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Classy Small Nose Piercing

Classy Small Nose Piercing Ideas – Easy to Choose

Nose piercings are very popular nowadays. Many women, like myself, think the small and classy varieties add a subtle touch of elegance. I first started noticing them on fashion bloggers and Instagram influencers. The classy small nose piercing seems to be everywhere these days!

What makes them classy compared to a large nose ring? Well, petite studs and gems tend to be more understated. They do not shout for attention. A tiny diamond or screw can communicate style without being loud.

Getting my own classy small nose piercing has been on my mind lately. A lot of my friends have complimented ones I have seen online. I am curious about whether it would hurt to get one. I have read that they fall around 3 or 4 on the nose piercing pain scale 1-10. Not too bad! The results look worth a moment of discomfort.

The history of nose piercings traces back thousands of years. But today’s classy small nose piercing trend puts a modern spin on this ancient ritual. The practice used to mark life milestones and ceremonial occasions. Now these little gems indicate personal style.

I am interested to learn about the different types available today. From what I gather, choices range from petite studs to tiny hoops and screws. There seem to be endless classy small nose piercing ideas to ponder. I wonder which type would look best on my nose shape? So many options!

Types of Small Nose Piercings

When considering a classy small nose piercing, the first decision is what type of jewelry to get. There are a few popular options that all look chic while being petite in size. I want my nose piercing to be dainty and underplayed – not a big, bold ring.

The nose screw seems to be a very common choice. At first, I thought the name sounded uncomfortable! But nose screws are actually designed to be gentle on your nasal tissue while keeping the jewelery securely in place. Most screws are made of surgical steel or titanium. The small diameter combined with the practical design makes this a great classy small nose piercing.

Another option is the L-shaped nose pin. Unlike screws, these form an L shape inside the piercing hole to hold the gem on your nose. From the outside, you just see a shiny stud at the end. L-shaped pins work well for people with thinner nasal tissue since the supports sit flush inside. I have a slender nose, so this style could be nice.

Nose bones also intrigue me. Despite the name, they do not actually involve any bones! A nose bone piercing has a flat back that sits inside the nose to anchor the jewel. The front side will showcase whatever gem you select – often a petite diamond or crystal. Nose bones seem versatile for classy small nose piercing ideas.

Lastly, dainty nose studs are an obvious yet perfect choice. These are very classic and understated. You can find nose studs with crystal or pearl ends in stunning but not over the top designs. Their simplicity aligns beautifully with the classy small nose piercing look. I may start with a basic nose stud until my piercing heals.

Now I understand the core options that embody my preferred classy small nose piercing aesthetic. Compared to large nose rings or super flashy jewels, these four types keep things miniature and elegant. I am leaning towards either a nose screw or simple nose stud to start.

The next thing I wondered about is the cost of these various piercing types. Some nose jewellery contains crystals or real metals that affect pricing. But overall, classy small nose piercings range from about $20 to $70 for both the stud and professional piercing fee. That seems reasonable to me for such a cute styling detail!

I have a bit more insight now on this trendy practice thanks to learning about the main piercing types. Seeing all the classy small nose piercing ideas out there makes me excited to get one myself! I think a teensy stud would suit my face shape beautifully.

Jewelry Options for Small Nose Piercings

The jewelry itself plays a big role in creating a classy small nose piercing look. Even after deciding I want a dainty nose stud, there are still so many decorative choices! But that just makes it more fun.

Gems are a popular jewelry option for classy small nose piercings. I love how a tiny diamond or crystal stud can look so chic and sparkly. My friend has an adorable nose screw with a little crystal on the end – it is so elegant! The key is keeping the gems petite so they do not overwhelm your feature.

You can also find classy small nose piercing sets that include different shaped gems to switch out whenever you want a new look. I saw an influencer on Instagram who had the same stud base but swapped the crystal end between round, marquis, teardrop, and more! Such a fun way to change things up.

Another jewelry decision is metal type. Classy small nose piercings tend to use precious metals like yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum instead of stainless steel. While subtle, I find the precious metals coordinate better with delicate face jewelry. They also avoid any irritation issues that cheaper metals sometimes cause.

When envisioning my perfect classy small nose piercing, I picture a dainty gold base with maybe a tiny pearl. I love how vintage and feminine pearls look as nose studs. Other girly options include minimal designs with enamel or engraved floral patterns. There are so many ways to incorporate my personal style!

I also came across a few classy small nose piercing ideas using chains or linked bases. Imagine three delicate chains connecting your nostril to an ear piercing or temple jewelry! I likely would not start with something so elaborate until my nose piercing heals. But the photos I saw looked so cool and modern.

At the end of the day, choosing nose jewelry is about finding something that makes you beam every time you look in the mirror. So when considering classy small nose piercing decor, it pays to get creative and think about your own vibe.

Do you want an edgy look with a thin hoop or funky shape? Or more of a glitzy feel with a jewel-encrusted base? Perhaps a birthstone nose stud to celebrate your zodiac sign? Mix and match to invent possibilities!

Now that I better understand features like gems, metals, and design elements, selecting my perfect classy small nose piercing accessory will be the ultimate personal flair. I cannot wait to style it to match all my favorite outfits! This is going to be fun.

Placement Ideas for Small Nose Piercings

Choosing where to place a classy small nose piercing can be tricky. But placement really impacts the overall look and how well it suits your face. I want my tiny nose stud to enhance my features, not distract from them. Time for more research!

One of the first decisions is whether to pierce the left or right side of your nose. Generally, it comes down to which nostril you prefer to showcase the jewel. But some cultures assign special meanings to each side.

For example, in Ayurvedic tradition, getting a nose stud on your left side signifies you are married or ready for marriage. Meanwhile, right-side piercings indicate you are single and looking for love! I am tempted to go classic with my dominant left nostril.

The exact positioning along the side of your nose also deserves thought. Placement can complement your natural curves, angles and bridge shape. Studying photos of nose piercing ideas is helpful. I am noticing most classy small nose piercings sit just to one side of the nostril opening.

This seems most flattering to highlight the actual nostril indent. I have a round tip with my nostrils facing forward. I think placing my classy nose piercing a few millimeters outside and above my nostril would work beautifully. Almost like a faux-beauty mark!

Speaking of nostrils, another key nose piercing spot is right inside the nostril rim. Nostril piercings allow for tiny hoops or studs that peek out from the nose itself, rather than sitting outside alongside it. I find these can look very boho and carefree!

I have some friends who rock the double nostril piercing look with two thin hoops or studs inside each nostril. So cool! But for my first nose piercing I will stick to one hole. Maybe after it heals I will be daring enough for the classy small nose piercing doubling up effect.

The last common spot for nose piercings is actually along the septum inside the nose, not visible from outside at all. While not my personal style, these definitely take the classy approach by being so hidden and mysterious! Septums also have a neat historical background.

Looking at photos of all the classy nose piercing placement ideas makes me confident in choosing the nostril side location. I am hoping an experienced piercer can help me select the exact positioning that will make my face sparkle. It is not every day you get to accessorize your actual nose!

I am thrilled to bring this chic and subtle nose trend into my personal look. A classy small nose piercing offers the perfect balance between showing off your unique style and maintaining a down-to-earth vibe. Soon that little stud will feel like it was always meant to be mine!

Aftercare for New Small Nose Piercings

So I got my new classy small nose piercing! I decided on a simple gold stud in my left nostril. I absolutely love it – now time to take good care so it heals properly. Learning about aftercare was the part of this whole process that made me most nervous.

First things first: cleaning the fresh nose piercing site twice daily is essential. My piercer gave me a saline spray made specifically for nose piercings. Using that stops infection and washes away any crusties around the area. I simply spray it on my new bling then dab dry with gauze. Easy!

Sleeping was another concern about aftercare since I toss and turn at night. Apparently they make special nose piercing travel pillows with a cutout hole! This stops me from rolling onto my new piercing. I might try propping my regular pillows around me tonight to be safe.

Besides keeping the skin around my classy small nose piercing clean, not touching it unnecessarily is also key. I will admit, my hands keep drifting up to admire my new stud! But excessive contact can transfer bacteria and delay healing. Gotta break that habit.

Another big nose piercing aftercare tip is not submerging it in water during the initial few months after getting it done. This means no pools, baths, lakes or ocean until my piercing fully closes up. Quick showers are fine as long as I avoid pointing the showerhead directly on my nose. Sadly water sports are on hold!

Appropriately changing my new nose jewelry is something I will eventually need to learn for long-term care. But for now, my piercer says to let the starter stud stay in 4-6 months minimum. Playing around with new classy nose ring ideas can come after it heals better. Patience!

As far as pain, the piercing itself was a breeze! My adrenaline was pumping. The nose piercing pain scale said a stud would be a 3-4 out of 10 but honestly, I did not feel a thing. Later that day it did get a tiny bit sore. An over-the-counter painkiller solved that. So far, so good!

Being cautious with my aftercare routine for this new classy small nose piercing will help it mend on schedule. I am being extra gentle when washing my face or putting on makeup nearby. And obviously, no glasses until it really closes up! Beauty knows no pain, right?

In another month I can downsize my starter stud to a petite one if it is healing properly. Then in 6 months, the fun of collecting new nose hoops, gems and studs galore begins! For now, I will be patient with my first nose piercing and stick to the aftercare drill. But that sparkly nose ring reward will come soon enough!

Small Nose Piercing FAQs

Alright, I have had my new classy small nose piercing for a few weeks now. It is healing beautifully! I still get lots of compliments and questions about it from friends and followers online. Having answers ready for some FAQs can help anyone curious if this trend is right for them too.

One obvious question is: does getting your nose pierced hurt?

For me, there was just a quick pinch feeling as the needle went through. The nose piercing pain scale said it would be a 3-4 out of 10 but I barely felt it! There was mild soreness that evening but nothing bad. My results probably are not typical but if you breathe through the moment, it is over fast.

Another common small nose piercing FAQ is how much does it cost?

Prices can vary depending on factors like studio reputation, jewelry type and location. I paid $50 for my classy nose stud and the piercing itself. This studio is popular in my city so that seemed fair to me. The result was worth every penny!

People also want to know about the healing period. It takes around 4-6 months for nose piercings to fully heal. During that time, cleaning it twice daily and not bumping the area is important. I had to adjust to not resting my face in my hands out of new habit! But if you follow your piercer’s aftercare tips, it heals smooth and easy.

One biggie friends ask is can I still wear my glasses?

Yes, but you will need to be careful around a new nose piercing until it toughens up in a few months. Too much pressure or friction against glasses can irritate it. Contacts are best at first if you have them. Or invest in an ultra padded nose pad bridge for your specs!

Of course everyone wants to know how it looks! I went with a petite gold nose screw. But classy small nose piercings come in endless shapes and styles. Play around with studs, tiny hoops, gems, engraving, chains – get creative with your look! The jewelry possibilities are part of what makes this piercing so fun.

I love getting to share my experiences with others as they explore whether a classy nose piercing is right for them too. It is a commitment so make sure you find an qualified piercing studio and educate yourself on aftercare first. But if its speaks to your personal style, just go for it! No regrets here at all.

Closing Summary – Classy Small Nose Piercing

Getting a classy small nose piercing has been such a fun journey! When I first noticed delicate nose studs popping up on my social media feeds, I was intrigued but hesitant. Could I pull off such a dainty, stylish look myself one day?

After doing thorough research on classy nose piercing options—from jewelry types to ideal placement and aftercare tips—I felt knowledgeable and empowered to try this trend. Choosing my perfect petite gold nose screw brought me joy. And the quick, relatively painless piercing process went so smoothly.

Now when I look in the mirror and see that glittering gem on the side of my nose, I feel beautiful and confident. It is an edgy yet feminine detail that expresses my personal taste. I love coordinating my nose studs with outfits, swapping in different shaped crystals from my collection. This classy small nose piercing was the perfect choice to elevate my style.

For anyone curious about trying this fresh, fashionable look, I can’t recommend it enough! Just make sure to educate yourself beforehand on the various classy nose piercing ideas. Find an aesthetic that calls to you whether dainty diamonds, funky hoops, or gold studs. The options today are endless.

And do not forget proper aftercare once you take the plunge! Be patient with letting new nose piercings heal before changing jewelry or over-cleaning. Trust me, it’s worth it to let that cuteness shine safely. I cannot wait to see this classy piercing trend continue growing in popularity. It’s so fun being part of such a stylish vibe!

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