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How to Sleep With Ear Piercings: 5 Tips

How to Sleep With Ear Piercings

Ear Piercing Survival Guide

Managing new ear piercings can be such a struggle, especially when it comes to sleeping! The painful healing process is hard enough during the day. But at night, it’s so uncomfortable trying to sleep with sore, irritated ears. You inevitably end up rolling onto them or accidentally bumping them as you toss and turn. Ugh, the agony of waking up in the middle of the night from ear pain is the worst!

We’ve all been there – lying awake stressing about how to avoid irritating your piercings. It’s a battle just to get some much-needed rest. Well, have no fear friends because I’m sharing my top ear piercing sleeping techniques to help you out. From experience, I’ve perfected some comfortable solutions so you can catch those precious zzz’s without issue.

In this post, I’ll outline five simple strategies that have gotten me through multiple ear piercing situations. Things like using soft ear pillows or cotton balls to cushion your lobes. Changing up your sleeping position to avoid pressure is another lifesaver. I’ll also give tips on ways to care for piercings right before bed. Trust me guys, with these easy tricks, your ears will thank you come morning!

So without further ado, keep reading to steal all my piercing survival secrets. Say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello to well-rested healing. Sweet dreams will be yours once more!

How to Sleep With Ear Piercings

Tip 1: Use Ear Pillows or Cotton Balls for Protection

Getting ear piercings is fun and exciting! But healing new ear piercings takes care and patience. Follow these sleeping tips for happy, healthy pierced ears.

First, be gentle with new ear piercings. Try not to bump or snag them, especially when going to bed. Sleeping on one side can help avoid irritation. Place cotton balls or soft ear pillows over the new piercings at night. The cotton or pillows make a gentle barrier to protect tender ear lobes while sleeping. They cushion the piercing so the ear does not get bumped or rubbed while you sleep.

Also, keep new piercings very clean. Clean the ear and piercing site daily with a saltwater solution or ear piercing aftercare spray. Gently wipe away any crusties around the piercing. Proper cleaning prevents infection and helps the piercing heal properly.

With some simple ear piercing aftercare like sleeping protected and keeping them clean, your new ear piercings will heal beautifully. Be patient during the healing process. Soon you will be able to show off your stylish new ear piercings!

Tip 1: Change Your Sleeping Position

Ear piercings look so stylish but need gentle care while healing. Follow these sleeping tips for new ear piercings.

First, be very careful how you sleep with fresh piercings. Try to avoid sleeping on the pierced ear. Resting on the new piercing can cause irritation, swelling or infection.

Instead, sleep on your back or opposite side. Use an extra pillow to elevate your head if needed. This prevents pressure on the tender new piercing.

Also, tie back long hair before bed. Hair can tug on piercings or get wrapped around the earring. Pulling and snagging will disturb the piercing and slow healing.

It is also important to keep new ear piercings very clean. Gently clean the pierced ear and earring with saline solution or piercing spray daily. This helps prevent infection as the piercing heals.

With proper aftercare and smart sleeping positions, your ear piercings should heal beautifully. Avoid sleeping on the new piercings and keep them clean. Soon you’ll be ready to show off your fabulous new ear piercings!

Tip 3: Clean Piercings Before Bed

New ear piercings need gentle care while healing. An important part of ear piercing aftercare is keeping them very clean. This is especially true at bedtime.

Be sure to clean your new ear piercings before going to sleep each night. Use a saline wound wash or sea salt solution to gently wipe away dirt, oils and crusties that may have built up during the day. You can also use wound wash sprays or piercing aftercare sprays.

Gently turn the earring posts while cleaning to dislodge any debris. Get all around the piercing site and ear lobes. Proper cleaning helps prevent infection from germs that could get into the new piercing while you sleep.

It also removes any dried fluids or crusties that could get pulled into the piercing wound overnight. This prevents painful irritation, swelling and slow healing.

Consistent ear piercing aftercare is key for proper healing. Along with sleeping carefully to avoid bumps, keep piercings clean day and night. Before bed, take a minute to gently cleanse lobes and earrings. With good ear piercing care, you’ll wake up to happy, healing piercings!

Tip 4: Wear Comfortable Jewelry

I know you’re super excited about your new ear piercings! They look so stylish and fun. But healing piercings can be tricky, especially when trying to sleep comfortably. As your virtual piercing buddy, let me share some tips to help you get good beauty rest while also caring for your new bling.

When it’s time for bed, opt for small, lightweight earrings that won’t tug on your tender ear lobes all night long. Studs or huggies made of gentle materials like titanium or gold are your friends right now. Heavy danglers just spell pain and irritation!

If your piercings are really fresh, you may even want to give your ears a break overnight. Carefully remove earrings and allow the holes to breathe. I know, I know, you worked hard for that piercing! Don’t worry, just be extra gentle sliding them back in the morning.

However you choose to sleep, don’t neglect cleaning time. Gently wash piercings at night to wash away the day’s grime before it sneaks into those holes! Remember, a clean piercing is a happy piercing.

Healing ear piercings is a marathon, not a sprint. With some TLC and smart jewelry choices for bedtime, you’ll be rocking your awesome new look in no time! Sleep well, friend.

Tip 5: Follow a Healing Schedule

I know those new ear piercings look oh-so-cute! But healing happens in phases, my friend. Here’s a handy schedule to help you adjust your piercing care routine for successful sleeping and healing.

For the first 3-4 weeks, treat the area extra gently. Clean carefully, avoid sleeping on that side, and wear only lightweight studs to bed. After a month, swelling and pain should improve. You can switch to larger earrings, but continue the bedtime cleaning ritual.

Around 2 months in, your piercings should feel less sensitive. Now is a good time to try cuddling your favorite pillow again. But if you feel any new ache or tugging, back off and give it more time. Don’t rush things!

If at any point you see signs like excessive redness, discharge or swelling, it’s time to visit your piercer. Don’t try to “tough out” an infection. And don’t remove irritated piercings yourself either. Seek professional help right away.

With some patience and TLC, you’ll have perfectly healed piercings in about 6 months. Listen to your body, adjust care as needed, and sleep well knowing those holes are healing happily! You’ve got this, piercing pal!


There you have it, my friend! My top 5 tips for taking good care of your ear piercings while also getting some zzz’s:

  1. Protect those lobes with pillows or cotton while you slumber. No painful snags!
  2. Snooze on your back or flop over to the non-pierced side. Save the tugging and pulling for when they’re healed.
  3. Clean piercings thoroughly before bed so gunk doesn’t sneak in as you sleep. A little soap and water keeps infection away!
  4. Opt for comfy earrings, or even go jewel-free at night. Wake up feeling fresh!
  5. Adjust your care routine as the piercing progresses through the healing phases. Be patient and listen to your body.

Following this advice will help you sail smoothly through the healing process. Before you know it, your stylish new piercings will be healed and ready to show off.

For now, be gentle with your ears and pamper those piercings. Pleasant dreams and happy healing! This piercing pal is cheering you on.

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