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Different Lip Piercing Names - Types of Lip Piercings

Different Lip Piercing Names – All 16 Types of Lip Piercings

Lip piercings have exploded in popularity in recent years. There are now so many creative options for decorating your pout. From a single delicate stud to a daring double piercing, lip bling allows self-expression and transforms your look. However, with so many different types of piercings available, it can get confusing understanding all the names and terminology.

This article will provide a comprehensive overview of 16 different lip piercing names to know. First, let’s discuss what lip piercings are all about. A lip piercing involves puncturing the skin of the mouth, lips or surrounding area in order to insert jewelry. Most piercings are done using a needle, although some piercers will use jewelry guns. The jewelry keeps the piercing open during the healing process which usually takes 4-12 weeks. Proper aftercare is crucial during this period.

Now that you know the basics, let’s delve into the different types and locations lip piercings. There are piercings that adorn the upper lip and lower lip along with more unique inner mouth and gum piercings. You can get one solitary piercing for an understated look or get several done bilaterally for maximum impact. From labret and vertical labret to snakebites and angel bites, this guide covers all the trendy piercing names and spots. You will also learn crucial care instructions, possible risks and the best jewelry shapes for each piercing type on the list.

By the time you reach the conclusion, you will be a pro on piercing terminology for the 16 most popular lip piercing names and variations. Your knowledge will empower you to select the right lip adornments to beautifully accent your mouth. So if you are considering getting pierced or just curious about the variety of options, read on!

Different Lip Piercing Names – All Types of Lip Piercings

#1 Labret Piercing

The labret piercing is one of the most popular and versatile lip piercing types. As you are learning about the range of different lip piercing names, you will notice that the labret keeps popping up over and over. What defines a labret? Essentially, it is a piercing that is centered below the lower lip above the chin.

The main appeal of the classic labret piercing is that it is subtle and delicate looking. A tiny stud placed right under that pretty pout draws attention without being overstated. At the same time, you have options to change up your look over time. A labret stud can easily be swapped for an edgy hoop or sparkly gem once healed.

When it comes to placement, the sky’s the limit! You can pierce dead center under your lower lip for balance. Or go bold by shifting placement to one side or the other for an asymmetric look. An off-center labret is often called a lowbret instead. No rules – embrace what speaks to your personal style!

Just note that because a labret sits right on delicate lip skin, you do need to be diligent with aftercare. Gently cleanse twice daily using saline spray and avoid irritants. Be patient as swelling and tenderness can last for several weeks post-piercing. Do not change jewelry too soon and replace with high-quality metals.

Caring for your new piercing properly ensures healthy healing and the longest-lasting hole placement. The versatility of the basic labret also allows you lots of room to get creative. Not only can you change studs but you can stack multiple labret piercings down your chin line too for an edgy look!

So whether you adore the delicate impact of a centered lower lip piercing or want to combine several labrets, placements are plentiful! Of all the different lip piercing names, labrets are some of the prettiest and most artistic options.

#2 Vertical Labret Piercing

If you want a piercing that makes a bold visual statement, the vertical labret should be at the top of your list of different lip piercing names. As the name indicates, this one involves a single long piercing that travels through both your upper and lower lips.

A vertical labret uses one piece of jewelry, usually a barbell or a spike, angling down through the delicate lip skin. The visual impact? Striking and almost vampiric! This piercing seems to hint at fangs underscoring its edgy vibe.

Placement is also part of what sets it apart. While a traditional labret punctures just the lower lip, a vertical labret piercing enters right below your cupid’s bow at the centered crest of your upper lip. It then exits below, framing your lower lip in metal.

Healing and aftercare is very similar to a labret. You can expect swelling, discharge and tenderness for several weeks after the piercing. Be very gentle cleaning twice daily with saline solution. Change jewelry conservatively as movement risks irritating the long piercing while it mends.

Once healed after 3-4 months, this type of lip piercing responds beautifully to jewelry changes. The long barbell can be swapped for cool spike ends. You can also get creative and wear separate jewelry on the top or bottom holes for a layered look. If you eventually tire of the piercing, vertical labrets often leave minimal scarring.

So if making an ultra stylish statement is your top priority when selecting from popular lip piercing names, take the plunge! Nothing else accents the lips as fiercely as the straight shot of metal driving through a vertical labret. Embrace your inner rebel and turn heads with this on-trend piercing choice.

#3 Medusa Piercing

The medusa piercing is an undeniably edgy choice in the range of different lip piercing names. Named after the mythological creature Medusa, this piercing has a powerful impact! It is placed right under the curve of your philtrum, puncturing the flat strip of skin connecting your upper lip to your nose.

A tiny sparkling stud is the most popular jewelry choice, evoking the embellished appearance of Medusa herself. The stud balances perfectly on the two raised columns of skin flanking your philtrum for a striking look.

While petite, a medusa piercing makes a huge visual statement! That is because the face is naturally such a focal point. Centered above your upper lip, this piercing immediately draws eyes up close. It also happens to be in a bit of a provocative location with the potential for stimulation during intimate moments.

Healing is fairly straightforward as long as you care diligently for the piercing. Use saline spray on the medusa stud twice daily without fail. The biggest risk comes from accidentally bumping the jewelry during the several month healing period. Be extra cautious to avoid irritation and infection. Consider using a soft sticker bandage when doing activities that may cause trauma.

Once healed, this area can accommodate a snug hoop instead of a stud too. You can also potentially stack multiple medusa piercings descending down the philtrum for an extra trendy look! No matter what stylings you choose, the medusa is sure to give you that edgy mythical creature vibe.

So if making a delicately daring facial statement is on your wish list, put the medusa piercing at the top! This glittering puncture winds up big on style despite its miniature size.

#4 Jestrum Piercing

The jestrum piercing is another edgier lip piercing option that pops up commonly on lists of different lip piercing names. True to its playful name, a “jestrum” punctures vertically through your upper lip for a fun, punchy look.

This piercing enters through the top outer part of your upper lip, avoids the actual lip tissue, piercing straight to the bottom portion. Barbells and circular barbells work best, with the latter allowing you to showcase decorative ends.

A jestrum lands squarely on the daring end of facial piercings. Not only is the lip notoriously slow healing, but the jewelry ends sit exposed. You will need to treat swelling gently in the first couple weeks, learning just how delicately to eat and speak. Once healed, be conscientious to not bite or tug the bar during your daily activities.

So why might someone brave potential hassles for this particular piercing? The jaw dropping first impression, of course! That vertical barbell emerging through the cupid’s bow is a real showstopper and conversation piece. It also photographs beautifully, playing up the pout.

If making a visual splash with your piercings rates highly on your wish list, a jestrum delivers. It manages to be cute and rebellious at the same time. For added drama, you can combine it with an ashley piercing too, puncturing at the top of your lower lip.

When it comes to standing out, the jestrum piercing separates itself from the pack of trendy lip punctures. Just brace yourself for a lengthy and gentle healing journey to earn that sparkly barbell bling! Take proper aftercare precautions and this playful lip add-on will bring you joy.

#5 Side labret Piercing

If you find basic labret piercings too commonplace, try an edgier variation – the side labret! Among the spectrum of trendy lip piercing names, the side labret takes the beloved labret up a stylish notch in both form and function.

Like a traditional labret, the side labret targets the lower lip. But instead of a centered puncture, the piercing moves laterally to the left or right corner of the mouth. This off-kilter placement makes this piercing anything but ordinary! It also introduces aesthetic asymmetry, dynamically accenting lips.

The side labret uses the same kind of simple stud sported in most classic labrets. But given the unconventional angle, you can additionally opt for slim hoops and curved barbells too. These contour closely to the mouth for harmony rather than dangling distraction.

Healing and aftercare also mirrors the conventional labret procedure. Use saltwater solution to gently cleanse residue away from the fresh hole site as skin regenerates. Be extra vigilant not to catch jewelry on teeth or tug it talking. Soft, lukewarm foods keep swelling and tenderness to a minimum.

In a manner of months, you can showcase your new shining lip accessory sans issue! Feel free to switch studs to gems with eye-catching glint. Upgrade to hoops for special events too. However you style it, the side labret piercing adds alluring balance of edge and elegance.

So if you crave piercing originality that still flatters, pick the side labret punctuation! This angled lip jewelry infusion promises understated uniqueness. Let beautiful asymmetry take your look to artistic new depths!

#6 Monroe Piercing

The Monroe piercing is a beautiful way to draw attention to your lips with a delicate pop of shine. Named after the iconic actress Marilyn Monroe, this piercing mimics the signature mole that graced her face on either the left or right side.

Of all the different lip piercing names, the Monroe stands out as feminine and flirty. Placement wise, it punctures the upper lip just off center, avoiding the actual lip tissue. A tiny sparkling stud sits nestled right in the crevice beside your cupid’s bow for eye-catching yet graceful style.

Unlike some bolder lip piercings, the Monroe heals fairly easily if proper aftercare is followed. Be extremely gentle cleansing the area for 6-8 weeks and avoid any trauma that would unsettle the stud. Once healed, you should not have issues with this dainty facial piercing interfering with daily activities.

Beyond just straight studs, the Monroe piercing today accommodates hoops and even charms too for added jazz. Monroe fans also sometimes double up with two studs for symmetry. If done thoughtfully, this enhancements bring out the beauty of your lip shape versus overpowering your face.

Ultimately Monroe piercings remain more sweet than severe. The tender placement and ability to highlight femininity makes it very versatile among the repertoire of trendy lip punctures. Pay homage to a classic starlet while making your own special statement by adopting this charming lip accessory. Grace and glamour await!

#7 Snake Bites Piercing

Feeling daring? Then let the snake bites piercing infuse your look with high-voltage style! Of all the different lip piercing names, snake bites are arguably the trendiest right now for good reason. This double piercing accents each corner of your lower lip for eye-catching symmetry.

Snake bites call for two separate piercings to be done on the left and right edges of the lower lip. Usually done equidistant from the center, the angular placement allows for creative freedom. The piercings can be closer together or farther apart depending on your personal taste and anatomy.

When it comes to jewelry, the classically dangerous look utilizes a pair of simple matching labret studs in each puncture. But you can also mismatch metals, shapes and sizes if seeking something bolder. Once healed, hoops and chains swinging from those parallel piercings promise even more thrill!

Healing double piercings simultaneously does require extra diligence and care of course. That means gently cleansing more surface area and watching two holes knit closed over several months. Avoid needless trauma by selecting soft foods while everything stabilizes. Take care as well not to bite or tug the jewelry pieces.

Yet the extra effort pays off greatly in fashion and fun! Double piercings like snake bites up the ante, allowing you to accessorize galore. They also photograph fabulously, playing up that leading lip. Take your piercing game up a notch with the mesmerizing magic of snake bites. Danger, rebel status and beauty await!

#8 Angel Bites Piercing

If you want to adorn your smile with heavenly style, angel bites deliver divine decoration! This set of upper lip piercings emerges as one of the prettiest duo options among the array of trendy lip piercing names.

As you may have guessed, angel bites involve two separate punctures on the left and right sides of the upper lip, directly by the cupid’s bow crest. Placement is very similar to snake bites along the lower lip. The piercings tend to use two matching dainty studs for balance and sweetness over severity.

While the name may evoke images of cherubic wings, make no mistake – angel bites still pack a punch when it comes to first impressions! Those twin glittering studs transform your smile into a dazzling accessory. They also happen to be very flattering in photos, playing up your lip shape.

Aftercare for angel bites takes diligence as with any double piercing combo. You will spend around three months focused on gentle cleansing and protecting both openings as the skin repairs. Soft foods and lots of hydration facilitate comfortable healing. Take pains not to bite or tug the jewelry during this sensitive period.

Once mended, feel free to swap those studs for tiny hoops or gems with eye-catching shimmer. You can also potentially add a third coordinating piercing to the ensemble later on for more heavenly bling!

Ultimately angel bites manage to walk that fine line between virtuous and mischievous when adorning your lovely smile. If you long for piercings with delicate grace, give your lips angelic wings.

#9 Canine Bites Piercing

Sink your teeth into bold style with the vampire-inspired canine bites piercing. This set punctures the area where lip meets teeth for a slightly sinister look. Of all the different lip piercing names, canine bites have the most biting impact!

True to the name, this piercing targets the exact spot where your upper canine teeth naturally rest against your lip on both left and right sides. A single piece of jewelry is inserted into each hole, emerging from inner lip to exterior. Barbells or curved fangs work best to navigate the angle.

Pain factor tends to be moderate for canine bites since cartilage and nerves get hit. Healing is also slower given the billions of bacteria naturally present in the mouth. Be religious about saline solution rinses and oral hygiene while skin repairs. Avoid hot foods and unnecessary jewelry movement.

Yet for those enamored of vampiric style, the extra aftercare efforts are fully worthwhile! Once healed, flashing those decorative fangs or fierce barbell ends with a smile produces goosebumps. The piercing brilliantly accents the natural dentition. Stacked gem ends promise maximum gothic drama!

So if the allure of the creature of the night runs through your aesthetic veins, make like Dracula and adopt canine bites. These double punctures piercingly remind that a touch of tasteful darkness magnifies intrigue. Let your inner immortal mesmerize victims eager for just a peek at your piercing prowess and smile!

#10 Cyber Bites Piercing

Cyber bites promise the boldest style impact among the spectrum of popular lip piercing combos. True to the name evoking digital flair, cyber bites incorporate both upper and lower lip piercings for an eye-popping 4 punctures total!

This quadruplet piercing conventionally incorporates pair of snake bite studs along the right and left sides of the lower lip. Matching upper lip angel bites complete the arrangement for symmetrical dazzle. Simple metallic balls or beaded studs allow the piercings’ angles and intersections to speak for themselves.

Healing so many openings at once understandably requires extra attentiveness. Fortunately, the piercings utilize skin areas that mend fairly easily with proper aftercare. Focus diligently on saline solution cleansing and keeping jewelry secure. Soft nutrition helps tremendously too during the initial few weeks post-piercing.

Once healed in approximately three months, the possibilities for jewelry mixing with cyber bites are endless! Have fun with different sized and shaped adornments on upper versus lower holes. Intersperse occasional hoops or gems for light catching appeal too. This quadruple piercing setup empowers immense versatility and pizzazz.

So if making an über dramatic style statement rates highly on your wish list, take the plunge with cyber bites! You will turn heads and drop jaws wherever you go as people admire your bold bejeweled arrangement. Let your pioneering fashion sense connect with otherworldly accessorizing power. Cyber bites promise the peak of piercing artistic flair!

#11 Dolphin Bites Piercing

Dolphin bites stand out as one of the more whimsical entries on the lip piercing list. This cheeky double piercing aims to evoke the playful nature of everyone’s favorite mammal. Despite the cute moniker though, dolphin bites still make an eye-catching style statement.

As you may have deduced, dolphin bites actually do not involve the lips at all. Instead, they puncture the upper cheek area right below the eyes, bilateral to the nose. Usually done in a symmetrical set, two simple studs adorn each cheek, reminiscent of a dolphin’s easy smile.

While not directly on the mouth, dolphin bites still promise plenty of visual intrigue. They beautifully accent the structure of your face, drawing focus to the cheekbones. When you smile, those sweet gems move with your apple muscles for delicate dynamism. The piercings also frame the face wonderfully in photos.

Aftercare for dolphin bites focuses heavily on keeping the area super clean and avoiding infection. Use saline spray multiple times daily as the cheek area harbors more bacteria. Be vigilant about not bumping or sleeping on the piercings during the lengthy healing period too.

Once mended after several months, feel free to swap out plain studs for micro hoops or decorative charms. You can also potentially expand the look with an additional orbital piercing further down the cheek too.

If you want to take your piercing game to the next level in both location and style, give dolphin bites a chance! These playful punctures allow you to accessorize your gorgeous smile in totally new ways.

#12 Spider Bites Piercing

If you find single piercings too subtle but want to stop short of a full facial overhaul, consider spider bites. This double lip puncture stands apart for its strategic middle ground between delicate and daredevil. Two petite studs decorate the lower or upper lip conveying beautiful symmetry.

Spider bites require two separate but equally-spaced piercings on the same lip horizontal plane. Usually done on the lower lip along the lip line for maximum flair, upper lip placement works too. Mini metal balls or beaded studs tend to best allow the parallel design to shine.

Aftercare follows guidelines for any oral piercing, with a bit extra attention since two sites now heal simultaneously. Use saline solution to gently cleanse crusting as swelling dissipates over several weeks. Pay attention to nutrition making chewing comfortable during this sensitive period too.

In just a couple months though, beautification awaits! Once stabilized, consider swapping one stud for a thin subtle hoop. Mix metals and shapes or add colors reflecting your personal style too. This arrangement also beautifully complements an existing Medusa or vertical labret piercing.

Ultimately spider bites manage to walk that coveted line between sweet and saucy. The twin delicate dots bring balance without overdoing it. If Seeking artistic flair through strategic understatement sounds like your vibe, spider bites beautifully fit the bill! Allow this pair of dainty punctures to infuse your lip line with artistic depth and dimension.

#13 Horizontal Lip Piercing

If you admire subtle face jewelry, a horizontal lip piercing brings delicate dazzle. Of all the trendy lip puncture names, the horizontal piercing provides understated shine. A simple barbell graces the center of your lower lip for a graceful, pretty touch.

A horizontal lip piercing adorns the lower lip as the name indicates, running parallel to your bottom teeth. Done right in the midline, it enters one side of the lip and decoratively exits the other. The straight barbell allows cheeks and chin to showcase the jewelry from all angles.

Aftercare for a horizontal lip piercing focuses heavily on keeping the long path of puncture very clean as it heals. Use saline spray liberally, being extra gentle swabbing during the first several weeks. You will need to be cautious eating and speaking too during the healing phase to avoid irritation.

But once healed after a few months, you will be able to freely show off your new delicate dangling jewelry! A horizontal lip piercing tends to respond especially beautifully to chain additions. You can attach sparkling ends, pearls or charms for feminine flair too.

Ultimately a horizontal lip piercing remains versatile enough for everyday wear yet also special enough for events. It brings graceful gleam front and center without overtaking your look. For the piercee seeking subtle style, this straight shot of shimmer perfectly punctuates your pretty pout!

#14 Ashley Lip Piercing

The Ashley piercing stands out as a bolder, edgier take on traditional lip punctures. Named after reality star Ashley Massaro, this piercing aims to mimic her signature style: glamorous yet undoubtedly daring. If making a standout statement counts among your piercing goals, an Ashley promises just the right punch.

This piercing distinctly targets the actual lip tissue rather than surrounding skin. The puncture penetrates the center crest of the upper lip, just under the cupid’s bow indentation. A curved barbell or flat back labret stud holds the hole open optimally during healing.

Piercing the extra sensitive lip area does mean aftercare requires kid gloves and utmost patience. Religiously cleanse twice daily using saline spray, pat drying gingerly. Avoid messing with jewelry position unnecessarily while skin regenerates over two to three months. Prevent swelling flare ups by selecting soft, wholesome nutrition too.

Once healed though, this piercing gleams with stylish ferocity! Swap out the original stud for sparkling gems, stacks or hoops that utterly transform your smile. This hole placement also perfectly complements the popular jestrum piercing for doubled up drama!

Ultimately the Ashley lip piercing promises the perfect blend of glamour and grit. If you crave celestial style with just a dash of daring, adopt this namesake punctuation mark. Let mesmerizing shine against pillowy lips signal your fashion fearlessness. An Ashley piercing announces confidence and attitude every time you smile!

#15 Joker Piercing

Do you crave piercings with dramatic flair? Then get ready to spread some smiles with the aptly named joker piercing! This set of upper lip punctures evokes the infamous Batman villain’s grim grin. It also promises to give your appearance a healthy dose of gripping style.

True to its cheeky moniker, the joker piercing involves two holes positioned bilaterally at the corners of your mouth. Each hole boasts a bold shiny stud that moves enticingly when you smile, laugh or speak. The symmetry beautifully echoes the contours of your lips for maximum intrigue.

Healing multiple oral piercings like these does require some tender loving care of course. Use saline solution religiously over 6-8 weeks post-puncture to ward off risks like infection. Avoid unnecessary jewelry jostling and select soft, wholesome nutrition to stabilize things.

Once mended, the joker piercing possibilities grow exponentially fun. Switch out basic studs for colored gems or miniature hoops to put your own personal spin on the arrangement. If feeling especially adventurous, add an additional bottom lip snake bite piercing too!

Ultimately the joker piercing promises to keep both you and your admirers grinning. The parallel dotted effect has serious stopping power. This already bold look also continues evolving through creative jewelry play over time. So spread some chaos and cheer simultaneous by flaunting your own signature joker smile!

#16 Smiley Piercing

Feeling playful? Then deck out your smile to match with a punchy smiley piercing! Unlike most lip punctures confined to the mouth exterior, this one creatively pierces the upper palate gum tissue behind your teeth. When you flash that fabulous grin, onlookers catch a glint of rebel shine.

A smiley piercing uses a barbell to puncture horizontally straight back through your upper gum, sitting snugly behind your front incisors. Circular barbells work to allow decorative ball ends to bookend the teeth. The round shine moves enticingly when you talk, laugh or eat.

Healing an inner mouth piercing like this proves no joke though. You will religiously swish diluted alcohol mouthwash multiple times daily to prevent bacteria accumulation and infection risk. Avoiding medication or foods that stain also keeps the jewelry gleaming.

Yet the moment you confidently reveal that unseen bling at just the right moment? Priceless awe and delight! A smiley piercing adds covert flair that shocks and amazes. For many piercees, the effort involved makes pulling off such a concealed display that much more rewarding too.

So if secretly spicing up your smile sounds like your style, take the plunge with this sneaky shining gum piercing. You will love luring the unsuspecting public closer until you unleash your hidden talent. A smiley puncture ensures you will both dent convention and dazzle everyone with your irrepressible spirit!


Hopefully this overview better illuminated the extensive diversity of popular lip piercing types. As you can see, the range of different lip piercing names covers so much exhilarating territory! From single subtle studs to quadruplet combos, sparkling lip bling comes in countless shapes and spots for self-expression.

While lip piercings promise beautiful adornment along with fashion flair, remember they require earnest commitment too! All piercings demand diligent aftercare and conscious lifestyle adjustments during initial healing. Risks like infection and irritation remain prevalent with oral piercings especially. But by selecting an excellent piercer and caring sensitively for new holes, you will minimize issues.

Many piercings like labrets and vertical punctures also impact speech, smile movement and eating while mending. Again, give tissue patience and gentleness. Avoid unnecessary trauma so jewelry stays secure in place. Select soft, wholesome nutrition that makes chewing comfortable in early weeks too.

The good news? With appropriate piercer selection and thoughtful aftercare, most piercings fully heal in about three months. After that, have fun playing with your newfound bedazzled accessory! Confidently change out studs or hoops. Add charms or funky colors reflecting your mood and personal style too.

While no longer as shocking as decades past, lip piercings still embody adventure and artistic spirit. They telegraph confidence, uniqueness and dynamic self-assuredness. If cultivating these vibes speaks to your growth journey, browse the myriad piercing possibilities! Map piercing placements complementing your anatomy, lifestyle and expression needs. Then dip your toe into lip puncture bling magic. Here is to courageously celebrating the vibrant you with creativity and sheen!

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