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Men's Ring Size Chart

Men’s Ring Size Chart – Measure Your Finger At Home Easily!

Ring shopping is tough without knowing your finger’s size. Guys, grab a ring sizer at the jewelry store to find your exact fit. Slide those circles on until you find the one that feels just right. Sizes typically range from 6 to 13.5, but we all have different shaped fingers. So take a minute, get measured, and know your size. Now you can shop with confidence for a stylish ring made to comfortably fit your hand. Finding the perfect size means finding the perfect ring.

Men’s Ring Size Chart

US SizeUK SizeEU SizeCircumference (mm)Diameter (mm)ISO Size
4H 1/246 1/246.814.97 1/4
4.5I 1/247 3/44815.38 1/4
5J 1/24949.315.79 1/4
5.5K 1/250 1/450.616.110 1/4
6L 1/251 1/251.916.511 1/4
6.5M 1/252 3/453.116.912 1/4
7N 1/25454.417.313 1/4
7.5O 1/255 1/455.717.714 1/4
8P 1/256 1/25718.115 1/4
8.5Q 1/257 3/458.318.516 1/4
9R 1/25959.51917 1/4
9.5S 1/260 1/460.819.418 1/4
10T 1/261 1/262.119.819 1/4
10.5U 1/262 3/463.420.220 1/4
11V 1/26464.620.621 1/4
11.5W 1/265 1/465.92122 1/4
12X 1/266 1/267.221.423 1/4
12.5Y 1/267 3/468.521.824 1/4
13Z 1/26969.722.225 1/4
13.5 70 1/47122.626 1/4
14 71 1/272.32327 1/4

Finding your ring size can be confusing with all those different numbers! This handy chart lists the sizes for the US, UK, Europe, and ISO so you can figure out your fit. It also has the finger measurements in millimeters and inches to match up.

The most important thing is to measure your finger carefully. Wrap a soft tape measure or piece of string snugly around your finger – not too tight! Compare your measurement to the chart to find your size match.

Getting the right fit means your ring will feel comfy and look fab on your hand. And remember, your finger size can change over time, so check your fit every so often.

If you need any help finding your perfect Men’s Ring Size Chart or have questions, let me know! I’m happy to explain more or give you tips for finding the best fit. The goal is for your ring to make you smile each time you wear it!

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