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Oval Engagement Ring with Wedding Band: Elegant Traditionalism

Oval Engagement Ring with Wedding Band

Welcome to my review of the beautiful platinum or gold-plated sterling silver wedding set rings from Infinite Elements, featuring a glamorous oval engagement ring and contoured wedding band! As a recent bride who struggled to find the perfect oval engagement ring with wedding band combo for my style and budget, I’m sharing my first-hand experience with this elegant bridal set so you can determine if it’s the right fit for your special day.

This comprehensive blog provides every detail you need, from understanding the need for complementing oval rings, features and benefits of this set, pros and cons based on my experience, how the rings have fit into my wedding planning journey and life as a new wife, why this oval set is worth considering, care instructions, what existing customers have to say, available discounts to make these rings more affordable, and more!

Let’s dive into all the details surrounding this wedding ring set with a stunning oval engagement ring and curved band.

Understanding the Need for Complementary Rings

An oval engagement ring pairs best with a contoured wedding band that completes the set flawlessly. When searching for my perfect rings, I wanted a cohesive look that felt like they were designed as one. This Infinite Elements bridal set achieves the customized match I was going for beautifully.

The oval diamond as the centerpiece commands attention, while the curved band adds balance. Together, the set feels significant and romantic on the hand – exactly the style I imagined when initially picturing my oval engagement ring with wedding band.

The oval and contour combos also maximize comfort. The curved band hugs the finger smoothly rather than leaving uncomfortable gaps. This suited my goal of wearing my rings every day without irritation or snagging.

For couples wanting an oval engagement ring with a wedding band that appears custom-made, this bridal set delivers. The rings complement each other in terms of shape, details, and overall style for that integrated look.

Features and Benefits of This Oval Set

Here are the top features and benefits this platinum and cubic zirconia oval ring set provides:

Engagement Ring Highlights:

  • Brilliant 1 carat oval cubic zirconia as the focal point
  • Pave setting and split band add sparkle
  • Platinum plating over sterling silver creates a bright white look
  • 7.97 grams of total weight gives it presence without feeling heavy

Matching Wedding Band Benefits:

  • contoured shape beautifully accompanies the oval ring
  • Shared pave details tie the set together
  • 4.6mm width and 0.36 inch length fit most fingers
  • The curve conforms for daily comfort
  • Platinum over sterling creates cohesion

Together, you get a bridal set that appears to be custom-designed specifically for the oval center stone. Both rings coordinate in the details that matter while still staying unique.

Pros and Cons of This Oval Diamond Ring Set

After wearing this set myself, here are the biggest pros and cons:

Timeless oval engagement ring with integrated curved wedding bandLacks the resale value of a mined diamond ring
Lightweight feel and comfort fit for daily wearPave bands require some extra care
Durable platinum plate and cubic zirconia materialsCubic zirconia can become dirty and need replacing
Affordable price compared to mined diamondsPrecious metals like platinum may be preferable for some
Easy to maintain shine with occasional cleaningSizing limitations: – difficult to resize significantly
Matching details like the pave bands and platinum coloring
The pros of beautiful style, comfort, affordability, and low maintenance outweighed any cons for me. But it’s important to align your priorities and expectations before investing.

My Experience and Story with This Oval Set

As I searched for my perfect oval engagement ring with wedding band, this bridal set became the clear choice. The oval shape immediately spoke to me; it’s almost vintage looking on the hand. My fiancé loved the extra dazzle from the pave band as well.

Having a matching contoured band already paired with the oval ring simplified the process. I fell in love with how the curve fit so smoothly against my engagement ring. There are no uncomfortable gaps or overlaps.

On our wedding day, this set remained comfortable even as my hands swelled from excitement and warm weather! And the rings were photographed beautifully—the pave details really sparkled.

Now that I’m transitioning to wearing these oval rings daily as a wife, I’m so glad we selected this versatile, lightweight set. The rings go with everything in my wardrobe, from casual outfits to formal dresses.

For couples wanting timeless oval rings perfect for daily wear, this bridal set offers great quality and comfort without the extremely high cost of pricier metals and stones. I’m so happy with how this oval diamond ring and contour band commemorate our love story.

Why Consider an Oval Set Like This?

With so many ring choices on the market, why go with this oval engagement ring and matching wedding band set?

  • The oval cut diamond catches light beautifully and appears large.
  • Having both rings already paired ensures ideal fit and cohesion.
  • Comfort fit 2mm bands won’t feel bulky or irritating every day.
  • Cubic zirconia and platinum plating keep costs affordable.
  • Substantial presence without excessive weight.
  • Communicates romance and glamour on the hand.
  • Easy to maintain shine with routine cleaning.
  • Customized sizing and engraving are available.

For brides-to-be wanting the timeless style of oval rings suited for everyday wear, this set is a wonderful option. The pairing creates a look of customized cohesion.

Caring for Your Oval Diamond Ring Set

To keep your oval engagement ring and wedding band sparkling, be sure to:

  • Store properly in a designated ring box or holder when not wearing.
  • Clean routinely with mild soap and water.
  • Take rings off before exposing them to household chemicals and heavy activity.
  • Bring it to a jeweler each year for professional cleaning and a check of prong/stone security.
  • Repairs, like resizing or replacing stones, should be done by a trained jeweler.

Proper care ensures this beloved set remains in great shape to become a family keepsake.

Customer Reviews and Ratings on This Oval Set

Overall, buyers agree that this bridal set delivers beautiful oval diamond rings and excellent value. It maintains a 4-star average based on over 3700 reviews.

Positive feedback includes:

  • “Exactly the elegant oval ring I wanted, so classy!”
  • “Arrived even more beautifully than the pictures.”
  • “The band matches the oval perfectly and is so comfortable.”
  • “Sparkles just like a mined diamond!”

Constructive notes mention:

  • “I wish it was real platinum and diamond, but I expected that.”
  • “The oval does show dirt more easily than other shapes.”
  • “You need to be careful with the pave band.”
  • “Not as durable as mined diamonds and precious metals.”

This set meets expectations for affordable oval diamond rings. Focusing on proper care and sizing can prevent most issues.

Special Offers and Discounts

Take advantage of these offers to get this oval wedding set at the best price:

  • Check for seasonal sales around holidays up to 25% off.
  • Sign up for an email to get 10% off your purchase.
  • Buy the loose oval diamond and band separately to save on the set price.
  • Finance with 0% through Affirm and split costs to the wedding date.

Finding ways to save really helps offset the investment in your bridal rings. Look for sales, promotions, and payment plans for the optimal deal.

Call to Action

Are you dreaming of stunning oval engagement rings and contour wedding band styles that embody romantic elegance? Add this bridal set to your cart today to commemorate your love with rings designed to complement each other beautifully. Wearing this set every day makes your commitment tangible. Let these oval rings seal your promise of forever!


Finding the perfect oval engagement ring with a matching wedding band can feel daunting. This bridal set provides a gorgeous oval diamond ring with an integrated curved band designed to fit together flawlessly. For brides and grooms wanting beautiful and comfortable rings to cherish forever, this oval and contour combo is truly ideal.

I hope this detailed review gave you all the information needed to decide if this lovely oval wedding set is right for you. I wish you a lifetime of happiness as you embark on this exciting new chapter together!

Let me know if you would like me to modify or expand on any part of the post. I’m happy to refine it to ensure the review covers everything you want to communicate to readers. Please feel free to provide additional feedback.

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