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Nose Piercing Healing Stages

Nose Piercing Healing Stages: Your Complete Guide

Discover the nose piercing healing journey. Expert insights on stages and care. Your ultimate guide to a healthy nose piercing recovery.

Nose Piercing Healing Stages


Alright friends, getting your nose pierced is such a fun way to change up your look! Many among you have been trying to find an opportunity to take this bold step. However, you should have a clear understanding of what your nose needs in the days following because you must do. Let me break down the typical healing process so you’re fully prepared.

The first few days are gonna suck – your nose will be swollen like nobody’s business! And some light bleeding is totally normal too. Just remember, your body is trying to patch itself up. Be gentle and clean it twice a day with saline to keep germs away. Also, definitely avoid picking your nose (haha I know, hard to resist!) or touching the piercing cause you don’t want to disturb the healing.

After a couple weeks, you’ll start to see little crusties forming around the hole. Resist the urge to pick those off – I know it’s tempting but it will only prolong the healing. The area might also feel tender. As long as you keep up the cleaning, the swelling and pain should get better each day.

By month 1, most of the annoying stuff should be clearing up. You can scale back to once-daily cleaning. If all goes smoothly, your nose should feel mostly better by 2 months. But still be careful not to bump it when playing sports or doing activities, just to be safe.

Stick with the routine and by 4 months max, your nose piercing will be in the all clear! You’ll have made it through to the end. Stay patient friends – a few months of TLC means you’ll have a beautifully healed piercing for years to come!

Initial Precautions

Getting your nose pierced? Awesome! But first things first – safety should be your top concern.

Finding an experienced professional piercer is a must. Do research and read reviews to find someone you trust. A good piercer will give detailed aftercare instructions and only use safe piercing tools and jewelry.

When you get your nose pierced, listen closely to the aftercare directions. Usually a saline spray or saltwater mixture is recommended for cleaning 1-2 times a day. Don’t touch the new piercing and be very gentle around it. Let your piercer know if you have any pain, swelling or signs of infection.

High quality jewelry is also important! Piercings should only be done with implant-grade materials like titanium or 14k gold. Avoid cheap jewelry that contains nickel or irritating metals. This can make healing take longer. Make sure your piercer uses sterilized, single-use needles too.

The initial barbell jewelry should have a post long enough to accommodate for swelling. But not so long that it’s easily bumped or tangled. Your piercer can help find the ideal starter jewelry length for you.

It’s normal for some initial redness, tenderness and swelling after getting pierced. But call your piercer if you have severe pain, oozing pus or hot skin around the site. This may indicate infection.

Be patient through the first few weeks. Avoid playing with the jewelry and bumping the piercing. Once healed, you can switch to a shorter post if desired.

With the right piercer, jewelry and aftercare, you’ll have an easy, complication-free nose piercing experience! Take the precautions early on so you can focus on rocking your new look.

Nose Piercing Healing Stages

Nose piercings are super cute, but require some patience because they take time to heal. Knowing what’s normal can help the process go smoothly. Here’s an overview of the nose piercing healing stages and how to take care of your new bling.

Initial Healing Stage (First 1-3 Weeks)

The first couple weeks are when the most intense healing happens. Here’s what to expect:

  • Tenderness and Swelling – Your nose will probably be sore, swollen and slightly red around the piercing site. This is normal! It may feel like you have a minor cold. Don’t panic – the discomfort and swelling will start improving after about a week.
  • Bleeding/Discharge – Some clear or yellowish discharge can develop around the piercing as it begins healing. Slight bleeding can also happen if it gets bumped. Use gauze or a clean tissue to gently dab away any blood or fluid.
  • Saline Spray – After the first few days, start cleaning with a pre-made saline spray or saltwater solution 1-2 times daily. Spray it on the piercing, let sit for a few minutes, then pat dry with clean gauze or paper towel.
  • LITHA Method – “Leave it the hell alone!” Try not to touch, rotate or disturb the new piercing during these early weeks. This can introduce bacteria and slow the healing. Be patient and let it do its thing!

Early Healing Stage (3 Weeks – 3 Months)

Over the next few months, you’ll notice:

  • Less Swelling – The tenderness and swelling will gradually decrease. After 2-3 weeks, it should subside quite a bit. The nose may look slightly enlarged for a couple more weeks after that.
  • Crusties – Small crusty scabs can form around the piercing as discharge dries. Gently soak and remove them with saline solution and gauze. Don’t pick at them!
  • Jewelry Changes – After about 6-8 weeks, your piercer can change the starter jewelry to a shorter post if needed. But wait until any discharge/swelling stops before changing it.
  • Irritation Bumps – If a red, painful bump appears, don’t remove jewelry! See your piercer to have the post changed to a longer one until it heals. Don’t use creams/ointments without asking your piercer first.

Late Healing Stage (3-6 Months)

In the later healing phase:

  • Fully Healed – After about 3-6 months, your piercing should be mostly healed. There may still be some residual soreness at times, but that’s normal.
  • Jewelry Changes – Once healed, it’s safe to change out the jewelry yourself. Wash hands thoroughly and be gentle. Start with only a few hours at first to ensure no reaction.
  • Ongoing Care – Continue spraying saline 1-2 times per day, even when healed. This prevents residue buildup in the piercing hole. Gently rotate jewelry daily while spraying to clean.

Have patience, stick to the aftercare routine, and avoid bumps or tugs. If any severe swelling, pain, or pus/discharge occur, see your piercer or doctor ASAP. Otherwise, enjoy the process and your stylish new nostril bling!


Uh oh, having some issues with your new nose piercing? Don’t stress, many common problems can be fixed with a little extra TLC.

Irritation bumps are common and appear as red, sore lumps around the piercing site. They happen if the jewelry gets pulled or snagged. To treat them, spray more saline solution and avoid touching the area. See your piercer to switch to a longer jewelry post until it calms down. Resist the urge to pop them – this can lead to infection.

If the nose piercing hole seems to be closing up, don’t remove the jewelry! See your piercer to have the post swapped for a longer one to keep the hole open while it finishes healing. Don’t try to force the original jewelry through or the hole can close.

It’s normal for some discharge, crustiness, or bleeding in the first weeks after getting pierced. But if you notice increasing redness, hot skin, severe swelling or foul-smelling pus oozing from the site, see your piercer or doctor ASAP – these can indicate infection.

If the piercing feels painful or tight, try spraying it with more saline. Soak a clean paper towel or gauze in the solution and hold it over the piercing to loosen up crusties. The saline softens them for easier removal.

For nose studs, check that the clasp at the end isn’t digging into the piercing hole. You can place a small piece of gauze in your nostril for padding until it feels better.

See your piercer if any irritation persists for more than a few days or if symptoms worsen. With patience and proper care, most issues can be resolved. But it’s always best to consult the pros when in doubt!

Dos and Don’ts

Got a new nose piercing? Here are some dos and don’ts to help it heal beautifully. Follow these and you’ll be rockin’ it in no time!

  • Do clean your piercing 1-2 times daily with a saline spray or saltwater solution. This removes gunk and prevents infection.
  • Do let shower water run over the piercing, but avoid submerging it in baths or pools during healing.
  • Do dry the piercing thoroughly after cleaning by gently patting with gauze or paper towel. Leftover moisture breeds bacteria.
  • Do be extra careful not to catch or tug on the piercing for the first several months. Even occasional snags can irritate it.
  • Do ask your piercer any questions that come up! Don’t remove jewelry or attempt treatment without asking them first.

What to Avoid: The Don’ts

  • Don’t touch, fiddle with or move the jewelry more than needed for cleaning. Hands transfer dirt and oil that can cause infection.
  • Don’t use creams, ointments or home remedies on the piercing without approval from your piercer first. These can trap bacteria.
  • Don’t soak the piercing in homemade salt solutions. Only use pre-made sterile saline, or solutions mixed using specific piercer instructions.
  • Don’t remove the starter jewelry before the piercing fully heals, even if it feels better. The hole can shrink and close up rapidly.
  • Don’t sleep on the piercing for prolonged periods. Use a travel pillow to avoid squishing it at night.

Follow the dos, avoid the don’ts, and you’ll have the safest, smoothest nose piercing healing experience!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Much Do Nose Piercings Hurt?

Nose piercings cause a sharp, quick pain during the actual piercing. But it only lasts for a second, like a quick pinch or bee sting.

After that, your nose may stay sore and tender for the first week as it begins healing. There can be some dull throbbing or achiness around the piercing site. It feels similar to having a stuffy nose from a cold. The discomfort is worst for the first few days and then improves. With proper aftercare, the pain and swelling subside within about a month.

How Long Does Nostril Piercing Take to Heal?

A nostril piercing usually takes 3-9 months to fully heal. The first 3 months are when most of the healing happens – tenderness, swelling and discharge gradually decrease during this time. After 6 months, it should be mostly healed but continue cleaning 1-2 times daily. Some residual soreness can come and go for up to 9 months. Have patience and don’t change jewelry too soon!

What to Clean Nose Piercing With?

Use a pre-made saline spray or saltwater solution to clean your nose piercing 1-2 times daily. Saline helps flush away dirt, germs, and crusty buildup. Make sure to spray it directly on the piercing site and let it soak for a few minutes before gently patting dry with gauze or paper towel. Never use harsh soaps, creams or household cleaners.

How to Clean Nose Piercing Without Saline?

In a pinch, you can create a saltwater solution with 1/4 teaspoon sea salt dissolved in a cup of warm distilled or bottled water. Use a clean paper towel or gauze soaked in the solution to hold against the piercing site for a few minutes. Rinse the area with water afterward and pat dry. Do this no more than 1-2 times daily until you can buy premixed sterile saline spray.

What to Do if Nose Piercing is Infected?

If you suspect an infection, see your piercer or doctor right away. Signs include increasing swelling, redness, oozing pus, hot skin around the site or a fever. Your doctor can prescribe antibiotics if needed. Keep cleaning daily with saline spray and avoid touching the piercing. Don’t remove the jewelry – this can trap the infection inside. With prompt treatment, infections can usually clear up quickly.

How to Clean Inside of Nose Piercing?

Use a saline spray or rinse to help flush out the inside of the piercing hole. Aim the spray directly into your nostril and let it soak for a few minutes. Gently blow your nose into tissue to remove softened crusty buildup. Rotate the jewelry daily while spraying saline to help clean the inside of the piercing. Avoid sticking cotton swabs or anything else inside the nostril – just use the saline spray.

How To Tell If Your Nose Piercing Is Healed?

After about 3-6 months, a nose piercing is typically healed enough to consider changing jewelry. Signs it’s healed include no swelling, discharge, redness or tenderness. You should be able to gently clean and move the jewelry without discomfort.

Fully healed piercings can still get irritated easily, so start by only wearing new jewelry for short periods. There may be some residual soreness or tightness now and then for 9-12 months. If it ever becomes painful, tender or swollen again, go back to the original jewelry until it calms down. Patience is key!


Getting your nose pierced is so exciting! But healing it properly takes some patience. Here’s a quick recap of what to expect during the process:

The first week is the toughest. Tenderness, swelling, and discharge around the piercing site are normal as it begins healing. After 2-3 weeks, the discomfort starts improving.

Keep cleaning the area 1-2 times daily with saline spray. This prevents infection and crusty buildup. Don’t pick at any scabs – let them fall off on their own after softening with saline.

After about 6-8 weeks, swelling and discharge should decrease a lot. Now your piercer can change the jewelry to a shorter post if needed. But wait until all tenderness goes away before doing jewelry changes.

Final healing takes 3-6 months. Around month 3, the piercing should stop feeling sore. After 6 months, it’s typically healed enough to carefully change the jewelry yourself. But continue cleaning it 1-2 times every day, even when healed!

Some residual soreness or tightness can come and go during the first year. If the piercing ever starts feeling painful, swollen or hot, put the original jewelry back in. Call your piercer if you have any concerns.

Patience is key for a smooth healing process! Avoid touching or bumping the piercing, and clean it regularly with saline spray. See your piercer at the first signs of infection or if you have questions.

With proper aftercare, your nose piercing will heal beautifully! Follow these tips and you’ll be rocking your new look in no time.

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