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About Us

Welcome to the Family!

Hi everyone, We are Waqas Ali and Waris Siddique. We are the founders and owners of This website is all about body piercings, which is something we have both loved since we were teenagers. We got our first piercings when we turned 18 and have been collecting more and more ever since.

In 2023, we decided we wanted to share our love and knowledge of piercings with other people. That’s why we started this website – to be a helpful resource for anyone considering getting pierced or just learning more about the different types available. Our mission is to provide honest, accurate information and advice to our readers.

What We Do

On, you will find articles about all kinds of body piercings. We cover everything from the most popular and common piercings to more unique designs. Some of the main types of piercings we have information on include:

  • Ear piercings – These are one of the most basic types and include lobes, cartilage and industrial bars. We go over healing times, jewelry options and aftercare.
  • Nose piercings – Whether you want a tiny stud or flashy hoop, there are articles on septum, nose rings and more. Pain levels, swelling and instructions are provided.
  • Lip piercings – Trendy lip piercings like Ashley’s and snake bites are featured. We discuss piercing methods, healing concerns and keeping them clean.
  • Tongue and eyebrow piercings – Detailed articles explore the process, potential issues and why placement matters for these expressive piercings.
  • Nipple and genital piercings – While more intimate piercings, we aim to normalize and educate people about safety and satisfaction.

We also publish pieces on popular body jewelry styles, comparisons of piercing studios and guides on topics like pricing, materials and aftercare routines. Customers also use our site as a place to share experiences and get advice from the community.

Why We Exist

Ever since we were young, Waris and I have always loved pushing creative boundaries with our style. Getting piercings was a way for us to individually express ourselves and feel confident in our own skin. However, when first starting out, it wasn’t always easy to find trusted information online. A lot of sites gave incomplete advice or seemed more focused on selling products.

We both know how scary it can feel going to get pierced for the first time. But we also remember the rush of excitement each new piercing brought. That’s why it’s so important to us that BestStoreGro remains an honest, judgement-free space. We want anyone considering body modifications to feel empowered in their decision and comforted knowing they have support. Our goal is to spread positivity in the world and make personal expression accessible through education.

How We Operate

Waris and I personally write all the content that appears on BestStoreGro.Com With our years of hands-on piercing experience combined, we ensure every word is carefully researched and accurate. However, we keep our tone casual so readers never feel talked down to. Customers are also free to respectfully discuss jewelry, studios and healing journeys in the comment sections.

While we have affiliates with some body piercing product companies, we decline promotions that feel excessive or misleading. Our only goal is guiding people on their journey, not excessive profit. We also respond attentively to any customer questions or concerns through social media, email and on our site. Waris handles most of the customer support, while I focus more on writing new articles and maintaining our blog’s organization.

Our History and Growth

We officially launched BestStoreGro.Com in January 2023 just with our website and a few social media accounts. In the beginning, it was slow going writing regularly while also working other jobs. But as we steadily published educational content, our readership slowly grew organically through word of mouth. Friends and family happily shared our profiles, proud of the knowledge and advice we were spreading.

A big turning point was an article Waris wrote going viral on Reddit that brought huge traffic. From there, more people stuck around to join our email list and follow our pages. Industry professionals also started reaching out saying how much they valued the work we were doing to normalize body modifications. A year since launching, it’s incredible to see BestStoreGro becoming a destination over 10,000 people rely on each month for piercing wisdom. While we still have full-time careers outside of this, running the site together has been an unexpectedly fulfilling creative outlet. And it’s just the beginning – we have big plans to keep sharing all we’ve learned far and wide.

Meet Our Team

As I mentioned, Waris Siddique and I started BestStoreGro.Com together with our shared passions. Waris is an engineer by trade but brings a gift for casually explanatory writing. With his organized mind and approachable tone, he excels at breaking down intricate topics into digestible pieces. I, Waqas Ali, have a background in communications and love diving deep into research. Together we balance each other’s strengths to cultivate a welcoming space focused on education.

While it’s just the two of us currently running operations, we have dreams to expand our team if the site continues growing. Potential roles could include addition writers, a social media manager and customer support specialists. But for now, we enjoy the challenges and rewards of building this community side-by-side from the ground up. Our individual styles and rapport keep things running smoothly behind the scenes too. It’s been amazing to witness our little passion project helping so many people already in just its first year. We can’t wait to see where the future takes BestStoreGro!

Get In Touch

We hope this gives you a better sense of who we are and what we’re all about here at BestStoreGro.Com. Please never hesitate to reach out with any questions, comments or suggestions. Our goal is to be available and approachable for anyone looking for guidance on their piercing journeys or modification interests in general.

You can contact us through our website at or directly by email at Be sure to also follow our social pages like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok for community engagement, promotional giveaways and live Q&A sessions. We’re always around and would love to hear from you all. Thanks so much for your support – here’s to continuing to foster a helpful, caring space focused on self-expression through piercings and body jewelry!