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Blake Lively Engagement Ring And Wedding Band

Discover the enchanting details of Blake Lively Engagement Ring And Wedding Band in this captivating article. Dive into celebrity elegance!

Exploring Blake Lively Engagement Ring And Wedding Band

Blake Lively is famous for acting. She stars in many popular movies and TV shows. Fans love watching her on-screen.

One reason people like Blake is her happy marriage. She is married to the actor Ryan Reynolds. He is handsome and funny. Their wedding was beautiful. Lots of stars attended.

Blake’s ring from Ryan got much attention. He designed an unusual diamond ring. It is rose gold with a huge pink diamond. The ring matches Blake’s personal style. She loves wearing flowy dresses in pink and gold tones.

After the wedding, Blake also wore a simple gold band. It is thin and delicate like her. She tries to keep her rings very private. But fans still spot them in photos sometimes. The rings mean Blake and Ryan’s love for each other.

Blake and Ryan seem very happy together. They have three daughters named James, Inez, and Betty. The family lives a private life out of the spotlight. But we can still admire Blake’s great talent and beauty on-screen. Her marriage to Ryan shows true love exists in Hollywood.

Blake Lively Engagement Ring And Wedding Band

Blake Lively’s ring from Ryan Reynolds is totally jaw-dropping. He gave her an oval-shaped pink diamond that’s over 12 carats! The rare center stone has a beautiful rose-cut. It sparkles from every angle.

The pink diamond sits on a simple band of rose gold metal. The band is super delicate and thin, just like Blake’s dainty fingers. It perfectly balances the huge main stone.

Ryan added some special personal touches to the ring. Engraved inside are the coordinates of the place where he proposed to Blake. How romantic!

The ring is completely custom-made just for Blake. The rare pink diamond and custom details make it truly one-of-a-kind.

Experts estimate the ring costs around $2 million! Ryan clearly wanted to pull out all the stops for his bride-to-be. The ring is totally fit for a Hollywood star.

Blake loves vintage glamour so the ring has an antique look. It’s both modern and old-fashioned at the same time. The pink stone and rose gold give it a soft, feminine vibe.

The ring is seriously impressive! It’s no wonder it got so much attention when Ryan and Blake announced their engagement.

The Designer Behind the Ring

The beautiful ring was made by famous jewelry designer Lorraine Schwartz. She has created gorgeous pieces for tons of celebrities over the years.

Lorraine is known for using one-of-a-kind stones in vibrant colors. She finds incredibly rare pink, blue, and yellow diamonds. Her designs are always super creative and bold.

For Blake’s ring, Lorraine worked very closely with Ryan. He wanted an oval pink diamond to perfectly match Blake’s romantic style. The main diamond is over 12 carats – it’s so huge! It’s set in a simple yet elegant rose gold band.

It took many months for Lorraine to make the custom ring. Ryan visited her studio a bunch of times and was very hands-on with picking the flawless center stone. Lorraine said Ryan “really wanted to get it exactly right for Blake.” How sweet!

In the end, the ring is completely unique and custom-made for Blake. She loves a vintage glam look and the ring has an old Hollywood vibe.

Lorraine was so honored to design Blake’s special engagement ring. She called it “a true stunner – just magnificent!” Lorraine clearly has a talent for capturing love in her jewelry creations.

The gorgeous ring will always remind Blake of Ryan’s deep love for her. It’s like a wearable work of art thanks to Lorraine Schwartz’s skills.

The Sentimental Value

The engagement ring Ryan gave Blake is so full of meaning for their relationship. He really put his heart into designing something extra romantic and personal.

Ryan added the sweetest secret touch inside the band – he engraved the coordinates of where they got engaged in Montana. It marks the exact spot where they decided to spend their lives together. How cute is that!

In interviews, Blake gushed about how much she adores the ring’s sentimental value. She said, “The ring is gorgeous, but what I really love is that it feels unique to us. The diamond is antique-looking and it’s like the ring has a story of its own.”

For Blake, the ring represents their one-of-a-kind love story. It wasn’t some generic ring – Ryan had it made just for her.

Blake treasures the ring so deeply. She said, “Whenever I look down at it on my hand, it takes me back to the night I got engaged and how incredibly happy I was in that moment.” Ugh, my heart!

The vintage vibe of the ring perfectly matches Blake’s old Hollywood glam style. To her, it feels like a real family heirloom carrying their memories.

Blake always stacks it with her simple gold wedding band. The two rings together symbolize her and Ryan’s unbreakable marriage bond.

The emotional significance behind the ring makes it truly priceless for Blake. So sweet!

Blake Lively’s Wedding Band

After Ryan proposed with the stunning engagement ring, Blake had to pick the perfect wedding band to match.

She chose a simple and delicate gold band. It’s super thin, just like Blake’s dainty fingers. The slim band highlights the huge engagement ring when worn stacked together.

Blake’s wedding ring complements the rose gold and vintage style of her engagement ring. It has an understated elegance just like Blake.

The band itself is plain gold with no diamonds. But it has special sentimental engravings hidden inside.

Blake said, “My wedding band has tiny birds flying all the way around it and it says ‘Gossip Girl’ on the inside.” How cute!

For Blake, the paired set of rings represents her and Ryan’s strong union. She said, “When I look down at my rings, it makes me feel happy and loved.”

Her classic wedding band was the perfect final touch to complete her dream engagement ring. Now Blake can wear the meaningful set every day as symbols of her and Ryan’s eternal love.

The simple band matches Blake’s laidback style. She always looks effortlessly chic wearing her wedding set together.

Public Reaction and Media Coverage

Blake’s stunning engagement ring got soooo much hype! Fans totally freaked out over the huge pink diamond. Social media exploded with close-up pics and news of the proposal.

On Instagram and Twitter, people gushed about how gorgeous and romantic the ring is. One fan wrote: “Obsessed with Blake Lively’s engagement ring! The whimsical design is everything.”

Jewelry experts weighed in too. Specialist Lauren Kucewicz said: “Blake’s ring has such a lovely Old World feel. That dreamy rose-cut diamond gives it vintage charm.”

Of course, the fashion blogs covered her wedding band too when Blake and Ryan finally tied the knot. They adored how it complemented the pink diamond ring flawlessly.

Style writers raved about Blake’s chic stacked ring look. One said: “No one does understated elegance quite like Blake! The two rings together are just perfection.”

A celeb engagement between two hotties like Blake and Ryan always kicks the gossip world into high gear. But most agreed the rings suited them wonderfully.

At the end of the day, fans just loved seeing that sweet symbol of Blake and Ryan’s relationship. Her gorgeous rings will always remind us of their glam and dreamy Hollywood love story. So romantic!

Celebrity Engagement Rings Trend

Celebrity engagements always influence the latest hot trends in ring styles! Fans love seeing those gorgeous rings firsthand when their fave celebs get engaged.

Some other classic celeb engagement rings include Kate Middleton’s sapphire, Liz Taylor’s massive diamond, and Grace Kelly’s elegant stunner from Prince Rainier.

In recent years, blingy rings from Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, and Hailey Bieber have sparked major attention too. Their bold, flashy rings really stand out!

Blake Lively’s pretty pink diamond has already impacted engagement ring trends. Experts say more brides now ask for colored gems and vintage-inspired styles.

Blake’s ring also proved rose gold is on-trend. Soft rose gold bands have become super popular thanks to her ring’s romantic look.

Some couples even request hidden engravings inside their bands, inspired by Blake’s ring. It started a customization trend!

Of course, replicating Blake’s giant 12-carat diamond is tough! But some brides now want peach or pink-hued stones similar to hers.

Overall, Blake’s ring nails the whimsical vintage style that many people love. It will definitely go down as an iconic celeb engagement ring!


Blake Lively Engagement Ring And Wedding Band have become so iconic and swoon-worthy! The beautiful rings are the ultimate symbol of her and Ryan Reynolds’ fairytale Hollywood romance.

The whimsical vintage vibe of Blake’s engagement ring was just so eye-catching. That rare pink diamond is breathtaking! And her super delicate gold band matches it perfectly.

Beyond the obvious beauty, the rings also have such dear personal meaning for Blake and Ryan. Ryan’s hidden engraved touches and Blake’s secret “Gossip Girl” engraving add sentimental value. Ugh, be still my heart!

These special rings made a huge splash in Hollywood and totally influenced jewelry trends too. Blake’s vintage look inspired tons of brides’ engagement ring styles.

Years later, we still admire these rings as the epitome of romance. We love their story almost as much as Blake and Ryan do!

Among all the flashy celeb baubles, Blake’s set feels real and personal. The little details make them truly unique to Blake and Ryan’s magical love story.

Blake clearly treasures her wedding set as the ultimate symbol of true love. These dazzling rings will always remind us of her and Ryan’s fairy tale Hollywood romance. Swooning forever!

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