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Septum and Nostril Piercing Together

Septum and Nostril Piercing Together: A Double Fashion Guide

Facial piercings like septum and nostril piercings are becoming quite popular nowadays. I have noticed more and more people sporting these edgy piercings, either on their own or mixed and matched together for a really bold look. Personally, I think a septum and nostril piercing together can look very cool when done properly. But before rushing out to get Septum and Nostril Piercing Together myself, I wanted to learn more.

What exactly are septum piercings and nostril piercings anyway? Well, a septum piercing goes through the thin area of cartilage and skin between the two nostrils, called the nasal septum. Typically a small horseshoe shaped ring is worn. And nostril piercings, as the name suggests, go through the nostril or nasal cavity on one side. These allow for a variety of studs, hoops, or other jewelry.

When you combine the two, wearing complementing rings or studs together, it makes for a eye-catching double facial piercing look. Some people even get piercings on both nostrils to balance it out. But healing two fresh nose piercings at the same seems it could be tricky. And I can only imagine how much that needle through the nose hurts!

So I am still on the fence about whether I personally want to get matching Septum and Nostril Piercing Together. I think it looks really edgy and sexy when done right, but want to make sure I fully understand the aftercare and risks first. These are not like basic earlobe piercings afterall! But researching the process so I can weigh the pros and cons is important.

Overview of Septum Piercings

I have always associated nose piercings with the septum – the middle cartilaginous area between the nostrils. That classic shiny bull ring dangling down seems to be the quintessential septum jewelry that first comes to mind. But since deciding I want to potentially get Septum and Nostril Piercing Together, I realized I do not know much else about septum piercings.

Firstly, I had to look up exactly what part of the nose is considered the “septum” that gets pierced. Basically, it refers to the thin wall of cartilage and skin dividing your two nasal passages. Piercing through this area to wear decorative rings or studs has become very trendy. But because it is an area most people do not see or interact with often, the Septum Nose Piercing Meaning and significance is not always common knowledge.

The septum piercing itself is done by puncturing a thin, U-shaped piece of skin slightly higher on the underside of the septum, farther back from the tip of the nose. This allows jewelry to hide inside the nasal passage instead of the bull ring style dangling down over your upper lip. At first that sounded less appealing to me – dainty hidden jewelry won’t make much of a style statement! But when combined beautifully with a Nostril Piercing on just one side, the subtle effect can be very striking and feminine.

As far as pain, the cartilage of the septum is very thin, lending to slightly less discomfort than piercing other nose and facial areas. However, the healing time can be quite extensive at around six months before it fully settles. There are so many considerations for keeping it clean and free from infection while navigating those early days too. And you have to be meticulous not to mess with the sensitive new piercing until properly healed. That is a long period of careful aftercare that would overlap if I got both nose piercings together!

But healed septum piercings can be very versatile and low maintenance, allowing you to swap out hoops, studs, gems or even removable retainers at a moments notice. The piercing hole itself stays open permanently so you can accessorize when you want. Just another reason I cannot stop thinking about coordinating my possible new Septum Piercing with a bold Nostril Stud someday soon! Even if the process means six long months of healing my poor nose…vanity always seems to win out!

Overview of Nostril Piercings

I have always loved the look of nostril piercings. Maybe because they seem so feminine and delicate compared to facial piercings like eyebrow rings or lip studs. As I consider eventually getting my nostril pierced to match a potential future septum piercing, I had to learn more about what exactly is involved.

Firstly – ouch! I could handle my ears and even navel being pierced since those areas have very few nerve endings. But the nostrils and tip of the nose are extremely sensitive. I watched some videos to gauge the Nose Piercing Pain Scale 1-10 and it made me wince! People described the nostril needle feeling like a quick, hot pinch mixed with pressure. Eyes immediately watering as the jewelry gets maneuvered into the fresh hole did not look fun either. I had guess my pain tolerance for nostril piercing will be around a 7/10 – manageable but potent.

And the care after getting it pierced will test my diligence too. Healing can take 9-12 months with proper cleaning! The nostril area easily traps bacteria which risks dangerous infections developing inside the nasal passage. To avoid ugly scarring or needing to remove it, carefully using saline soaks and not touching, turning or otherwise irritating the area seems essential. I wonder if getting my nostril pierced simultaneously with a septum piercing would make healing exponentially more difficult…

However, once fully healed nostril piercings can be pretty low maintenance. Unlike oral piercings, the nasal area has significantly lower risks of tooth damage or drooling issues over time. And having my nose pierced might make me feel beautiful and alluring! I love the idea of tiny crystal studs winking out from my nose, or even coordinating cool hoops between my nostril and subtle septum bling. So glamorous!

Even weighing the extended healing period and sharp discomfort of the piercing process, part of me remains utterly enchanted by the thought of shiny new nose jewelry. As long as I mentally prepare myself to properly care for the piercings, perhaps someday I will muster the courage to get my long-desired matching Septum and Nostril Piercing Together! For now though, I will be religiously watching piercers on YouTube to psych myself up. Maybe their calm demeanors while stabbing through hundreds of nostril membranes will rub off on me!

Getting Septum and Nostril Piercing together

I think I have finally worked up the nerve to get my nose pierced! After debating different facial piercing options, I decided going for Septum and Nostril Piercing Together will give me the edgy yet feminine look I love. But what is the best process for getting both nose piercings at once?

I learned there is no consensus on optimal piercing order – some people recommend having the more painful nostril done first since adrenaline will numb the second septum needle prick. But others think saving the fussier nostril for last allows better healing of the hidden septum. I will probably let my piercer decide which sequence works best.

Either way, bearing that nostril needle poke only to then turn around immediately for another cartilage puncture through my septum definitely seems scary! But getting both fresh wounds over with swiftly rather than repeating the process later does appeal to me. I do not know if I could get up the nerve a second time. At least done together, I will then have one longer combined initial Nose Piercing Healing Stages period before enjoying my sparkly new nose jewelry forever after!

And the simultaneous aftercare of newly pierced septum and nostril will need some adjustments. Having two openings oozing fluids and crusting in one sensitive spot seems…gross. Being vigilant to gently clean both several times daily, not disturbing either tender location, is paramount. Preventing dangerous migration of either piercing is vital for Healthy Septum Piercing and nostril healing too. Perhaps icing my nose post-procedure will help ease the swelling and throbbing! And not touching my shiny new facial decorations – no matter how tempting – for at least a few months until fully healed will require serious willpower.

But if I properly care for my double nose piercings, once healed I can have fun coordinating my jewelry! I love the idea of glittering crystal studs winking from my nostril, balanced by a subtle horseshoe septum ring. Or maybe going for symmetry with matching bejeweled balls in both holes. My inner magpie is giddy imagining all the sparkly combinations possible between Septum and Nostril Piercing Together!

For now though, I am focusing on mentally prepping for the big piercing appointment. Considering the extended healing time and initial pain, getting both nose piercings together still seems the most efficient route long-term. Wish me luck not passing out or shrieking too loudly once that needle starts approaching my poor defenseless nostrils! Pray for me and my soon-to-be exciting new facial accessories…ouch!!

Aftercare Tips for Healing

Well, I did it! I officially have dual Septum and Nostril Piercing Together. And let me tell you, that nostril needle was NOT fun. My eyes still water thinking about it! Fortunately my awesome piercer held my hand through the whole ordeal. She stabbed expertly through the sweet spot of my septum first before that nasty nostril puncture. Now I am the proud owner of shiny new nose bling…and a throbbing, slightly Swollen Nose Piercing on both sides.

My piercer gave strict guidance on proper aftercare to promote healing of my double facial additions. Apparently the nostrils can trap bacteria, making infections and unsightly scarring inside the nose a real threat. And since septums take so long to fully settle, staying vigilant about cleanliness and avoiding irritation is vital.

She told me to spray sterile saline solution directly into both nose holes several times per day – even more if I notice crusties forming. Gently patting dry with sterile gauze will remove fluid buildup too. And do NOT pick at any scabbing tissue! Let the old piercing hole skin slough off naturally over time instead. I am also careful not to catch my new jewelry on hair, clothing or bedding to avoid painful Nose Piercing Bump Inside Nose. My delicate schnoz must be treated like fine china during these early weeks!

In terms of jewelry changes, my piercer forbids swapping out studs or hoops for at least nine months. Apparently both thickness and metal type of starter jewelry are calibrated perfectly for healing tissues. Changing them prematurely could damage the fragile healing fistulas. I will admire my new shiny silver balls from a sanitary distance until the piercer gives the all clear!

Traveling through airports could irritate my piercings too since those full body scanners emit radiation. Removing fresh jewelry sets back progress so I may need to request pat downs instead. And warning coworkers that subtle nose touching is banned until late 2024 will save me some startled swats!

Overall though, if I am meticulous about regular cleaning and gentle handling, I should be rewarded with beautifully healed Septum and Nostril Piercings in under a year. Considering how intense that nostril needle felt and early swelling discomfort, caring properly for my still-enflamed schnoz is priority number one! Wish me luck not dislodging these ornate nose tenants before they fully settle into my so-called “sweet spot” home. Wheeee…

Risks and Considerations

Healing my new matching Septum and Nostril Piercing Together has been going pretty well so far, thanks to diligent aftercare. But I did wake up yesterday with an angry red bump on the inside of my nostril! That nasty Nose Piercing Bump Overnight had me frantic Googling How to Get Rid of Nose Piercing Bump Overnight. Luckily an emergency sea salt soak solution helped calm the swelling. But it was a stark reminder that even months into the process, complications can arise.

Between bumps, scarring, infections and embedding, so much can go wrong healing nose piercings. My piercer also warned me about possible dental issues or scratched eye corneas from jewelry over the lifespan of the piercings too. It seems no precaution is too small caring for finsicky nose holes! I definitely take oral hygiene much more seriously now, being vigilant about removing and replacing jewelry to brush teeth.

And I am still navigating wearing nose studs in conservative environments. Family holidays are touch and go! My boss allows subtle studs at work, but several old school clients raise eyebrows seeing my nose shine. I may invest in flesh-toned retainers for especially judgy meetings. Sadly facial adornments seem to confuse some folks still.

Overall though, as annoying as bumps and social stigma can be, I have no regrets about my Septum and Nostril Piercing together adventure! Taking great care to promote healing has been worthwhile for long term nose bling payoff. A little extra vigilance is a small trade-off for feeling beautiful in my own skin. Perhaps those crusty elderly clients will come around someday…but until then, my sparkly jewelry and I will be over here thriving!

Finding an Experienced Professional Piercer

After deciding I definitely want to get Septum and Nostril Piercing Together, finding an amazing piercer is key! I want someone completely professional who puts me at ease while also stabbing holes in my nose. It is surprisingly hard tracking down licensed studios with glowing reviews.

I am checking credentials first – members of the Association of Professional Piercers with current red cross first aid training make me most comfortable. An experienced tenured piercer specializing in facial work with plenty of septum and nostril punctures under their belt is ideal too. Do they use top brands of needles and jewelry or cheap knockoffs? And is their studio visibly sterile, modern and welcoming? I’m trusting them to alter my face permanently after all!

A quick phone consultation is worthwhile too before committing. It allows asking the piercer frank questions to understand their process. Do they mark sweet spots before piercing and will saline spray be provided for aftercare? How long have they worked in the industry and how many facial procedures do they perform annually? And what is their favorite jewelry brand for initial nose studs – I love sparkly crystals! I feel way more relaxed about entrusting my precious nose to someone patient who answers all my nosy questions.

Finally, reading reviews to confirm they put clients fully at ease during piercings seals the deal. A calm demeanor while handling sharp objects near my nostrils is pretty vital! Piercing should never feel rushed or like an assembly line. I want plenty of time to breathe through the scary needle pokes as needed. Finding an experienced professional who makes getting Septum and Nostril Piercing Together feel special yet comfortable is worth its weight in gold. Or in my case…in custom fitted nose diamonds!

Final thoughts – Septum and Nostril Piercing Together

Overall, while getting both Septum and Nostril Piercing Together required commitment, I am thrilled with my edgy new look! Between managing the sharp sting of dual nose puncture wounds, extensive aftercare, and slow healing, the process tested my diligence for sure. But protecting my investment by gently cleansing multiple times per day, not touching still-tender areas prematurely, and changing jewelry only when fully settled allowed me to heal beautifully.

And I love accessorizing my nose now with an ever changing array of hidden septum hoops and playful nostril studs! Mixing and matching subtle matte metals or eye-catching gems between the two piercings creates fun looks. I feel like a kid playing dress-up again. And it is the easiest way to update my style literally overnight – just swap in some colorful new nose studs. Way simpler than dyeing hair or getting fresh ink!

I will admit, it still feels uncomfortable sometimes seeing conservative family or old fashioned business clients with my visible facial jewelry. Septum piercings in particular seem very taboo and rebellious to past generations. But I try to stay confident and avoid touching self-consciously at my nose. This jewelry is for me – not for anyone else’s approval!

Overall, I had recommend Septum and Nostril Piercing to anyone craving an edgy style change without huge commitments. Despite the pesky swelling bubbles, trust me – take excellent care of new nose holes as advised, do not change jewelry too hastily, and be patient for full maturation and you will have sparkly nose decor for life! Now excuse me while I browse for my next coordinating jewelry set…I am thinking chili pepper stud with a subtle silver septum clicker! Too fun…

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