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Snake Eyes Piercing Healing Stages

Snake Eyes Piercing Healing Stages – Tips and Aftercare


Getting an edgy new piercing like snake eyes is exciting! However, the healing process can be rough if you don’t know what to expect. Understanding the snake eyes piercing healing stages helps ensure proper aftercare and recovery.

What exactly are snake eyes piercings? This trendy body mod involves placing two horizontal piercings on the tip of the tongue, resembling reptilian eyes. It creates a striking look but takes dedication through the Snake Eyes Piercing Healing Stages to heal fully.

In the initial 1-2 weeks after piercing, significant swelling and discomfort are common. The Tongue Piercing Pain Level ranges from moderate to quite severe during this time. Small bleeds or limited ability to talk and eat are also normal as your tongue adjusts. Proper aftercare like saltwater rinses helps reduce problems.

Over the next month, you may notice thin discharge or crusting around the piercing holes – this indicates natural healing processes are underway related to the Snake Eyes Piercing Healing Stages. White blood cells rush to mend the wounds. As tissues regenerate, some lymph fluid weeps out, dries, and peels. Don’t pick it!

By 8 weeks out, you’ll be through the worst of the Snake Eyes Piercing Healing Stages. Swelling diminishes, enabling easier talking and chewing without pain. For the next few months, maturity and stabilization of the piercings continues until they feel like a natural part of your tongue!

Snake Eyes Piercing Healing Stages

Initial piercing and swelling stage (first 1-2 weeks)

Getting snake eyes piercings is a rush at first – the bold new look! But then the swelling and oozing starts…what did I get myself into?! Don’t panic – it’s all part of the Snake Eyes Piercing Healing Stages.

In the first 1-2 weeks after initial piercing, significant swelling is inevitable. Your tongue likely doubles in size, protruding past your teeth. This phase of the Snake Eyes Piercing Healing Stages also often involves bruising around the piercing holes as pooling blood turns the tip purple or blue temporarily. Pretty gross looking!

Along with size, the texture changes too during the Snake Eyes Piercing Healing Stages. Your tongue feels stiff, almost woody, as inflammation peaks by days 3-5. It also has a ubersensitivity that makes every taste or touch sheer torture! Even talking or swallowing is challenging. Saltwater rinses help soothe and reduce bacteria during this phase.

About 10 days in, the swelling and pain may suddenly increase again. Don’t be startled – it’s the last hurrah before healing turns a corner. As your battered tongue repairs itself after the piercing trauma, increased blood flow exacerbates swelling. But it soon eases substantially.

Around the 2 week mark of the Snake Eyes Piercing Healing Stages, most swelling resolves enough to resume cautious eating and talking. The holes close over, finishing initial mending. Tingling discomfort remains but you regain more tongue mobility daily. Just baby it! The rest of the healing continues over months.

Discharge/crust stage (weeks 2-6)

You’ve survived the worst swelling and pain of the Snake Eyes Piercing Healing Stages. Weeks 2-6 now bring the gross discharge phase as your wounds mend internally. Don’t flick those crusties away!

The white or yellow goop along the piercing channels is totally normal lymph fluid and dead cells oozing out. As fresh skin cells develop underneath, they push debris to the surface. Let the crusts naturally slough off when rinsing after eating or drinking.

This part of the Snake Eyes Piercing Healing Stages stems from white blood cells rushing nutrients to repair tissue damage from the piercings. It forms strings or patches around the holes, almost like mucus. Resist picking them! That exposes the tender skin to bacteria and causes more oozing.

By week 3-4 of healing, the discharge thickens into crusty chunks or scabs. It may seem alarming but signifies your body’s natural healing processes through the Snake Eyes Piercing Healing Stages. Scabs act like new skin growing underneath to close piercing wounds.

To help this crusting phase end faster, keep doing sea salt rinses after meals. The sodium and minerals calm inflammation and slough off dead debris clogging holes. Rinse 2-3 times daily if you can tolerate it. Love your tongue gently!

Around 6 weeks out as crusting wanes, you should notice thinner discharge that’s more clear or milky as the last of the healing finishes in the Snake Eyes Piercing Healing Stages. Almost through the gooey phase!

Maturation stage (1-3 months)

Congratulations – the worst is over! Entering months 2-3, your snake eyes piercings transition into the maturation stage of healing. Discomfort fades as the Snake Eyes Piercing Healing Stages finish their magic.

Gone is the massive swelling, oozing discharge and difficulty talking. By now, your pierced tongue should move with ease. Soreness may flare up if you bite it accidentally but continues resolving.

The holes have sealed over with minimal scabbing or crusties by the maturation phase. Occasionally a tiny bump of scar tissue forms on one side as the piercing heals internally. No big deal – it usually disappears given time and proper aftercare.

Importantly, during 1-3 months of the Snake Eyes Piercing Healing Stages, don’t get lazy about oral hygiene! Rinsing is crucial since bacteria still linger inside the piercing channels and can cause problems like infection. Salt soaks remove debris so skin cells can close up the wounds.

By month 3, the tongue feels more natural as the Snake Eyes Piercing Healing Stages wrap up. The foreign sensation of having thick jewelry inside lessens. Swelling no longer occurs with spicy foods. You may wish to downsize your starter bars once the irritation bumps fully flatten out.

Note that while the holes have sealed between 1-3 months outwardly, internal healing continues over the next several months to stabilize the piercings. But the worst discomfort is mainly done if you baby the Snake Eyes during their finish healing!

Fully healed stage (3-6 months)

Hooray, the Snake Eyes Piercing Healing Stages are finally complete by months 3-6! Your piercings now look and feel like a natural part of your tongue. You can bite into an apple without wincing or wake up without a swollen tongue.

In the fully healed stage, you’ll notice the holes feel far less sensitive and foreign. By month 4-5 after getting your snake eyes piercings, the lining of the piercing channels finishes stabilizing as inner tissues have fortified themselves.

Discomfort when eating spicy or salty foods goes away once the Snake Eyes Piercing Healing Stages wrap up. Same for irritation from alcohol or citrus. Your tongue stops reacting so much during the fully healed stage.

While aftercare remains important long-term, extensive saltwater rinses are no longer needed daily. But do make oral hygiene part of your routine still, especially flossing! Tiny bits of food can still get trapped in the piercing holes and decay teeth.

From 3-6 months, the piercings may tighten up slightly around your starter jewelry as the holes mature. Don’t force new pieces in yet! Consult your piercer first about sizing needs in the fully healed stage.

Note that even once the Snake Eyes Piercing Healing Stages hit the 3-6 month mark outwardly, internal tissues continue stabilizing another 2-3 months. But you’re home free regarding pain and complications! Just be gentle removing/inserting jewelry.

Common Issues and Troubleshooting

Even with diligent aftercare, some complications pop up in the Snake Eyes Piercing Healing Stages. Don’t panic – most are easily treatable! Knowing what to watch for and do helps minimize problems.

Excess swelling beyond 2 weeks may indicate infection – characterized by extreme pain, pus, heat radiating from the tongue, and difficulty swallowing. See your piercer promptly for antibiotics. Leaving infections jeopardizes healing.

Prolonged bleeding is another common issue, especially if the piercing holes get bumped while eating or talking. Apply firm pressure with gauze for 10-15 minutes to stop it. Avoid blood thinners like alcohol during the Snake Eyes Piercing Healing Stages.

Redness and hot inflammation past 6 weeks often means irritation bumps or early rejection. Switch jewelry metals if that’s the culprit. For recurring bumps, a piercer can inject steroids to calm swelling and let healing progress.

If you smoke or vape, expect delayed healing as chemicals impair tissue regrowth in the Snake Eyes Piercing Healing Stages. Quitting ensures proper recovery times. Same for drinking alcohol – it thins blood and widens vessels, causing oozing.

Piercing discomfort or sensitivity lasting over 2 months may signal improper placement or jewelry size. See your piercer promptly to correct issues before lasting trauma or scarring happens, complicating the Snake Eyes Piercing Healing Stages. Don’t hesitate!

With attentive aftercare and avoidance of harm, most common issues resolve quickly in the Snake Eyes Piercing Healing Stages. But infections require urgent medical care. Know your trouble signs and talk to your piercer.

Snake Eyes Piercing Healing Tips

Gently nurturing your snakebitten tongue is essential for smooth sailing in the Snake Eyes Piercing Healing Stages. Here are some tricks to relieve discomfort and avoid complications:

Pop pain relievers like ibuprofen or acetaminophen to curb initial soreness and swelling. But avoid blood thinners including alcohol and aspirin for several months, as they prolong bleeding and seepage during the Snake Eyes Piercing Healing Stages.

Rinse with a warm saltwater solution 2-3 times daily after meals, especially during months 1-3. The sodium aids healing by changing osmotic pressure on swollen tissues, reducing puffiness and inflammation in the Snake Eyes Piercing Healing Stages.

Talk and eat soo softly! The tongue is easily re-injured initially, so favor liquid diets until the Snake Eyes Piercing Healing Stages pass month 3. Acids or oils that seep into the holes provoke irritation too, so avoid sauces, cheese and snack chips.

Keep follow-up appointments with your piercing pro every 4-6 weeks during the Snake Eyes Piercing Healing Stages for checkups to avoid rejection or complications. Let them know your sensitivities to jewelry types early too.

Gently brush the tip of the tongue when brushing teeth to avoid plaque deposits in the healing holes that slow the Snake Eyes Piercing Healing Stages. But no harsh scrubbing or whitening products during months 1-3!

Lastly, cultivate patience while healing. Your Snake Eyes piercings will likely take the full projected 4-6 months to stabilize. But it’s so worth it for a unique look!

Snake Eyes Piercing Aftercare

Surviving the Snake Eyes Piercing Healing Stages relies heavily on diligent aftercare while your tongue repairs itself. Don’t slack, or you risk complications!

Be religious about saltwater rinses, especially months 1-3 post piercing. The sodium and minerals in a sea salt soak help reduce swelling and irritation. Stir 1⁄4 teaspoon into a cup of warm distilled water. Rinse the piercing holes for 60 seconds after meals.

Resist the temptation to twist or move new jewelry during the Snake Eyes Piercing Healing Stages! It reopens delicate healing tissue and introduces bacteria into the piercing channel. Let your piercer change out the starter bars once fully mended at 4-6 months.

Stick to soft foods the first weeks until swelling resolves in the Snake Eyes Piercing Healing Stages. Acidic or heavily spiced cuisine prolongs soreness. Avoid snacking between meals too – constant tongue movement irritates it. Give your snake eyes time to stabilize!

Don’t ever use peroxide, alcohol or soap inside your mouth to clean new piercings! These are too harsh for the delicate oral environment in the Snake Eyes Piercing Healing Stages. Use the sea salt rinses only as directed by your piercer.

Most importantly, listen to your body over the 4-6 month Snake Eyes Piercing Healing Stages. If pain or swelling seem excessive, something may be wrong. See your piercer promptly to avoid lasting trauma or scarring. Better safe than sorry!

Expert Advice on Snake Eyes Piercing Healing

Navigating the Snake Eyes Piercing Healing Stages can be tricky without guidance. Connecting with piercing experts provides crucial tips so you can rock your snakebitten look safely.

Reputable piercers stress not changing jewelry too early while healing. Let your starter bars stabilize inside the fistula for at least 2 months during the Snake Eyes Piercing Healing Stages. Twisting in unsuitable metals or shapes reopens wounds, causing scarring or rejection. Don’t rush it!

Oral care specialists emphasize soft brushing around new piercings as the Snake Eyes Piercing Healing Stages progress. Daily flossing is also vital to avoid plaque or bacteria pockets near holes that can decay teeth and irritate your tongue. Be gentle though!

Doctors may prescribe antibiotic rinses if infections develop during the Snake Eyes Piercing Healing Stages. But prompt oral exams are key to getting appropriate meds before things get worse. Left untreated, infections can mutilate tissue and jeopardize healing.

All experts advise against habits that slow the Snake Eyes Piercing Healing Stages like smoking, drinking alcohol and eating irritating foods. These provoke swelling and seepage, prolonging discomfort. Make healthier choices to avoid problems!

Most importantly, the pros unanimously recommend listening to your individual body over internet advice regarding the Snake Eyes Piercing Healing Stages. If something feels off, get checked out rather than waiting! Custom care prevents lasting issues.

Connect with the experts and take their tailored guidance to heart for smooth Snake Eyes Piercing Healing Stages from start to finish! It makes all the difference.

Beyond Healing: Long-Term Care

Hooray, the Snake Eyes Piercing Healing Stages are complete after diligent months of aftercare! But don’t neglect those edgy piercings once healed – maintaining that snake glare requires some TLC.

While extensive saltwater rinses become unnecessary beyond the Snake Eyes Piercing Healing Stages, do swish water after meals to prevent food debris buildup in holes that can decay teeth.

Additionally, watch jewelry lengths as your initial swelling disappears after healing the snake eyes piercings. Overly long bars that got embedded before now risk damage from clacking your teeth or getting caught on things. See your piercer about downsizing.

Do schedule occasional checkups with your piercing pro every 6-12 months, even once finished with the Snake Eyes Piercing Healing Stages. They examine for emerging issues like infection, ill-fitted jewelry or rare rejection that crop up without warning.

Take special care not to bite new piercings out of habit once the Snake Eyes Piercing Healing Stages wrap up! The closure between inner lip and jewelry that protected the fistula while healing makes this easier to do now. Go slow with food and talking.

Finally, invest in quality metals for long-lasting, complication-free wear beyond the Snake Eyes Piercing Healing Stages. Surgical steel, solid 14+ karats gold, titanium or Niobium withstand saliva without reacting over decades.

Caring for healed snake eyes prevents problems as you rock your permanent mods. Take it from someone with 20+ years of piercing experience! ????

Long-Term Care for Oral Snake Eyes

Surviving the Snake Eyes Piercing Healing Stages is an accomplishment, but don’t abandon aftercare once healed! The moist environment inside the mouth means extra vigilance caring for oral piercings.

Be religious about daily flossing and brushing to prevent plaque buildup around your snake eyes piercings over the long term. Food debris trapping near holes risks tooth decay and gum recession.

Additionally, limit behaviors that chronically irritate the piercings like smoking, chewing ice or vigorous teeth grinding. This can gradually enlarge holes or erode teeth enamel against jewelry.

Use extra caution switching out jewelry in enduring oral snake eyes piercings too. Twisting new pieces through scarred fistulas risks tearing them open again. Seek professional assistance changing bars to avoid harm.

Note that even once finished with the Snake Eyes Piercing Healing Stages, ongoing swelling can randomly flare up years later if piercings get injured. The high vascularity of the tongue makes even tiny bumps and bites react strongly.

Importantly, watch for delayed infection or rejection with oral snake eyes piercings too. The bacteria-rich environment allows problems to develop silently. Seek help at the earliest signs like soreness.

Caring for your snake eyes piercings long after healing protects your investment! Be especially attentive given the wet locale. Take it from my years of personal experience.


Getting snake eyes piercings is intense but so edgy! However, the Snake Eyes Piercing Healing Stages demand months of patience and care to rock safely. Understanding what’s normal helps you handle the process smoothly.

In the first days after piercing, major swelling and sensitivity are expected. The following weeks bring lymph discharge and crusting – gross but perfectly natural! Don’t pick them away. Nearing months 2-3, soreness fades as holes close up.

However, the inner lining continues maturing several more months. Occasional bumps or tightness around jewelry still pop up. With attentive aftercare, the Snake Eyes Piercing Healing Stages typically wrap up fully by month 6.

Supporting healing with ample oral hygiene, saltwater rinses, soft diets and jewelry downsizing when appropriate all make the Snake Eyes Piercing Healing Stages quicker. Avoid irritants too! Expert guidance assists if trouble arises.

Over the long term, keep protecting snake eyes piercings through gentle cleaning and high quality metals. Annual checkups help too. They become part of you!

Give your snakebitten tongue ample time to repair itself every step, even once finished with the Snake Eyes Piercing Healing Stages. Patience pays off for safely rocking this standout look for years.

Hopefully now you feel more prepared for the reality of healing snake eyes piercings! Take each phase slowly and you’ll be flashing those sultry reptile peepers in no time.

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