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Double Nose Piercing Opposite Sides

Double Nose Piercing Opposite Sides – Embrace Your Edgy Side

Nose piercings keep intriguing me lately, especially the edgier double nose piercing opposite sides trend. I already have one cute little nose stud on my left nostril. But lately I have pondered getting a second piercing on the right to complete the look. The symmetry of double nose piercings on opposite sides seems so artsy and fun!

When I first saw photos of a double nose piercing opposite sides online, I was mesmerized. The sparkle of gems on both nostrils creates such an eye-catching facial accessory. I love how you can style two nose piercings on each side as identical twins or fraternal twins with different studs. So many options!

The mix of edgy yet feminine vibe with double nose piercings really speaks to me. It is almost like permanently wearing delicate nose chain jewelry connecting both sides. I feel like double piercings would complement my nose shape beautifully. And express my inner rebel!

Of course, I will need to research the aftercare diligently before committing to a second hole. But from what I understand, the nose piercing healing process is pretty straightforward with simple daily cleaning. I already conquered that once with my existing jewelry.

I am excited at the prospect of curating my own unique double nose piercing opposite sides look. Maybe I will do twin diamonds, or twin hoops, or one stud + one hoop. The style possibilities for this edgy piercing trend seem endless! I canot wait to embrace my inner boldness.

Double Nose Piercing Basics

Clearly I am captivated by the double nose piercing opposite sides look! But before rushing off to get a second nose hole punched, I should learn the basics. It is an exciting commitment that requires planning and care. Time for Piercing 101.

First things first – what exactly constitutes “double nose piercings”? Simply put, it is having two piercings, one in each nostril. This creates a fun symmetrical or asymmetrical facial accent. The key is strategically placing each piercing to complement your features.

When considering double nose piercings opposite sides, placement is everything! You want balance and proper angles that flatter your proportions. Typically one piercing goes in the crease of each nostril. But an experienced piercer can fine tune position specifics for your nose shape.

Many double nose piercing fans coordinate their new bling with existing ear piercings too. For a trendy look, pair double nostrils with a cartilage or helix ear piercing. You can even attach a delicate chain between the nose and ear jewelry! So many options.

Another big decision is choosing matching or mismatched jewelry once the double nose piercings heal. Twinsies with two petite studs or hoops provides that satisfying symmetry. But mixing metals, gems and shapes allows custom combos that express your personal style!

During the double nose piercing healing period, sticking with basic starter studs in both nostrils is wise. Then after 6-12 months when fully mended, the jewelry fun begins! I love imagining creating my own signature double piercing look someday.

Of course, not everyone’s face shape suits the double nose trend equally. In general, those with wider nose bridges or rounded tip profiles tend to pull off balanced double piercings most easily. But consult a piercing pro to be sure it works with your proportions.

Above all, properly caring for new double nose piercings on opposite sides takes diligence and patience. Two healing holes require extra attention to cleansing and protecting from irritation or infection. But the results can be so worth it!

I feel much more educated now on what this double nose piercing opposite sides journey entails. While not a quick decision, embracing this edgier pierced look ultimately allows me to express myself through artful accessories. I am ready to take the plunge!

Double Piercing Styles to Try

When I envision getting double nose piercings on opposite sides someday, the jewelry possibilities get me so excited! Once my double nose holes heal, I can finally play around with cool combos and make those piercings my own.

One simple double nose style I love is pairing two petite hoops – one in each nostril. The matching shine gives such a cute, artsy vibe! Hoops range from snug rings that hug the nostril rim to looser hoops that hang a bit lower. I think fitted hoops would be super flattering.

Of course, mixing up the jewelry is popular too. Many people rock a hoop on one side and a stud on the other for their double nose piercing opposite sides look. This asymmetry amps up the edge! And it allows showcasing stones in the stud like an opal or sapphire.

Jewelry stores also sell adorable nose chains that lightly connect two nose piercings. Imagine a fine gold or silver chain loop crossing your nose bridge like a delicate headband. How gorgeous would that be on a night out?! Definitely a showstopper double nose style.

Playing with different metals is another way to make double piercings pop. Instead of twin diamonds, try one white gold and one rose gold stud. Or alternate silver and gold hoops. Mixing metals creates so much depth and dimension! Perfect for those seeking a boho vibe.

For sentimental folks, I came across double nose ideas using engraved initial charms or birthstones. Many shops can customize the metal charm hanging from your jewelry. Add your loved one’s initials, your child’s birthstone, or other special shapes like hearts or stars. So meaningful!

No matter what jewelry vibe speaks to you, the options are endless once you embrace the double nose piercing opposite sides club. Whether you want understated and delicate or bold and dazzling, the combos out there to mix and match are incredible! This will be so fun to curate my own style.

The best part is being able to evolve my look over time as my mood and outfits change. Transitioning from dramatic diamonds to funky hoops gives me piercing freedom! Let your creative spirit run wild. Nobody else will have jewels just like yours.

Aftercare for New Double Piercings

Okay, getting my double nose piercing opposite sides was so exciting! I love my new matching studs. But now the critical aftercare begins to help these babies heal properly. Taking good care of my double piercings will ensure they close up healthy and happy.

The number one aftercare rule from my piercer: spray saline solution on the double nose piercings 2x per day. This is so important to keep the holes clean and free of bacteria while healing. I just spritz the saline mist on my cotton pad and gently clean the area. Easy!

Sleeping comfortably with new piercings can be tricky. Regular pillows apply too much pressure and irritation overnight. So I got a special donut-shaped travel pillow that takes pressure off my nose! Now I can rest without worrying about bothering my double bling.

Resisting the urge to touch, twist or mess with my new jewelry is hard but essential! Even though the double nose piercings look so cute, excessive touching will transfer dirt and oils. I do not want to trap any bacteria or slow the healing. Hands off!

My piercer said no swimming or contact activities for at least a few months. That helps minimize the risk of irritation and infection in the fresh holes. Once my double piercings fully close up after 6-12 months, then I can swim freely without worry. Patience!

Around 4-6 weeks after getting my double nose piercing opposite sides, I can swap the long starter studs for shorter ones. This “downsizing” allows for more natural movement and alignment as the piercings finish healing internally. The pros know best!

If I notice any persistent redness, swelling, seeping or other issues around the double piercing site, I will see my piercer. They can assess for potential infection and proper next steps. But so far so good! Just a bit of expected tenderness on day one.

With attentive daily double nose aftercare, I am confident my new edgy piercings will heal beautifully. In a few months, I cannot wait to decorate them with cool earrings and chain connectors. But for now, it is all about TLC and babying these holes!

Healing Time and Process

I absolutely love my new double nose piercing opposite sides look! But now for the impatient part – waiting for these double piercings to fully heal and close up. Knowing what to expect during a typical nose piercing healing time will help me stay diligent in aftercare.

The internet says average healing time for nose piercing is about 6-9 months. But my piercer told me to plan for a full 12 months before changing jewelry in my double nose piercings. Everyone heals differently! There is no harm in waiting until I am absolutely sure it is ready.

In the first couple weeks, it is normal to have some swelling, redness and tenderness around the double nose piercing. I am still experiencing that but spraying saline solution and avoiding touching the area helps minimize irritation. Just part of the process!

I read that tiny crusties and drainage around the piercing for the first several months is also very common as the nose heals. As long as I keep both piercing holes clean, this is merely a sign of progress – that liquid is removing debris so new skin can form. No need to pick or scrape it away!

By months 3-6, the double nose piercing opposite sides sites should start feeling less sensitive. The nose has thickened and closed up more internally by then. I look forward to hitting that milestone and ditching the donut pillow! Sleeping normally again will be amazing.

Around 6-9 months in is when my piercer will assess the double nose piercings to see if they seems sufficiently healed for jewelry changing. If the holes have sealed evenly without complications, I will get approved to gently swap out my starter studs. Freedom!

Until then, I have to be extra careful not to pull on my double nose jewelry or let any crusties build up. It is so tempting to fiddle with the sparkly studs! But protecting the healing holes inside will make them stronger in the long run.

Overall, I am prepared to diligently care for these fresh piercings for a year until fully mended. Taking it slow and steady will result in successfully-healed double nose bling I can decorate for years to come! Patience is key.

Pros and Cons of Double Nose Piercings

Now that I have taken the plunge and gotten my own double nose piercing opposite sides, it’s fun to reflect on the decision. Like most bold choices, it comes with both advantageous upsides and practical downsides. Let’s explore the main pros and cons I have discovered so far of having double nose piercings.

Starting with the aesthetic pros, I love how these double studs make me feel – edgy and artistic! They add just the right amount of flair and edge to express my personal style. I find myself admiring my sparkly nose accent every time I look in the mirror. It’s so me!

Another pro is the fun symmetry and balance double piercings can create on the face when carefully placed. Mine are positioned to complement my nostril shape and nose width. Hooray for getting to decorate my features with beautiful, meaningful details!

I also appreciate how double nose piercings allow me to get creative mixing and matching jewelry for different looks. One day I will rock delicate twin crystals, the next I will wear one hoop and one stud. So many dazzling options to transform any outfit!

As for cons, the main annoyance is that fresh double nose piercings require diligent aftercare. Twice-daily saline cleansing plus avoiding messing with the studs takes effort and patience. But establishing those good healing habits now means I will get to enjoy my piercings for years.

The double piercing process also involves more risk and cost compared to a single hole. There’s additional chances for infection or scarring with two wounds instead of one. And of course double the earrings and jewelry to purchase. Gotta budget accordingly!

Another potential double nose piercing con is visibility if you ever remove them. Unlike earlobe piercings, nose holes do not close up completely if left empty for long periods. So faint marks may remain visible unless the holes fully seal. Something to consider.

Additionally, nose piercings can sometimes conflict with career fields that limit facial jewelry on employees. It helps to check your workplace handbook. But double nose bling is not for everyone – depends on your professional environment.

Despite a bit more care and risks, to me the pros of indulging my edgy side with these artistic double piercings outweigh any cons. They make me so happy every time I spot that twin nose twinkle! And is not that feeling what life is all about? No regrets on my new look.

Recap – Double Nose Piercing Opposite Sides

Getting my new double nose piercing opposite sides has been such an adventure already! Even though the piercer made it quick and easy, it is a big move and commitment. Looking back, I am so glad I took the leap to embrace this edgy pierced style.

Decorating both nostrils with sparkling studs has exceeded my expectations for boosting self-confidence. Every glance in the mirror makes me smile seeing that striking yet delicate facial accessory. I feel beautiful in a unique way. My outside reflects my funky inside!

Of course, rocking double nose piercings opposite sides is not for the faint of heart. Proper placement and attentive aftercare are musts. Thankfully the cleaning routine has become second nature already. I am committed to following my piercer’s instructions so these double holes heal happily.

The most fun part has been imagining all the jewelry combinations in my future once healed! Mixing metals, shapes and sizes will let me curate so many customized double nose looks. Switching between petite gems and edgy hoops suits any outfit or occasion.

If you already love nose piercings but crave even more edge, I highly recommend considering the double nose piercing opposite sides trend. Start educating yourself on the process, costs and care. As long as you find an experienced piercer, you will be decked out in gorgeous nostril bling in no time!

Just take the plunge – you only live once! Expressing yourself through sparkly nose jewelry is such a confidence boost. And the sense of balance from twin piercings is so aesthetically pleasing. Upgrade your facial décor and embrace your inner rebel today. You got this!

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