced. The worst that can happen is you’re out $50 and took a chance. But it could potentially make a world of difference and provide permanent headache relief. Consult with a reputable piercer to learn more about the tragus piercing meaning and process.

What are Tragus Piercings?

If you are thinking about getting a tragus piercing to help relieve your headaches, you’re probably wondering—what exactly is a tragus piercing anyway? Let me explain.

The tragus is that little flap of cartilage partially covering the opening to your ear canal. It’s located just above your earlobe on the inner part of your outer ear. A tragus piercing means putting a hole with a piece of jewelry through your tragus cartilage.

Tragus piercings have been around for thousands of years. Ancient cultures like the Aztecs and Mayans would pierce this part of the ear for spiritual and healing purposes. Today we know there’s some real science behind using Tragus Piercing for Headaches.

When you get your tragus pierced, the piercer uses a needle to puncture through the thin cartilage. It feels like a quick, sharp pinch that some people say is a 3 or 4 on the Tragus Piercing Pain Scale of 1-10. So it hurts for just a second but it’s not too terrible. Afterwards your tragus may be a little sore for a couple days as it starts to heal up. But way less painful than constant headaches, right?

The typical jewelry for a fresh tragus piercing is a small captive bead ring or tiny stud. While you can certainly customize the look later, if you’re only getting it to help with headaches, simple and subtle is best. The goal is to lightly press on that pressure point, not make a fashion statement.

How Do Tragus Piercings Help Relieve Headaches?

Alright, so how can sticking a piece of metal through your ear actually help with headaches? I know it sounds weird, but it has to do with pressure points.

Your outer ear has nerve endings that correspond to other parts of your body. It’s similar to acupuncture – placing pressure on specific points can impact physical issues occurring elsewhere. For example, massaging the middle of your ear may improve your eyesight or tapping the earlobe could help constipation.

When it comes to the tragus, there are pressure points linked to headache and migraine relief. A piercing with earring continuously presses on these spots, stimulating blood vessels and nerves that can block pain signals. So it’s essentially a constant acupressure treatment against your tragus cartilage.

Studies have shown this continuous pressure sends signals to the brain stem, which releases natural pain and stress fighting endorphins. These endorphins then travel to areas commonly affected by headaches and counteract the pain.

Over time, having a piercing constantly activating these pressure points trains your body to better regulate pain, especially migraine headaches. Unlike medication you take when pain hits, Tragus Piercing for Headaches works preventatively, reducing the frequency and intensity of headaches before they even start.

It is an easy, always-on treatment that works with your body’s natural mechanisms. And while more research is still needed, the initial evidence that piercing your tragus could actually prevent your next headache is quite astonishing!

The Science and Studies Behind It

I know it seems wild that a piercing could alleviate headaches. So let’s talk through the actual science and medical research that supports using Tragus Piercing for Headaches.

There was a key study published in 2003 that brought this unique remedy into the spotlight. It focused specifically on the effects of piercings on migraine pain. Over 100 participants with chronic migraines got their tragus pierced on one side. The researchers then compared migraine frequency, duration and intensity on each side of the head over 4 months.

The results were mind-blowing – people experienced significantly less migraine attacks and pain on the side with the new tragus piercing. Attacks on that side were also shorter when they did happen. Most participants found the piercing provided relief after about 6-8 weeks.

So what’s actually happening here? How can a small hole and earring cause such big impacts? Scientists believe it has to do with neurotransmitters and nerves.

Your tragus has pressure points that connect to nerve pathways. A piercing taps into these pathways, sending signals to the trigeminal nerve, one of your key pain networks. This causes widespread release of natural pain relievers, like serotonin and endorphins in areas commonly affected by migraine.

Essentially, it tricks your nervous system to regulate itself better for headache prevention. The continuous pressure keeps pathways stimulated so your brain continually pumps out compounds to suppress pain. This is why Tragus Piercing for Headaches works as preventative care instead of relief in the moment.

While more research is still underway, the initial results are extremely promising. Over half the study participants kept their tragus piercing after the study ended because of the immense migraine relief. Just think – a life with less headaches could be as simple as a single ear piercing!

Types of Headaches Tragus Piercings May Improve

So we have covered the science behind how Tragus Piercing for Headaches work. You probably also want to know – what kinds of headaches could this help with? It turns out, tragus piercings have been shown to help ease several different types of headache agony.

Migraines seem most responsive to tragus piercings. This makes sense when you consider that most studies, like the big one in 2003, focus specifically on migraines. Chronic migraine sufferers tend to see fewer migraine days per month, shorter attacks, and less nausea and light sensitivity once they get their tragus pierced. Pretty amazing!

Tension headaches also seem receptive to tragus piercings. These are those dull, relentless headaches that feel like constant head squeezing. If you feel like you’re always nursing tension headache pain, a tragus piercing could help relieve some of that tight, pressing sensation.

Studies show the continuous pressure from the piercing releases muscle knots over time. This means if tight muscles typically trigger your headaches, a tragus piercing can help keep those muscles relaxed. One especially neat study observed reduced neck and shoulder pain too. Talk about extra headache and migraine relieving bonuses!

While less studied, some early research shows tragus piercings may also help with cluster headaches and certain sinus headaches. The proposed theory is it reduces inflammation or sensitivity to pain networks that contribute to these headache types.

So in summary – migraines, tension, cluster and some sinus headaches seem most likely to improve with Tragus Piercing for Headaches. The level of relief can vary by the individual. But given how safe, affordable and non-invasive piercings are, it seems worth trying if you chronically battle any of these headache types. Ask your piercer or doctor what they recommend for your specific symptoms.

What to Expect When Getting a Tragus Piercing

If you are convinced to try a Tragus Piercing for Headaches, you likely have some questions about the actual piercing process. Let me walk you through what to expect.

The first step is finding a qualified piercer so make sure to do your research. Look for piercers accredited by the Association of Professional Piercers. This ensures they have extensive training and use proper sterilization techniques.

When you’re ready, your piercer will have you fill out consent forms and discuss placement options. They’ll mark the exact area to pierce with a pen. This allows you to check the placement and make sure you approve.

To puncture the tragus, the piercer uses a sharp hollow piercing needle. This helps minimize damage to the cartilage. They’ll firmly grip the area to hold it steady and line up the needle. Then on the count of three, they’ll quickly push it through the tragus in one smooth motion.

There’s typically a very brief sharp pinch, almost like a quick bee sting feeling as the needle goes through. The Tragus Piercing Pain Scale is usually around a 3 or 4 out of 10. It happens so fast that you barely have time to react to the pinch.

After that, your piercer inserts the starter earring and screws on a back. This part has more of a pressure sensation rather than pain. And voila – that’s it! The whole appointment takes just 10-15 minutes.

Over the next few days it’s normal for your tragus to feel a little sore and tender. Some occasional throbbing can happen too as blood rushes to the area to begin healing. But ibuprofen helps ease this. Within 1-2 weeks any discomfort fades.

Be diligent about aftercare while the piercing heals over 6-8 weeks. But before long, the only sensation from your piercing will hopefully be sweet, sweet headache relief rather than pain! Chat with your piercer if you have any other questions about the process.

Aftercare and Precautions

Alright, you’ve got your tragus pierced and are excited to get those Tragus Piercing for Headaches benefits! But now we need to chat about some aftercare and precaution basics so you heal up properly.

The first month is critical for keeping your fresh tragus piercing infection-free and speeding up recovery. So be diligent about aftercare while it initially mends and toughens. This ensures you can start reaping headache relief rewards asap!

First rule – hands off the new bling! Try not to touch, play with or move your new earring for at least a month. This prevents introducing bacteria and irritating the sensitive puncture. Avoid letting hair, hats or phones brush it either. Be gentle washing your face too.

You’ll clean the piercing 1-2 times per day with saline spray or non-iodized sea salt soaks. This removes lymph fluid drainage or blood clots while killing germs. Pat dry gently with gauze or paper towels since cloth can leave fuzzy fibers.

Watch closely for signs of infection like swelling, hot skin or yellow/green discharge. This is rare for ear piercings but still important to monitor. See your doctor promptly for antibiotics if concerned.

Ibuprofen can ease residual soreness after the first couple days. And don’t be startled if lymph fluid leaks intermittently as healing occurs internally.

By 6-8 weeks, residual tenderness and drainage should fully resolve. Now onto enjoying a life with hopefully fewer headaches! But continue being prudent with hair, phones and cleaning for 3-6 months.

After the first month, take out the starter jewelry periodically to soak and disinfect the hole until maturation at 6 months. Discuss long-term jewelry options with your piercer too for ideal headache relief!

FAQs – Tragus Piercing for Headaches

Alright, by now you’ve got a ton of great info on Tragus Piercing for Headaches. But you likely still have some key questions. Let’s run through the details people often wonder about.

Do tragus piercings work if I don’t usually get headaches?

Great question! Yes, the results can still be worthwhile. Studies show the constant pressure keeps blood vessels and nerves regulated better overall. This means even without chronic headaches, a tragus piercing may help you avoid tension headaches from stress, poor sleep, grinding teeth at night, etc. Pretty neat preventative perk!

What if I get the piercing but it doesn’t improve my headaches – then what?

Another good one to consider. Everyone’s anatomy is a bit unique, so there’s a small chance it may not impact your specific headache pathway. Start noting a few months after the piercing fully heals around 6 months. If you don’t notice at least a slight decrease in severity or frequency, consult your doctor about removing the earring.

How soon after getting the tragus piercing could I start getting headache relief?

Relief timelines vary, but many people notice differences in headache frequency, duration and intensity after about 6-8 weeks once healed. Maximum preventative benefits often start kicking in around the 6 month mark as the piercing integrates with pressure points.

What if I end up not liking the look of a tragus piercing long-term?

No problem! Once the piercing is fully healed after 5-6 months, it’s safe to take out the earring periodically without closing up. You could try wearing the piercing only during typical headache seasons like allergy season, around your period, etc. Then remove it the rest of the time. This still activates the pressure points periodically without having it full-time.

I hope these answers help explain what to expect with Tragus Piercing for Headaches! Don’t hesitate to ask your piercer any other questions – they are there to help support you before, during and after the process. Wishing you healthy and happy headache-free days ahead!

Final Thoughts – Tragus Piercing for Headaches

After going through the ins and outs of Tragus Piercing for Headaches, what’s the bottom line? Well, it seems getting your tragus pierced could be a fantastic natural way to prevent headaches!

The pressure point stimulation theory makes scientific sense. And the research showing tragus piercings can drastically reduce migraine frequency and pain is quite astonishing. Over 50% of study participants kept their piercing long after the trials ended thanks to the immense relief.

Of course more studies are still needed on the exact mechanisms and success rates. But since piercings are affordable, non-invasive and side effect free, trying it seems like a win-win if you already want a cute new ear piercing.

Just be ready to care diligently for it during the initial Tragus Piercing Healing Stages. Avoiding infection and handling swelling properly for the first month leads to the best results long-term. So work closely with an accredited piercer and follow aftercare guidelines.

And there’s really no harm done if it ends up not working for you. Unlike medications and supplements, you can simply take out the earring without issues if you don’t notice improvement after 6 months. For many people though, the rewards are life changing – finally ending the headache and migraine agony.

So if you chronically battle headaches, chat with your doctor about adding a tragus piercing into your wellness regimen. Join the growing movement capturing these natural healing benefits hidden right there on your own ear!

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