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Coco Crush Ring

Coco Crush Ring: The Celebrity-Approved Jewelry You Need Now

Coco Crush Ring

Timeless and stylish 18k gold Coco Crush ring with interlocking chevron pattern. A must-have for any jewelry lover, approved by celebrities.

Coco Crush Ring: The Celebrity-Approved Jewelry You Need Now


The Coco Crush ring by Chanel has seriously blown up among celebs and fashion girls. There’s just something about its unique flattened design and classic Chanel vibe that makes it crazy cool.

When it first dropped in 2015, the iconic Coco Crush grabbed everyone’s attention with its modern, flattened-out version of Chanel’s famous interlocked C’s. Crafted from brushed 18K gold and specially formulated to be super bendy, this ring breaks the mold. Its slim, contoured shape is made to sit like a dang dream on your finger. So chic, yet so comfy at the same time!

Of course it wasn’t long before this baby started popping up on the fingers of the hottest stars. Rihanna, Kendall, Kristen Stewart, Kaia Gerber – all the cool girls have been spotted rocking Coco Crush. Its minimal yet glam look just gives your outfit instant edge.

The bottom line is, Coco Crush’s combo of edgy and elegant aesthetics has made it a continuously coveted jewelry piece. Fashionistas and celebs can’t get enough of its iconic styling and brilliant brushed gold finish. This ring just oozes effortless flair and sophistication. Chanel totally nailed it!

History & Background

The super popular Coco Crush ring first appeared in Chanel’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection. It was dreamed up by Chanel’s head designer Karl Lagerfeld as a modern spin on the brand’s classic quilted style.

The name Coco Crush is a nod to Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, the founder of Chanel, and the ring’s crushed, wrinkled look. Pretty clever!

What makes the Coco Crush design really stand out is its abstract, asymmetrical shape and the way the metal looks all wrinkled and smooshed. Most rings are perfect circles, but not this baby. The Coco Crush has an organic, imperfect vibe that feels more natural and laidback.

The crushed metal also makes the ring ultra flexible and comfy to wear. Unlike stiff bands that can feel constricting, the Coco Crush moves with you.

So in short, the Coco Crush’s one-of-a-kind scrunched up shape gives it both a cool, edgy look and a relaxed, bendy feel. No wonder it became so popular! This was a really innovative design by Karl Lagerfeld that stayed true to Coco Chanel’s unconventional style.

Why Celebrities & Fashionistas Love It

The Coco Crush has become a total fave among celebs and stylish gals – and it’s easy to see why!

First, the iconic Chanel name itself is a huge draw. Chanel just oozes luxury and prestige in the fashion world. Celebs love being affiliated with such an iconic brand.

Plus, the Coco Crush’s scrunched metal design gives it a really edgy, fashion-forward look. This isn’t your grandmother’s jewelry! It’s perfect for celebs who want to exude a cool, trendy vibe.

Another thing is that accessories like rings offer an easy way for stars to incorporate designer pieces into their outfits. It’s not as much of a commitment as wearing full Chanel looks 24/7!

And there are so many options to choose from – yellow, white, or rose gold, with or without diamonds. So celebs can really make the Coco Crush their own.

Between the credibility of the Chanel name, its ultra-chic styling, and the versatility it offers, the Coco Crush is right on trend for what celebrities and influencers are looking for in jewelry! No wonder it’s become a staple.

Wearing the Coco Crush Ring

The amazing thing about the Coco Crush is its versatility – celebs wear it with seriously everything!

During the day, you’ll see stars rocking Coco Crush rings paired with super casual stuff like t-shirts, jeans, leggings, you name it. The cool crushed design just instantly elevates more lowkey looks.

But the Coco Crush transitions seamlessly to nighttime glam too. Celebs often wear it with gowns and cocktail dresses, especially when stacked with other Chanel bling. It just brings that extra dose of elegance.

Another fun styling trick celebs do is mixing and matching multiple Coco Crush rings. Wearing one on its own makes a subtle statement. But stacking several, like Rihanna often does, makes a seriously bold fashion moment.

So whether it’s a casual daytime outfit, a dazzling evening look, or stacked as part of a jewelry overload, the Coco Crush always shines. No wonder celebrities are obsessed – this ring really can do it all! Its versatility and ability to complement any style is just another reason it’s a total fashion essential.

Get the Look

Want to add this celeb-approved style staple to your jewelry box? Here’s the lowdown on scoring your own Coco Crush.

The most direct way is to buy directly from Chanel at one of their boutiques or online at But the starting price of around $1,800 is no joke, and versions with bling can run way higher!

For more affordable options, check out resellers like The RealReal and Fashionphile that carry both new and pre-owned Coco Crush rings. You can often score pieces at lower prices.

And since the Coco Crush is so popular, similar inspired styles are popping up at lower price points too. Affordable brands like BaubleBar, Mejuri and Frasier Sterling carry stackable thin rings with a brushed finish that can capture the Coco Crush vibe for less.

While splurging on the real deal offers bragging rights, the good news is there are lots of ways to emulate the crushed metal look for less dough. So you can rock celeb-approved style without going completely broke!


The Coco Crush ring really is the ultimate celeb-approved accessory. With its unique scrunched metal design and iconic Chanel pedigree, it brilliantly fuses edgy style with timeless Parisian glamour.

It all started back in 2015 when Karl Lagerfeld introduced this innovative ring as a modern take on Chanel’s quilted aesthetic. The name Coco Crush ties back to founder Coco Chanel while also capturing the ring’s crushed, wrinkly look.

Celebs and fashion girls can’t get enough of the laidback yet luxurious vibe. The Coco Crush elevates casual daywear but still shines with evening looks. However you style it, it just oozes effortless couture flair.

Now obviously the Coco Crush comes with a hefty price tag, like most things from Chanel. But for fashion lovers with the budget, it can definitely be worth splurging on this iconic designer statement piece. When you want your jewelry to make an impact, accept no substitutes!

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