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Double Sided Nose Piercing

Double Sided Nose Piercing – The Hottest New Piercing Trend

Piercings have been all the rage lately, with edgier styles like double sided nose piercings gaining steam. You have probably noticed fashionistas and influencers rocking those chic twin nostril sparkles all over Instagram. I know I have spent hours admiring their curated looks!

From what I have seen, a double sided nose piercing involves getting both nostrils pierced, usually in a symmetrical pattern. The jewelry sits on either side of the nose, creating such a striking statement. Edgy yet delicate vibes!

My friend Taylor recently took the plunge on her own double sided nose piercing. We could not stop gushing over how cool her twin studs appeared! She grinned saying the new bling helped express her funky personality.

Seeing Taylor’s fresh double nose piercing opposite sides in person convinced me – this trend is absolutely fire and I need to hop on board soon. The symmetry of matched piercings seems so aesthetically pleasing yet bold. I am obsessed!

Beyond looking trendy, facial piercings like these allow a creative outlet for self-expression through accessorizing. With a double sided nose situation, you can mix and match endless jewelry combinations to personalize the look. Pure artistry!

After researching double sided nose piercing aftercare and jewelry options, I better understand the appeal. This is not your grandma’s subtle single nostril stud anymore. It is an edgy way for young people to flaunt their individuality while staying on trend. I cannot wait to take my look up a notch!

What is a Double Sided Nose Piercing?

So what exactly defines this double sided nose piercing trend that’s been catching my eye everywhere? Put simply, it means having both of your nostrils pierced – one on the left side, one on the right. Creating that symmetrical twin look!

Many people initially confuse a double sided nose piercing with the more common single nostril piercing we have all seen before. But having those two separate holes, one on each side of the nose, is what makes these piercings so distinctive and eye-catching.

The positioning of a double nose piercing can vary slightly depending on the individual’s nose shape and facial structure. However, most opt to have the holes pierced along the crease outline of their nostrils. This forward-facing placement really allows the jewelry to be showcased front and center.

Some people even get their double sided nose piercings positioned intentionally asymmetrical on each nostril for an edgier, mismatched vibe. But the most popular style seems to be that more uniform, mirrored double piercing look – almost like adorable twin nostrils!

For those already rocking a single nostril piercing, a double sided version creates that cool, subtle sense of symmetry and balance. Adding one hole on the opposite side elevates the overall aesthetic while still feeling sleek. This double nose piercing opposite sides approach seems to be having a major moment.

Whether getting them done simultaneously or adding a second hole, double sided nose piercings make such a trendy statement. They have that subtle edginess that facial piercings tend to evoke while remaining chic and delicate. No hoop rings or dramatic barbells needed!

When I picture someone with an awesome double sided nose piercing, I imagine them as a free spirit – artistic, unique, and unafraid to accessorize boldly. These piercings allow you to get creative with your look while turning your nose into a stylish masterpiece! I am 100% on board.

The Rise of Trendy Nose Piercings

Nose piercings have seriously surged in popularity over the last several years. While they have existed for centuries across many cultures, recently they have transitioned into a huge fashion trend – especially edgier styles like the double sided nose piercing.

You can partly thank celebrities and influencers for fueling this piercing phenomenon. Stars like Zoe Kravitz, Bella Hadid and Rihanna helped bring nose rings and studs into the mainstream spotlight. Seeing A-listers decked out in curated nose bling made the rest of us ladies eager to accessorize our faces too!

But the rise of trendy nose piercings also reflects a bigger cultural shift towards individualism and self-expression through personal style. People are moving away from bland conformity. Instead, they crave opportunities to customize their look in creative, eye-catching ways. Enter the edgy and rad world of multiple nose piercings!

A chic yet subtle double sided nose piercing stands out in a crowd without going over-the-top. Whereas big gauge ear tunnels or facial dermals read as very extreme, twin nostril sparkles just register as fun and fashionable. There is a delicateness to the petite gems that feels accessible even for jewelry novices.

You can also interpret the recent nose piercing meaning on left or right differently based on the symbology. Many traditions view nostril piercings as coming-of-age markers, channels for positive energy flow, or symbols of fertility and creativity. No wonder self-aware millennials and Gen-Zers gravitate toward them!

Beyond just following the latest beauty craze, multiple nose piercings allow wearers to get innovative when self-accessorizing. Many view their piercings as a blank canvas for creative, ever-changing self-expression. That could mean rocking a delicate chain between nostrils one day, or swapping out the studs for vibrant gemstone charms the next.

Options like the double sided nose piercing put fashionistas in the driver’s seat of curating their total look from head to…well, nose! As someone who is always prized individualism and artistry, this trendy piercing style speaks directly to my soul. I cannot wait to acquire my own!

Jewelry Options for Double Pierced Noses

One of the most exciting aspects of getting a trendy double sided nose piercing? The endless jewelry options to decorate your fresh bling! Jewelers know piercing enthusiasts crave variety – we are always hunting for unique pieces to curate our signature look.

For a classic yet edgy double sided nose piercing vibe, I am naturally drawn towards delicate hoop rings. Think two simple, snug rose gold hoops hugging each nostril in perfect symmetry. So sleek and cool! Hoop sizes range from petite huggers to medium gauges with a little swing.

Of course, you cannot go wrong sticking with the timeless nose stud either when double piercing. A twinning pair of diamond noses studs flanking each side feels glamorous yet understated. And colored gemstone options like rubies or sapphires allow pops of personality too.

I have also noticed double pierced cuties playing with charms and pendants for an almost “endless” nose ring effect. Imagine two chains draping from nostril to nostril, connected by a tiny bar or gemstone accent in the middle. Such a dainty, unique take on the double sided piercing trend!

Another route that gives me major style envy? Mixing multiple jewelry types together. Like combining a hoop on one side with a stud on the other. Or alternating delicate chains and gem clusters. Do not be afraid to get creative putting together mismatched yet complementary pieces. There are no rules!

For those wanting a bolder, more dramatic aesthetic, consider double sided piercings using larger gauge rings or edgy spike accents. Snake bite designs wrapping both nostrils in chains and hoops achieve that punky, alternative look. Who says facial piercings have to be subtle?

And of course, no double pierced jewelry discussion is complete without mentioning mixed metals. Rose gold and yellow gold combos create such beautiful warmth. While bright sterling silver or white gold feels fresh and modern when contrasting darker metal accents.

No matter which jewelry route you take for decorating your double sided pricings, do not forget to invest in high quality materials! Factors like hypoallergenic posts, genuine gemstones, and nickel-free metals can help prevent irritation or reactions over time. Safety first always with new piercings!

Piercing Process and Aftercare

So you have decided to hop on the double sided nose piercing train – how exciting! Before embarking on this trendy piercing journey, it is wise to prepare properly. Let’s cover what to expect when getting your dual nostril piercings, plus tips for smooth and safe aftercare.

First things first, do plenty of research to find a reputable piercing shop and experienced professional piercer in your area. Do not just walk into any random place – with double nose jobs, you want someone who really knows their stuff. Read reviews and get friend referrals if possible.

Once at your piercing appointment, the process itself is pretty quick! But do expect some discomfort and pinching sensations as two needles are pushed through your nostril cartilage. For me, it felt like hard pinches than lingered briefly. Deep breaths helped!

After your double sided nose piercing is complete, thorough aftercare becomes crucial for preventing nasty infections or rejections. Your piercer will provide full care instructions to follow. But key steps include using sterile saline rinses 1-2 times per day and avoiding touching the fresh piercings unnecessarily.

In those first few weeks, you will likely experience some swelling, redness and tenderness around the double piercing sites as they start healing. That’s all totally normal! As is developing unsightly crusties from lymph fluid leaking out. Do not pick them off – let the crusties fall away naturally. Your job is keeping the area clean without disturbing those healing holes.

Activities that risk bacteria being introduced to the open piercings should be avoided initially too. That means skipping things like pools, lakes, and even baths until your double piercer gives you the green light. Showers are okay as long as you do not directly spray the fresh holes. Better safe than sorry during this delicate phase!

Hands down, the most challenging part of double sided nose piercing aftercare is resisting the urge to constantly touch or play with those shiny new studs! Fiddling with the jewelry will only prolong healing. My trick was coating my fingernails in bad-tasting polish to deter myself.

Provided you diligently follow all the aftercare protocols from your piercer, you will likely see those nostril holes closing up nicely within around 4-6 months. Then the real jewelry fun begins! Just ride out that first healing stretch carefully and your double sides will be thriving in no time.

Double Piercing Healing Timeline

Now that I am fresh off getting my brand new double sided nose piercing, I am all too aware of the recovery road ahead. Healing multiple piercings at once requires diligence and patience – a test of willpower for sure! But knowing what to expect during the healing timeline helps mentally prepare.

From talking to my piercer, the general healing period for a double sided nose piercing typically falls anywhere between 4 to 12 months total. That is a pretty wide range! But she explained everyone’s bodies heal at differing paces depending on lots of factors.

Those first few weeks after my double piercing felt pretty intense, not gonna lie. The initial swelling made my nose almost unrecognizable – just two red lumps on my face! I looked like a prizefighter. My piercer warned me this inflammatory stage was normal and would soon subside.

Once the puffiness started calming down after about 10 days, I entered the “crusty” phase that everyone dreads. Gross little scabby bumps formed around my studs as lymph fluids drained out. Definitely not cute! But a quick sterile saline spray left the area clean without irritating the healing holes further.

Around the 1-month mark, the worst of that early swelling and crustiness finally faded away. My double piercings no longer looked so angry! This milestone felt like the light at the end of the tunnel. From here on out, I just had to remain diligent with my saline rinses.

About 6-8 weeks post double sided nose piercing, my holes seemed fairly settled. Any lingering crustiness cleared up. And my piercer said the time was ideal to downsize from those bulky starter studs to dainty jewelry more befitting my tiny nose. Such an exciting moment!

As I hit the 3-month marker, my double piercings entered what I call the “forgetful” stage of healing. They felt so incorporated into my face already, I often forgot they were even there! Zero issues like tenderness or bumps. My nose had finally adjusted to its fresh residents.

Of course, even now at 4 months out, my double nose piercings still require that same daily saline cleaning routine to strengthen the fistula channels and avoid potential hiccups or delayed healing. But according to my piercer, I am on track for those babies being 100% fully healed around the 9-12 month completion window. Then unlimited jewelry swaps here I come!

Double Sided Nose Piercing Pros and Cons

Like any trendy new piercing style, getting a double sided nose piercing comes with its own set of unique pros and cons to consider carefully. On the plus side, these twin nostril sparklers make such a chic, eye-catching statement! But the cons around pain, healing time, and potential jewelry hassles cannot be ignored either. As someone obsessed with self-expression through accessories, I have been doing my research to weigh the costs and benefits. Here’s my take on the major pros and cons of the double sided nose piercing trend!

Pro: The Symmetry is So Aesthetically Pleasing

Arguably the biggest appeal of a double sided nose piercing has to be that undeniably cool mirror image look it creates. Having those matched piercings on either side just seems so aesthetically pleasing, like built-in face framing bling! The symmetry gives off a sleek, balanced vibe that really elevates your overall look. With a subtle edginess too, of course.

Con: Double The Pain (And Aftercare)

Of course, opting for not just one but two nostril piercings at the same time means double the pain and extended healing time to endure too. I have heard those first few weeks of swelling, crustiness, and general tenderness around fresh holes can feel pretty miserable when doubled up like that. Not to mention the commitment of diligent aftercare needed – saline rinses, avoiding harsh products, readjusting your entire routine for months is no joke!

Pro: Self-Expression and Creativity

Beyond just looking trendy, a double sided nose piercing allows for so much creativity in self-expression. Having dual spots to decorate means you can mix and match endless jewelry combinations to craft a totally personalized look. Go matchy-matchy glam with double diamond studs one day, then mismatched funk with a gemstone hoop and spike stud combo the next. The options feel limitless for artistic types!

Con: Potential For Rejection, Scarring or Infection

Unfortunately, any time you undergo a facial piercing you do run some risk of complications like piercings fully rejecting or leaving unsightly scarring. And by having two separate holes so close together, the chances of irritation, infection or rejection may be higher for double sided nose piercings versus a single nostril version. Seasoned piercers always emphasize proper aftercare to mitigate these risks, but they cannot be eliminated fully.

Pro: Subtle Edginess Done Right

Let’s be honest: double sided nose piercings just look so effortlessly cool! They have that slight edge and punk feel that face piercings often evoke. But at the same time, the twinning nostril sparkles maintain an undeniable delicateness too that makes them trendy yet approachable. For those wanting a subtle way to appear more edgy and fashion forward, these piercings really nail it.

Con: Jewelry Limitations and Costs

Another potential con with double sided nose piercings comes down to the jewelry itself – both practical limitations and financial commitments. Since nostril piercing holes tend to be quite small, your jewelry options get restricted compared to ear piercings. Too heavy or bulky and you risk the pieces pulling uncomfortably. And of course, having twice as many holes to decorate means splurging on double the accessories over time.

At the end of the day, as with any tasty new piercing trend that catches my eye, there is certainly a lot to mull over before taking the double sided plunge. The high-fashion look and creative potential definitely beckons. But the very real discomforts of repeated piercings and long recovery cannot be overlooked either. For a total piercing junkie like myself though, a few temporary cons likely won’t deter me from eventually joining the double sided nose crew!

Recap – Double Sided Nose Piercing

The double sided nose piercing trend has been rapidly gaining popularity, especially among fashion-forward youth looking for creative ways to express their individuality. As the name implies, this style involves getting both nostrils pierced, usually in a symmetrical pattern with matching jewelry on either side. The result is a delicate yet edgy look that allows for a lot of styling options and self-expression.

The aesthetic appeal of the double sided nose piercing is one of the biggest draws. The symmetry and balanced look created by having twin sparkles framing the nose is undeniably chic and eye-catching. Celebs and influencers have helped propel this trend into the mainstream as people seek opportunities to curate unique, statement-making looks.

However, getting a double nose piercing is not without its drawbacks. Having two holes means double the pain, swelling, and healing time compared to a single nostril piercing. The recovery process can be extensive, requiring diligent aftercare for 6-12 months to prevent infection or rejection. There are also potential limitations when it comes to jewelry choices and costs for decorating the piercings.

Despite the cons, proponents of the double piercing love the creative outlet it allows through mixing and matching different jewelry pieces. The options feel endless whether you want a matchy-matchy glam look or a more eclectic, mismatched aesthetic. Pulling off the subtle edginess of twin nose sparkles is also a major appeal.

Ultimately, deciding whether to get a double sided nose piercing comes down to weighing the pros and cons. The commitment to a long healing process and potential for complications has to be balanced against the ability to creatively adorn one’s face with trendy, eye-catching jewelry. For those drawn to self-expression through accessories, the double piercing can be well worth the temporary discomforts.

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