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How to Hide Ear Piercings

How to Hide Ear Piercings: 10 Sneaky Tricks

How to hide ear piercings without taking them out? Here are 10 sneaky tricks that will help you keep your piercings under wraps.

How to Hide Ear Piercings?

Pierced ears have blown up over the last few decades. It seems like everyone and their mom has some kind of ear piercing these days. Studs, hoops, industrial piercings – you name it. They’ve become such a popular way to decorate their bodies and show off their personal styles.

But even though pierced ears are pretty mainstream now, not everyone thinks they’re so cool. More old-fashioned places still look down on them.

Schools, for example. Many schools still ban students AND teachers from having piercings. They think piercings “distract from learning” or look “unprofessional”. Eye roll.

Same with some corporate offices. The super traditional ones still have dress codes that prohibit any piercings, even simple studs. It’s seen as unsuitable for the workplace.

And don’t even think about piercings in the military! They are a big no-no for enlisted soldiers, who can’t modify their bodies with tattoos or piercings.

So all these anti-piercing policies mean those of us with pierced ears sometimes have to hide our jewelry. Fancy job interviews, important work presentations, meet-the-parents dinners, black-tie weddings…there are definitely events where piercings may be frowned upon.

We feel pressure to fit into more “mainstream” or conservative environments by covering up our body art. Sure, taking out piercings works. But many of us would rather rock our piercings subtly instead! The hunt for tricks to conceal ear bling in sneaky ways is so on.

This article will explore some sneaky yet simple tricks to help disguise ear piercings when needed. If you’ve ever searched for ways to discreetly cover your ears using phrases like “how to hide ear piercings”, then keep reading for 10 effective methods. From medical tape to jewelry choice, we’ll look at stealthy solutions you can use to conceal piercings without compromising on self-expression or style.

How to Hide Ear Piercings: 10 Sneaky Tricks

#1 Clear Retainers/Spacers

Did you know that clear retainers can help conceal ear piercings? When you need to hide studs or hoops, clear retainers are a great sneaky solution. Made of transparent plastic or glass, they fill the hole left by jewelry. This keeps it open until you can wear accessories again.

Retainers allow your piercings to stay hidden in plain sight. No one will know your ears are pierced! Piercing shops and retailers sell clear retainers that blend with skin. Online stores like Claire’s and BodyCandy carry a variety of discreet brands.

Another benefit is that retainers protect healed piercings from closing up. Simply insert them before interviews, dances, or other situations where you want piercings covered up. Then glam up with jewelry after!

For a totally subtle cover, clear retainers disguise piercings seamlessly. Your unique style stays intact while keeping piercings professional too. Retainers ensure holes remain open and concealment is quick and easy.

Let me know if you have any other questions about discreetly hiding ear piercings. Clear retainers provide a marvelous solution for keeping piercings under wraps in a pinch!

#2 Skinny Earrings

Thin earrings are another sneaky trick that allows piercings to stay visible yet subtly hidden in plain sight. Instead of thick hoops or large studs that draw attention, try delicate styles. Skinny studs or extra fine hoops work especially well.

Thin earrings don’t stand out or raise eyebrows like bolder baubles might. Opt for styles with slim posts or small circlular wires that blend in. Piercing shops stock jewelry from minimalist brands perfect for understated looks.

These slim types of earring fit snug against earlobes, hugging skin closely. From a short distance, casual onlookers won’t even realize your ears are adorned. Your put-together look stays polished while piercings remain on display discreetly.

For formal dances, job interviews or other times when you want jewelry to go unnoticed, tiny earrings do the trick. Your style shines through subtly without diverting focus. With thin luxe studs or fine chains, hiding is a breeze.

Let me know if you need any other suggestions! Unassuming earrings provide a simple solution to conceal piercings in plain sight when a muted look is called for.

#3 Cover with Hair

Growing out your hair provides a natural curtain for covering ears. Whether you let wavy locks fall freely or style a sleek up-do, hair beautifully masks the back area. This allows jewelry or holes to stay out of view.

For guys, even a little longer length along the neck and ears works wonders. A bit of hair gently brushed forward does the job discreetly. On busy days, a simple ball cap or beanie also works well.

Plus side is hair techniques don’t require extra products that bandages or make-up does. A quick brush or hat keeps things simple and clothing or accessories can still shine through.

Hairstyling is low effort, easy to do each morning and blends piercings from sight seamlessly. Whether an interview, event or visiting family, hair saves piercings from scrutiny without fuss.

Let me know if you need any additional tips for subtly disguising piercings! Hair truly provides a natural, effortless barrier for ear adornments on days discreet covering is called for.

#4 Using Bandages

Healing medicated bandages work like a charm for concealing piercings discreetly. These bandages come in natural skin tones, designed not to draw the eye. Typically used for wound care, they’re perfect for ear adornment coverage too!

Gently smooth a narrow strip over just the back of the ear where the piercing is located. These bandages blend seamlessly, leaving no visible lines. Unlike basic white wrappings, medicated varieties match various skin shades for hidden protection.

An advantage is that bandages are simple to apply. No messy creams or effort needed. Just peel and place for fast coverage. Unlike opaque options, medicated varieties disappear visually while keeping areas shielded. No one will ever suspect ears are pierced underneath!

For important occasions like job interviews, family events or anything requiring a polished look, medicated bandages save the day. Piercings stay intact yet invisible with this subtle trick. Your outfit or updo stays the focus instead.

Let me know if you need any other tips for cleverly disguising ear piercings during times discreteness is key. Medicated bandages subtly do the trick every time.

#5 Skin Toned Matching Dots

Did you know you can use small skin colored stickers to cover up pierced ears? Cosmetic stores sell sticker dots that match different skin tones. These are perfect for hiding holes from piercings.

The dots are tiny circles that blend into your skin very well. Just put one over the back of the ear where the piercing is. Stick it on so it fills the hole. From far away, no one can tell your ears were pierced!

Stickers stay in place all day without falling off like tape or bandages might. And you don’t need messy cream or lots of steps like some covers. Stickers are quick to use and blend ears away fast.

At parties, job meetings or family times, dots hide piercings so your ears just look normal. No one knows! Later, you can take the dots off to show your jewelry again when you want.

Dots make concealing piercings easy anytime you need to cover up. Skin matched options disguise ear holes like magic. Let me know if you have other questions!

#6 Fashion Tape

Have you heard of skin tape? It’s like medical tape but made special for your face and body. Skin tape comes in different skin colors so it’s hard to see.

This tape is perfect for covering up ear piercings because it blends in so well. Just cut or tear off a small piece and place it directly over the hole from the piercing. Press it down so it sticks tightly.

Skin tape is stretchy so it doesn’t pull your ear. And because it’s see-through, no one can tell you have tape on! The tape seals the piercing hole and jewellery underneath so no one knows.

At school dances, job talks or family times, tape hides piercings with no trouble. And removing it is easy – no pain like with bandages. Tape is cheap to buy at stores too.

Tape makes disguising piercings simple anytime you must cover up. Its clear color fools eyes so your ears just look bare. Tape triclk keeps piercings secret without much work.

#7 Scar Treatment Products

Another way to hide ear piercings is scar creams These skin products help fade scars and make them less noticeable. Some scar gels and lotions come in different skin colors too.

Scar treatments that match your skin tone work great for disguising ear piercings. Just dab a tiny bit onto the back of the ear over the piercing holes. Rub it in so the cream blends in with your skin.

With scar cream, no one can tell your ears are pierced from far away! The cream fills holes and jewelry stays hidden. Better yet, cream rubs in clear without leftover marks like tape can leave.

At important events, interviews or family times, scar treatment conceals piercings with no fuss. Later wash ears to remove cream and show your jewelry again. Finding skin toned creams makes covering piercings a breeze.

Scar products provide an easy, natural solution for hiding ears when needed. Their color disappears into skin like magic. Try scar creams as another simple trick!

#8 Small Bandages

Sometimes small bandages for cuts and blisters come in handy too! Little bandages like these also come in different skin shades.

These tiny bandages are perfect for covering piercings because they are so small. Just smooth one carefully over the back of the hole on your ear.

Small bandages blend into your skin very well. From far away no one can even tell you have something on your ear. The bandage seals over the piercing spot.

At job meetings or parties, little bandages conceal holes without anyone knowing. Later you can take them off for your jewelry. Bandages stick well too, so they don’t fall off like some covers.

Try small bandages meant for fingers or toes – their size hides piercings while the skin colors match your tone. Little bandages provide an easy solution anytime you must disguise pierced ears. Let me know if you have other questions!

#9 Concealer Makeup

Concealer can also help hide ear piercings when used right. Concealer comes in different skin colors just like foundation.

To use concealer, take a small amount and blend it into the skin on the back of your ear, over the piercing holes. Rub it in well with your finger so the concealer disappears.

From far away, no one can see concealer blended in like this. It fills the piercing spots and masks any holes or jewelry. Concealer works better than some things that can leave marks like liquid bandages.

Give your skin a little powder over the concealer to set it. Then piercings are completely hidden all day! Later, just wipe ears with makeup remover to bare skin again.

Concealer provides an easy makeup solution if you need piercings covered up fast. Like magic it makes ears look normal without shine or lines from remover products. Give it a try – concealer disguise is simple!

#10 Avoid Drawing Attention to Ears

Sometimes the best way is to not draw attention to your ears at all! When you need piercings covered, keep hair hanging down around your face. Don’t tie up hair or wear it back.

This lets hair naturally fall in front of ears to cover any holes or jewelry behind. No one looks too closely at spots you can’t see anyway.

Hats are helpful in hiding ears too. Try a baseball cap or big scarf if its cold. These things draw eyes elsewhere instead of ears.

At interviews or family events, you want focus on smiles and words, not your piercings. By hiding ears in plain sight with hair or hats, piercings stay secret without difficult covers.

This final trick lets you disguise ears without messy creams or things to remove later. Simple covering keeps piercings covered while saving time and steps too. Give it a try!


In this article, I shared many easy tricks to conceal ear piercings when needed. From bandages to makeup, small accessories and hairstyles, there are simple solutions.

Some quick tips are using clear jewelry disks, tape, tiny bandages or creams that blend in. Thin stud earrings or stickers can also disguise holes easily.

Growing hair out or wearing hats naturally shields ears from view too without extra items. Even just keeping locks down draws eyes elsewhere.

While piercings let you express style, sometimes cover ups are needed. Now you know sneaky techniques to keep piercings intact for work or school events. The right makeup, medical tape or scar cream hides holes perfectly.

I hope sharing these easy tricks helps you feel comfortable enjoying piercings while keeping them discreet for important times too. Let me know if any other covering questions come up! Thank you for reading.

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