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Priscilla Presley's Engagement Ring

Priscilla Presley’s Engagement Ring in Timeless Glam

Priscilla Presley’s Engagement Ring

Discover the allure of Priscilla Presley’s timeless engagement ring, a symbol of eternal love and enduring glamour.


When Priscilla and Elvis first laid eyes on each other in 1959, it was pure electricity. She was a shy, angelic 14-year-old, and he was the 24-year-old hip-swiveling rock n’ roll heartthrob making girls everywhere swoon. Their unlikely romance blossomed behind closed doors, away from prying eyes. Priscilla was enthralled by Elvis’ charm and talent; he was drawn to her youthful innocence.

Despite Elvis’ rising stardom, Priscilla held her own. She was no shrinking violet – this girl had ambition and style to spare. As a couple, they just clicked. Before long, Priscilla had the King of Rock n’ Roll wrapped around her finger.

So when it came time for Elvis to propose in 1966, he knew he had to pull out all the stops. He presented Priscilla with a show-stopping 3.5-carat diamond ring, circled by a halo of smaller diamonds. It was flashy, expensive and over-the-top – perfectly fitting for the legendary couple. Priscilla said yes, of course. The wedding that followed was the social event of the decade.

That eye-catching ring came to represent the grandeur and magic of Priscilla and Elvis’ romance. It embodied the excitement and glitz of their jet-setting lifestyle in the 1960s. More than anything, it symbolized a love story for the ages. Decades later, that ring still dazzles as a monument to their whirlwind fairy tale romance.

History of the Ring

Elvis always had a flair for the dramatic, so it’s no surprise he chose Christmas Day 1966 to pop the question to Priscilla. After dating for nearly 7 years, he was ready to make it official. In true Elvis fashion, he got down on one knee in front of both their families at Graceland and presented Priscilla with a jaw-dropping diamond ring.

The ring featured a massive 3.5-carat emerald cut diamond, surrounded by a circle of smaller diamonds and set in shiny platinum. No expense was spared – Elvis commissioned celebrity jeweler Harry Levitch of Beverly Hills to find the perfect center stone. It had to be top quality – after all, only the best for his princess.

Levitch delivered big time. The main rock was a flawless, colorless diamond that dazzled from every angle. It must have cost Elvis a pretty penny too. Estimates say the King shelled out around $10,000 for it. These days, that’s equivalent to a whopping $80,000!

But for the musical icon at the peak of his career, the price was no object. He knew Priscilla was the one and wanted to give her an Priscilla Presley’s engagement ring that reflected his success and larger-than-life persona. The end result was a sparkler fit for royalty – just like the King and his new bride-to-be.

Style and Significance

When Elvis slipped that jaw-dropping emerald-cut diamond onto Priscilla’s dainty finger, the world shifted. In that moment, she went from an ordinary teen to the envy of girls everywhere. That ring was her ticket to the stratosphere.

Of course, her life with the King was hardly normal after that. Everywhere Priscilla went, eyes locked onto the massive rock. It became her shining coat of armor, blinding camera bulbs wherever she went. She learned to hold her hand just so, letting the facets catch the light.

On her wedding day, Priscilla floated down the aisle with Elvis, her ring taking center stage. As they exchanged vows, that ring symbolized the fairy tale they’d dreamed up together. Even as the fantasy unraveled, she clung to it like a lifeline.

After Elvis was gone, wearing that ring kept him close. The diamonds ignited memories of the passion and excitement they once shared. It reminded the world that she had been the wife of the King. That part of her story could never fade, no matter where life took her next.

Years passed, fashions changed, but Priscilla Presley’s engagement ring remains constant as ever. It is the pulse that keeps Elvis’ spirit beating through her. An iconic symbol of a dizzying romance that will never be forgotten.


Decades later, that dazzling Priscilla Presley’s engagement ring still captures imaginations worldwide. Today, it sits proudly on display at Graceland for all to admire. Thousands of visitors flock to Elvis’ mansion annually just hoping to catch a glimpse of its brilliance.

Despite its age, that iconic ring retains its aura of timeless glamour. Priscilla knew Elvis had exquisite taste – the emerald cut diamond and platinum band are as stunning now as ever. The ring continues shining as a testament to the King’s love for his bride.

Of course, sparklers that incredible never go out of style. Priscilla’s eye-catcher blazed the trail for unique celebrity Priscilla Presley’s engagement rings. Ever since Elvis slipped that rock on her finger, the trend has been “go big or go home!”

Now everyone from Kim Kardashian to Jennifer Lopez flashes off massive diamonds. But none can compare to the belle of the ball – Priscilla’s ring remains one of the most famous ever. It will always be the accessory that launched a thousand copies.

Though their story ended, Elvis and Priscilla’s legacy persists through that ring. It is a symbol of passions once shared, joyful memories, and a fairy tale romance for the ages. Nothing can ever dim the brilliance of their enduring love.


That ring was never just a piece of jewelry to Priscilla – it was a part of Elvis that she could keep close forever. As a teenager, she had fallen head over heels for the King. He promised her the world, and delivered with that dazzling diamond.

When Elvis got down on one knee, Priscilla’s life transformed in an instant. Gone was the shy army brat; in her place was a princess with the most enviable engagement ring in Hollywood. She swore to cherish it, and so she did.

Even after the limelight faded and the cameras stopped flashing, Priscilla held on. Through the ups and downs, the ring stayed firmly on her finger. She saw her own story reflected in every angle of that brilliant stone.

It represented the thrill of first love, the excitement of fame, and the bitterness of heartbreak. But through it all, it was a piece of Elvis she could keep. The ring bound them together eternally, despite the distance.

So much life has been lived, but still that ring sparkles. It is timeless – a frozen memory of Elvis’ love immortalized in diamond. Though decades have passed, it shines bright as ever – the crowning jewel of Priscilla’s fairy tale romance.

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