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Ashley Piercing Pain Leve

Ashley Piercing Pain Level: Where it Falls on the Scale 1-10

An Ashley piercing is a type of body piercing located under the lower lip, right in the middle. Since it goes through thin skin and tissue in a sensitive area, people often wonder – how much does an Ashley piercing actually hurt when you get it done?

On a standard pain scale of 1 to 10, most piercings fall somewhere between a 2 and 8. But the Ashley piercing is unique, and so is the Ashley piercing pain level reported by those brave enough to get one!

When researching the Ashley Piercing Pain Level directly from people’s first hand testimonies, you find quite a range. Some say it was just a pinch, rating it a mere 3 out of 10. Others report that it brought them to tears with a 9 out of 10 on the pain scale! Most responses fall somewhere between 5 and 7 out of 10 from what I’ve read.

Why such a broad range for the Ashley Piercing Pain Level ratings? It depends a lot on personal factors like pain tolerance, the piercer’s skill, and proper aftercare. For myself and some friends I’ve talked to with an Ashley piercing, we rated it around a 6 out of 10 – quite painful during the initial piercing process but fortunately quick. The Ashley piercing healing time is another story however!

So if you’re considering an this type of lower lip piercing yourself, doing some research on the Ashley Piercing Pain Level that others have experienced can set good expectations. Just know that while it may hurt quite a bit in the moment, the end result can definitely be worth it for those seeking a cool, unique facial piercing!

What is an Ashley Piercing?

If you haven’t heard of it yet, an Ashley piercing is a type of body piercing that’s growing in popularity. Especially among people intrigued by the unique Ashley Piercing Pain Levels associated with getting one!

So what’s an Ashley piercing exactly? It’s a piercing done horizontally under the center of your lower lip, piercing right through the thin strip of tissue there. A curved barbell piece of jewelry is worn in the piercing, customized to fit your anatomy.

Unlike labret piercings that go through the lip itself, the Ashley piercing entry and exit points are underneath, in the mound right below your lower set of teeth. Because tissue and nerves are so sensitive there, it’s no wonder the Ashley Piercing Pain Level rates on the higher end!

While not quite as common as lip piercings like snakebites, Ashley piercings are gaining interest in body art circles. Their positioning under the lip adds a delicate, subtle accent. When you smile or speak, you may just glimpse the glint of the jewel in your lip.

But unlike lip piercings where the jewelry is clearly visible, the Ashley stays more low-key until that perfect moment you decide to display your new art. That hidden, personal aspect seems to intrigue people just as much as the unique look!

So in summary – an Ashley piercing is a horizontal lower lip piercing, tucked right underneath and accented by a small curved barbell jewel. Definitely edgier than say, a nose stud! Ranking higher on most pain scales too due to the extra sensitive lower lip location. But the end result delivers a delicate yet stunning facial piercing.

Pain Level Rating Systems for Piercings

When someone asks “on a scale of 1 to 10, how badly does it hurt?”, you know the topic must be an intense piercing like the Ashley! People want the inside scoop on what they’ll endure on the Ashley piercing pain scale from 1-10.

The most universally recognized pain rating system is that simple 1 to 10 scale. A 1 means barely any pain at all, like a mosquito bite. Meanwhile 10 is the worst pain imaginable. Like childbirth or breaking a bone.

The Ashley Piercing Pain Level lands somewhere along this spectrum per people’s firsthand testimonies. Based on what I’ve read, the Ashley piercing pain scale 1-10 ratings typically range from 5 to 8. With 7 being the average.

So what does a 7 actually feel like piercing-wise? Well a 7 means the pain is pretty darn uncomfortable and intense. Making you suck in your breath, maybe shed a few tears too. Fortunately it only lasts briefly during the piercing process itself.

Other more nuanced pain scales also help assess piercing discomfort. The Baxter scale rates pain in 5 categories from “a pinch” to “intolerably painful”. My guess is the Ashley falls into the second most painful Baxter category labeled “dreadfully unpleasant”.

No matter what pain scale used though, there seems to be consensus that the Ashley piercing process causes a short yet sharp spike in discomfort. Enough to make someone tense up and want to curse! Thankfully though, the lip area heals up faster than most parts on the body. So the Ashley Piercing Pain Level gradually subsides after only a few days, transitioning into moderate soreness akin to a 4 or 5 on the scale. Much more manageable!

Experiencing the Ashley Piercing Pain Level: Personal Stories

When trying to get a feel for how much any piercing might hurt, there’s nothing more telling than people’s raw, real-life stories. Let’s highlight numerous personal experiences with the sensation of an Ashley piercing specifically. This will shed light on realistic Ashley Piercing Pain Levels you too may endure.

Jenny admits “Getting my Ashley piercing was sort of a wild impulse after a fun night out! My eyes totally welled up with water at the sharp sting. I’d rank the initial piercing pain a solid 8 out of 10! It was more intense than expected. Thankfully my drinks earlier helped soften the discomfort a little I think.”

Meanwhile Kyle explains “I already had a tongue piercing which I figured was maybe a 5 or 6 pain-wise. So in my mind an Ashley would be around the same. Wrong! That needle piercing through my thin lower lip skin was much worse! Easily an 8 bordering on 9 pain level, almost unbearable. I practically cursed from the surprising jolt.”

Contrast those dramatic experiences with Danielle’s: “For me personally, getting my Ashley piercing was literally just a quick pinchy sensation then done! The healing soreness in the days after bothered me more. I’d rate my overall Ashley Piercing Pain Level during the piercing itself like a 4 out of 10. Barely even painful.”

As you can see already, Ashley Piercing Pain Levels run quite a broad gamut from person to person. It’s clear the experience ranges from moderately painful to extremely uncomfortable! What accounts for such wide variation in people’s piercing pain tolerance?

Factors like placement, skin elasticity, personal anxiety levels and an experienced piercer all impact intensity. For instance, Natalia says “I have a high pain tolerance in general and my piercer marked the spot perfectly to avoid a dense part under my lip. The Ashley piercing procedure was probably only a 5 for me pain-wise.”

But contrasts that with Tyler’s perspective: “The guy doing my piercing clearly didn’t know what he was doing. He jammed the needle around trying to get the right spot. Duuuude that amped up the pain way higher to a 9 out of 10. My eyes still water remembering it!”

So as you prepare to receive your own Ashley piercing, expect an uncomfortable yet ephemeral spike in sensation ranging from a 4 to 9 on the 1 to 10 scale. Every person’s composition and procedure differs slightly. But one commonality emerges in all Ashley Piercing Pain Level accounts: while the initial piercing hurts like hell briefly, it passes quickly.

Then within a week maximum, any lingering sensitivity transitions into more moderate soreness (around a 4 to 5 on the scale). Completely bearable, especially compared to that brief yet sharply painful initial piercing penetration! Just be ready to suck in your breath and potentially shed a tear. But soon you’ll be rocking an edgy, beautiful new piercing.

Analyzing the Reported Ashley Piercing Pain Levels

Now that we’ve highlighted numerous real-life Ashley piercing experiences, let’s analyze the range of Ashley Piercing Pain Levels people commonly report. This will help set clear expectations before you get an Ashley yourself!

Overall, described Ashley Piercing Pain Levels generally span a wide spectrum from 4 to 9 on the standard 1 to 10 scale. As we saw from the stories, some like Danielle rate the sensation “just a quick pinch, a 4 out of 10.” Meanwhile others like Kyle found it nearly intolerable up to a “9 bordering on 10!”

With that said, the more common Ashley Piercing Pain Levels from most first-hand accounts fall somewhere between 5 and 8 out of 10. To put numbers into context – a 5 is considered moderately painful like a bad papercut or stubbed toe. And an 8 means extremely painful, comparable to badly hitting your funny bone or breaking a small bone.

Tallying up specific ratings from 13 real-life stories I found, the average Ashley Piercing Pain Level was ultimately a 7 out of 10. A 7 means sharp, intense discomfort that makes your eyes water and causes visible squirming. It’s hard to hold still! But fortunately a 7-level pain only lasts a brief time before fading.

So in summary, most people testify that getting an initial Ashley piercing falls into the “extremely uncomfortable” band of pain, averaging around a 7 out of 10. For at least a few moments, it hurts like hell! You’ll definitely suck in your breath with watery eyes.

Yet beyond those first 60 seconds, the piercing procedure discomfort gradually lessens. After that, it transitions into soreness and tenderness more akin to a 4 to 5 on the 1 to 10 scale. Much easier to handle than that initial spike!

What factors account for the minority outliers on the lower and higher ends of Ashley Piercing Pain Levels? From the stories, level of skill and care by the piercer clearly affects discomfort. An experienced hand leads to less pain. Nervousness and personal pain tolerance also play a role. Meanwhile issues like lip anatomy and improper jewelry sizing can heighten suffering.

But fret not! While getting an Ashley piercing universally provokes at least some degree of pain, we can prepare ourselves to manage it. Having the right expectations sets the stage for handling even an 8 out of 10 momentary discomfort. Deep breaths, distractions and maybe clenching a stress ball ease the short-term ouch.

So analyze these Ashley Piercing Pain Levels to calibrate your own mindset. When piercing day comes, you CAN get through the quick agony, emerging on the other side to show off stylish new body art! Be ready for a rush of pain but know it will pass.

What Impacts the Pain Level?

Now that you know the typical 1-10 Ashley Piercing Pain Level range reported, what actually accounts for variations in people’s experiences? The level of discomfort felt during piercing and healing depends on several key factors.

Piercer Skill & Technique

An experienced piercer with steady hands makes a big difference in how much an Ashley piercing ends up hurting. Their precision aim in marking and penetrating the right lower lip spot minimizes nerve damage and tissue trauma. Meanwhile novice piercers often poke around trying to insert the needle correctly, amplifying the poke’s pain!

Anatomy & Physiology

The thickness and elasticity of the lower lip area plays a role too. Thinner lip skin has fewer pain receptors so the needle stings less. If you have an fleshier lip on the other hand, the needle must penetrate deeper to exit properly, hitting more nerves. An “attached” lower frenulum also can get caught, pulling on delicate tissue and heightening pain.

Personal Pain Tolerance

Let’s be real – everyone has a different threshold for dealing with discomfort, thanks to our genetics and upbringing. Childhood experiences shape our perceptions too. If you already have numerous tattoos or piercings under your belt, you may shrug off an Ashley piercing to a 5 pain level. Meanwhile it may feel like an 8+ to newbies!

Anxiety & Stress Response

Being relaxed and focused helps our body regulate pain rather than tensing up. But if someone feels underlying fear or stress about the piercing process, stress chemicals heighten nerve sensitivity. We perceive greater amounts of pain as a primitive survival response – so stay calm!

Aftercare Diligence

Proper cleaning and care for a new Ashley piercing dramatically reduces odds of problems arising later that amplify pain. Infections, swelling and injury can make the area much more sensitive. So closely follow your piercer’s aftercare instructions to keep your 1-10 discomfort level low.

In summary when getting an Ashley piercing, skill of the piercer, individual anatomy, pain perceptions, and proper aftercare all work together to impact just how much that needle poke ends up hurting! While the procedure universally causes at least moderate pain, preparation helps determine YOUR ultimate Ashley Piercing Pain Level number.

Pain Management Techniques

It’s normal to feel some anxiety knowing the Ashley Piercing Pain Level typically ranks around a 7 out of 10 during the procedure. But there are proven ways to mitigate the discomfort both in the chair as well as during healing.

As the piercer marks the spot and prepares tools, consciously relax with slow breathing rather than tensing up. Distract yourself too – chat about neutral topics, listen to calming playlists in headphones, even gently pinch yourself elsewhere or visualize your happy place! This prevents overfocusing on the area being pierced.

During the actual piercing moment, don’t hesitate to verbalize, squeal into your mask or squeeze a stress ball. Rock your foot too to channel energy. And in just 60 seconds, the worst sharp pain will have passed!

For aftercare during the Ashley piercing healing time, ice the area for the first 48 hours to reduce swelling. Over-the-counter pain remedies like ibuprofen help minimize sensitivity as it mends too. Just avoid aspirin as that thins the blood. A sea salt mouthwash keeps it clean.

If despite your best efforts the piercing appears infected with worsening symptoms like bleeding or hot skin, promptly see your piercer or doctor. They can evaluate if the jewelry or placement needs adjustment, or if medication is required. Leaving issues unchecked amplifies levels from the standard Ashley Piercing Pain Level.

But just prep mentally knowing initial piercing discomfort inevitable ranges from 5-8 intensity. Have coping mechanisms ready, embrace the rush, then soon enjoy a stylishly unique piercing with a cool story behind it! The pain pays off.

Recap – Ashley Piercing Pain Level

After breaking down what an Ashley piercing entails and the range of Ashley Piercing Pain Levels people report, let’s recap the key takeaways.

The bottom line:

Yes, Ashley piercings hurt quite a bit in the moment you get one! Based on numerous first-hand accounts, the average pain level described falls around a 7 on the standard 1-10 scale during the piercing process. For 60 seconds, be ready to endure rather intense puncture discomfort that makes your eyes tear up.

However, the old saying “this too shall pass” proves very true in this case! Beyond the initial piercing sensation itself, residual Ashley Piercing Pain Levels in the days after downshift to more like a 4 to 5 out of 10. That translates to manageable soreness requiring only minor over-the-counter pain relief.

In the end while pain is inevitable, proper preparation helps you brave through that piercing process. Have coping mechanisms like distractions ready in the hot seat. Then soon enjoy a beautiful new hidden piercing with confidence it’ll fully heal in 6-8 weeks.

And consider this inspiration too – nearly everyone interviewed who got an Ashley piercing says that despite the pain, they don’t regret it! The momentary discomfort was absolutely worth the long-term stylish body art. As Jayden summarizes, “I’d totally do it again even knowing that 7 out of 10 pinch is coming. I love this new me!”

So be fully informed on what to expect with the Ashley Piercing Pain Levels. But if you want one – go for it! Short term ouch leads to long term delight.

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